6 Simple Back-to-School Tips (with a little Disney Flair!)

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In the beautiful state of Michigan, we have about 2-3 weeks left of summer vacation. Then it is back to school!!!

Which when you are looking at those 2-3 weeks as a fraction of the full 52 weeks of the whole year, it isn’t a lot of time at all! School is going to be starting back up before we know it. It’s plum crazy!

If you’ve been following along with me over on Instagram, you know that it’s going to be a year full of changes for us. Although it’s not our first full school year ever, there are tons of new experiences that are going to occur. Starting with a brand new school!

To help ease us (and you!) back into school, I put together a quick list of some awesome back to school blog posts. The tips-and-tricks will help make it a smooth transition back-to-school.

Plus, want to know the best part? There’s a little Disney inspiration sprinkled in for good measure.

Because going back to school really is magical (for kids and adults alike!) and Disney helps make it so!


Please, don’t tell me if I am wrong.

Be sure to check out all these lovely blogs and spread the love with the post if you know someone else who could benefit from the collection!

Back-To-School Teacher Survival Kits-Grace, Giggles & Naptime

Cutest Back-To-School Teacher Survival Kit Ever!

I’m not a teacher, but I have worked in several school systems as an occupational therapist. Having a little survival kit like the one pictured above would have been very helpful at times. Plus, bonus points from me if it came in a super cute Disney Kleenex box!


Simple Popsicle Stick Back-to-School Picture Frame– Grace, Giggles, & Naptime

Hang around Magic for Miles long enough and you’ll discover that I love simple crafts. Anything quick, easy and that can be completed with the help of my young kiddos is a winner in my book.

Being able to create a simple craft and signify the start of a brand new school year? Now that’s a double winner! The frame above from Giggles, Grace, & Naptime is really cute as is. If you decide you want to add a little Disney ‘magic’ to it, add in a hidden Mickey or two!

Mickey Shaped DIY Uncrustables-Magic for Miles

Everyday lunches are enough to work on their own. Back to school lunches, meaning lunches you have to scramble to make before it’s even lunchtime, are even more work!

Especially if you forget until the last minute… Not that we’ve ever done that in our house, or anything…

It’s time you start making your life easier (and saving yourself some money!) with an easy DIY uncrustable sandwich. These sandwiches can be made ahead of time and frozen to get you out of a pinch!

When you want one just pull it out and place it in your little one’s lunchbox. It should defrost by lunchtime. In the meantime, it will help keep the food in the lunch box cold.

Plus, they can come in a Mickey shape, which, we all know, makes everything cuter!

What can make DIY Crustables even cuter? Mickey can!

The Best Tips for Easing Back into School Smoothly-DIY Mama

Tips to Make the Transition Back to School Easier

Summers are wonderful with their lack of routine and structure. It’s a time to really unwind and just enjoy things as they come. Breaking from the routine of ‘not having a routine’ and heading directly back to a school routine can be rough, though.

Getting back on schedule, after being off schedule for so long can be so rough!! It doesn’t have to be though if you use the tips found in the post above. Things can be smooth sailing!

Talking to Kids About Going to a New School-Clementine County

Sometimes when the new school year starts little ones are heading to a different school. Whether it’s due a move, moving up a grade or just switch due to the needs of the child, it can be a challenging time.

It can also be a really exciting time! Plus, with some prep work and lots (and lots!) of research and questions, it can be a success. Be sure to check out the post from Clementine County above for tips.

Home School with a Disney Flair-Home School Disney

Last, but not least, I can’t leave out the amazing families who home school their kiddos.¬†For those of you with kiddos that you that includes, look no further for some Disney inspired lessons. Home School Disney has a collection of lessons and projects that are inspired by Disney’s parks and rides.

See that picture above with the brown pathway down the middle? Any clue what the brown pathway is? Be sure to check out Home School Disney with the link above to find out what it is!

Hint: I was pretty grossed out the first time I learned. Now I refuse to walk on it!

Conclusion to 6 Simple Back-to-School Tips (with a little Disney Flair!)

There ya go! A quick collection of back-to-school projects and tips to help start the new school year well!

What are some of your tried and true methods for easing back into the school year? Do you sprinkle a little Disney magic in there for good measure?

Back-to-School Tips, Magic for Miles, Back to School Round-up Post

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