All About Magic for Miles

Boston Runner Boston Marathon Shirt

Hello! Welcome to Magic for Miles!!

So glad you’re here!


And I’m not ashamed of my overuse of exclamation points, in case you noted them. I really am that excited!

While Magic for Miles started as a place where I shared my love of Disney, both with the parks and with the magic you could create at home (go ahead and dig into some past posts!), it has turned into so much more. Something that reflects me more as a person and something I feel I can contribute to more consistently, no matter where I am. 

Magic for Miles is a place designed to help spread the joy of running, whether that be at home, in a magical Disney park, or in some huge city race. 

Here I share information on running, my running journey, and emphasis on how and why running is so much more than the numbers, stats, medals, and more that you can rack up. How running is more about moving your body and helping you find joy through that. 

Even beyond the love of running, I hope the words and posts on this site will help to motivate you. Inspiring you to charge after a goal, dream, or hope, in running and beyond. 

And perhaps as a way to keep that motivation going, the merchandise I’ve created can help remind you why chasing your dreams matters.

Again, so glad you are here! Hope you decide to stay awhile.

Boston Runner Boston Marathon Shirt