4 Tips for Successful Baby Nursing in Walt Disney World

Nursing at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic for Miles

Nursing in public: are you a woman who cringes at the thought? Or do you not even bat an eyelash at feeding your baby in public? Whatever side of the fence you sit on, know that when it comes to nursing your baby in Walt Disney World, it couldn’t be easier.

Two babies later, I can attest to the ease that accompanies nursing both babies during my time at Walt Disney World. This is coming from someone who is more conservative when it comes to nursing in public. If that is something you resonate with, I’ve listed a few helpful hints for being able to nurse your baby modestly while in the very public place of Walt Disney World. 

Yet, before we dive into your options, know that you can nurse your baby anywhere you want in the parks. It’s the state law in Florida, so feel free to nurse where you want. In addition, many of these suggestions might be helpful for bottle feeding or feeding your little one other foods, as well. The below thoughts are what have helped me to successfully nurse my babies in Walt Disney World. 

Nursing at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic for Miles

1. Utilize the Baby Care Centers

Walt Disney World does a fantastic job of recognizing the need for a designated baby care location in each of their four parks. The baby care centers offer private, distraction free nursing rooms. I have found this to be especially helpful as your little one gets a little older and is super aware of the world around him or her. Being able to eliminate the outside distractions, which is no easy feat in Walt Disney World, is helpful in making sure your little one gets a full belly. It is also helpful in saving valuable park time as you will be spending less time nursing (hopefully!) if your baby is less distracted.

The baby care centers also offer a wide array of other accommodations as well. They include high chairs, microwaves, sinks, and stoves. Basically the whole nine-yards necessary in order to feed your baby or toddler table food (including the kitchen sink!). Disney allows you to bring food into the parks (just keep the glass containers at home) to help you keep your little one’s nourishment in check. 

I personally also like the baby care centers as they allow myself and my husband to tag-team the care of our two children. I’ll get to nursing our youngest while my husband will warm up a quick meal for our toddler. They will eat a quick meal and be ready to go by the time I am done nursing. Then we can head back out to the parks with full bellies. And don’t worry, I use the nursing session as an excuse to get another dole whip. You have to feed the nursing momma! 

Nursing at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic for Miles

Where are the Baby Care Centers?
  1. Magic Kingdom: The baby care center at the Magic Kingdom is located between Casey’s Corner and the Crystal Palace. If you are facing the Crystal Palace, look towards your left. The baby care center is tucked a little in the back. 

  2. Disney’s Hollywood Studios: As soon as you walk into Disney’s Hollywood Studios you’ll be near the baby care center. The baby care center is just to the left as you walk into the park, right where Guest Services is located. 

  3. Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Disney’s Animal Kingdom baby care center is located just to the right of Pizzafari. To get there, head into Disney’s Animal Kingdom and then head to the left when you are near the Tree of Life. Then walk towards Pizzafari and once you pass it you’ll see the building to the on your left

  4. Epcot: Epcot’s baby care center is located in the Odyssey building in Future World. This might be one of the trickiest baby care centers to located. The easiest way to find the Odyssey building is by heading straight down the main pathway of Epcot as though you are heading to the World Showcase. When you reach the end (before you walk into the World Showcase Lagoon) head to the left. Then right before you hit the Mexican pavilion make a quick right. Follow the pathway to the Odyssey building and the baby care center will be right there on the right. 

2. Use a Quality Nursing Cover

A nursing cover provides an on-the-go nursing station while providing you with some modesty. I have used a variety of nursing covers but the Bebe au Lait one of my favorite nursing cover. I liked the size of the cover, but my favorite part is the ability to see my baby hands-free due to the flexed neckline. This helps the cover stay in place so you don’t need a third hand to constantly reposition it. 

Nursing covers can get so hot, even if the weather is mild. Therefore, you know if you’re nursing in Florida, you’re going to want something that helps you feel a little less smothered. To help even more, where ever you use the nursing cover, try to be in a shaded location. This and the air flow the Bebe au Lait cover provides will help keep you and your little one nice and cool. 

Initially, both of my boys nursed a good six months or so without even realizing I was wearing a nursing cover. It helped to create a calming, isolated environment where my baby could eat in peace. Fast forward a few months as my babies became more aware of the world around themselves, the nursing covers became less effective. I can’t say I blame them. Life is happening outside of the cover and they wanted to be a part of it! When this happened, I was more than grateful for tip number one regarding the baby care centers. 

Nursing at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic for Miles

3. Picking a Good Seat for Nursing

At first glance the seating in Walt Disney World seems very ample. At second glance, and the same glance you are taking when you are attempting to nurse your baby outdoors, you realize that the seating isn’t as varied as you first thought. Many of the seats are for restaurants and are tied to an eatery or eating place, which means there tend to be ton of people.

These seats all work perfectly fine for nursing, but are often crowded and not super private. When your baby can’t stand his nursing cover (as noted above), this can make for a challenging nursing situation. I’m all for nursing without a cover on in public, but for me it never worked out. My babies are always too distracted and make me a little self-conscious when nursing. Instead of focusing on what they are eating, they want to know what’s happening. They have FOMO big time. 

Nursing at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic for Miles

Let’s say your family is sitting down for a meal and you have no choice but to nurse your baby in the restaurant. You’ve thought about heading back to the baby care center, but you’re at the back of the park and don’t really want to waste all that time. As a compromise, if you’re at a restaurant that seats indoors, you could ask for a booth, preferably one in a corner. Or find a seat in the corner or even outside off to one of the sides of the restaurant. This will give you a little bit of privacy.

Alternatively, if you aren’t at a restaurant, but need to nurse your baby outside, take a look for out of the way seating. For example, my favorite spots at the Magic Kingdom are near Pirates of the Caribbean. There are a few eateries that aren’t open year round with outdoor seating, I’ve had luck finding a spot to crash around there. 

Nursing at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic for Miles

4. Utilize Companion Bathrooms

One final option for providing a modest nursing opportunity are the companion bathrooms. This suggestion might be a little taboo, but let me explain. First, you can use the companion bathrooms if you don’t mind nursing standing up. There is no place to sit, aside from the toilet seat. This is a good option if you don’t or can’t use a nursing cover. The ample space allows you to feed your baby but not have to worry about covering up.

Second, you’ll also have access to a baby changing table in the companion bathroom as well. It’s nice to get two things done in a row so you aren’t making multiple trips. Aside from nursing in a bathroom, you do need to be considerate to those who might have to utilize it to assist someone in going to the bathroom. If your baby takes a super long time to nurse, it might be best to use one of the other options above so you aren’t rushed. Just wanted to throw it out there as a four option to provide you with a little more modesty when nursing at Walt Disney World

Nursing at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic for Miles

There ya go, 4 tips for having a successful nursing session for you and your baby at Walt Disney World. Have you successfully nursed your baby in Walt Disney World? Are you a little more on the modest side of things? What things have you done to have a successful session. Leave your thoughts in the commends below. 

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