3 RunDisney Wine and Dine Figment Challenge Running Costume Ideas

Figment Costume Idea for RunDisney Races

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and imagination as you embark on a race inspired by the lovable purple dragon, Figment. Known for his mischievous nature and love of imagination, Figment has a sort of cult following. Whether you love him or just want to fit the theme of the 2023 RunDisney Wine and Dine challenge, take a look at 3 Wine and Dine Figment Challenge Running Costume Ideas.

Classic Figment Running Costume Idea

Start with a base of a purple running outfit, such as a purple tank top or shirt paired with matching shorts or leggings. Create Figment’s iconic features by wearing a pair of orange wings, either attached to your back or secured with straps. Craft a dragon tail using felt or fabric and attach it to the back of your running shorts or leggings. Complete the look with purple running shoes and a headband featuring Figment’s orange horns and purple ears.

Figment and the Epcot Ball Running Costume Idea

Team up with a friend for a dynamic duo costume. One of you can dress up as Figment, while the other can embody the iconic Epcot ball. The Figment costume can follow the Classic Figment description mentioned above. For the Epcot ball, wear a silver or metallic-colored running outfit. Create a lightweight foam or cardboard structure (2D or 3D works!) representing the Epcot ball. Use silver or metallic face paint to match the costume and complete the futuristic look.

Oh and add some glitter for a little spark of IMAGINATION!!

Figment Fairy Running Costume

Give Figment a magical twist by creating a fairy-inspired costume. Wear a purple running outfit with a tulle skirt for a whimsical touch. Craft fairy wings using lightweight materials like wire and sheer fabric in shades of purple and orange. Add sparkle and glitter to your costume using fabric paint or adhesive gems. Add a picture of Figment on top of a fairy wand and bedazzle your face with gems. Maybe add some rainbow colors or temporary dye to your hair.

And, yes, after all that you should still add more glitter!

Conclusion to 3 RunDisney Wine and Dine Figment Challenge Running Costume Ideas

There you go! Several ideas for creating costumes for the 2023 RunDisney Wine and Dine Figment-themed running challenge. Whether you choose the Classic Figment costume, team up for a Figment and Epcot ball duo, or become a Figmnet fairy, or proudly display your love as a Figment fanatic, your costume will undoubtedly bring smiles and spark conversations (and imagination!) during your race. So, let your imagination soar, embrace Figment’s mischievous charm, and create a running costume that captures the magic of limitless imagination.

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Figment RunDisney Inspired Costume, Pure Imagination Running Costume

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Figment RunDisney Inspired Costume, Pure Imagination Running Costume

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Figment Costume Ideas for Wine and Dine

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