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Meet Meghan from Magic for Miles

Hidey-ho, neighbor! My name is Meghan from Magic for Miles and I’m coming at you from the (sometimes) sunshine-state of Michigan!

I’m your Jesus loving, dole-whip consuming, runDisney running, mama of 2 and wifey of my high school sweetheart.

Bringing along my degree in occupational therapy and my own professional photography business, I’m here to share my love of Disney with you with tips and tricks!

I have a strong desire to help make your family’s Disney World vacation easy and relaxed.

All while helping you capture authentic, real-life photos of your kids as you vacation through the parks.

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A Relaxed Walt Disney World Vacation-That’s Impossible!

Sound too good to be true?

Trust me, it isn’t.

We’ve been doing Disney this way as long as I can remember. When we added kids to the mix, the definition of relaxed definitely changed.

Yet, even with a bigger party number, we are still proving that Walt Disney World doesn’t have to be the most STRESSFUL place on earth.

Let’s change that misconception that Walt Disney World!

Have Mouse Ears? Will Travel

Traveling to Walt Disney World often has allowed us to take the world in at a slower pace. A pace that shows you don’t need to do every single thing, every single day.

With that experience we’ve learned key things that we need to buy before hitting up the parks, what we need to bring with us to the parks to make the trip successful and how a resort day really is key! Check out these posts here, here and here for more details on the topics.

We want to pass that knowledge onto you!

Let’s make Walt Disney World a place you want to keep going back to, time and time again!


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Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Meghan Mace, Mace Family

Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Meghan Mace, Mace Family

Next time you find yourself with a few extra minutes of alone time, grab that cup of coffee (or beverage of choice) and start scrolling through all the details that are sure to add up into a magical vacation.

Have a question that needs clarification? Shoot me an email. I’d love to help!

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Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Meghan Mace, Mace Family

Can’t wait to hear from you and I hope Mickey gets to see you real soon!