7 Super Cute St. Patrick’s Day Disney Items and St. Patrick’s Day at Disney

March is here! While it’s not my favorite month (sorry to my friends and family who have a birthday this month), in my mind it’s the bridge month to spring. Plus, it’s the month of all things green and everything in spring everything is green!! Do you follow? It’s not that crazy of a stretch, right?

Since we usually have snow in Michigan in March, which we are sick of by this point, we still try to do what we can to have fun. This usually means doing as many St. Patrick’s Day activities as possible. Leprechauns are usually involved and we usually try to wear as much green as possible. Besides, all four of us have Irish names, so it would be a shame to let the month go to waste!

St. Patrick’s Day at the Parks

Walt Disney World does a great job of bringing most holidays to life in their parks throughout the year. St. Patrick’s Day is no different as you can find a few festive food offerings and merchandise offerings throughout the parks. Most notable are festive St. Patrick’s Day Mickey Mouse ears or St. Patrick’s Day themed trading pins.

St. Patrick's Day at Walt Disney World, St. Patrick's Day Gear Disney, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Irish at Disney

There are also some opportunities to partake in an authentic Irish meal or two! You can stop by the Rose and Crown Pub in the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot. Guinness will be on tap and tends to be pretty popular, so arrive early if you fancy yourself a glass without waiting a super long line.

St. Patrick's Day at Walt Disney World, St. Patrick's Day Gear Disney, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Irish at Disney

One of my favorite places in Disney Springs has always been Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. We’ve dined here several times and have always enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. Inside the restaurant are Irish dancers that perform while you are served authentic Irish cuisine. Traditionally throughout the week of St. Patrick’s Day, the festivities are all heightened with a all-out party and expands throughout the week! If you plan to dine at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant during St. Patrick’s Day week, be sure to make reservations early!

If you’d rather just grab a quick bite of Irish fare after spending your day enjoy Disney Springs, stop by the Cookes of Dublin. It’s located fairly close to Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant and serves as a counter service location providing quick Irish eats.

St. Patrick's Day at Walt Disney World, St. Patrick's Day Gear Disney, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Irish at Disney

St. Patrick’s Day Disney Flare

We haven’t been in Walt Disney World on actual St. Patrick’s Day, but do have it as a goal in the future. However, this year, in order to keep things coinciding with our never-ending obsession with Disney, I put together a few of our favorite Disney St. Patrick’s Day items from Amazon.com. If you plan to head to the parks around St. Patrick’s Day, as I mentioned above, you’re sure to find a few things in the parks that help you celebrate the holiday, but it doesn’t hurt to come prepared. Plus, you wouldn’t want to get pinched if you aren’t wearing green! Might as well make it green with a Mickey on board. Take a look at 7 super cute St. Patrick’s Day Disney flare items!

1. St. Patrick’s Day Socks

You can never have too many pairs of socks. It’s a theory I’ve tested out and always come out with the same conclusion. The best part about socks? They are usually relatively inexpensive and are a discrete way to be festive, regardless of what holiday is being celebrated. Considering I’m a little Irish, it’s probably expected that I plan to wear these ones year round.

2. Magic Band Decal

These St. Patrick’s Day Mickey Mouse decals for your MagicBands are the cutest. I haven’t personally tried these, as we haven’t gone to Walt Disney World over St. Patrick’s Day (which, should probably be a new goal for me!). If we were planning a trip to Walt Disney World over St. Patrick’s Day, I’d definitely be rocking these decals. Shamrocks, plus Mickey? It doesn’t get any better than this. At least in the world of ‘St. Patrick’s Day MagicBand decals’ it doesn’t.

3. Mickey Shirt

A classic St. Patrick’s Day outfit usually includes a green shirt. Why not take a classic and add in a Mickey Mouse? Plus, if it’s just a green shirt with a Mickey Mouse on it, it’s something you can definitely wear year round at home or year round in the parks. A few of my favorites can be found by clicking on the pictures below.

Odds are, if you are heading to the parks in March, the weather is going to be a little warmer in Florida. Yet, there have definitely been some cool spells that head come through in the early spring. In addition to that fact, I find that no matter what time of year I head to the parks, I like having a sweatshirt to throw on at night or even for the restaurants or indoor locations in Walt Disney World. I’m one of those people who finds a way to be cold year round, even in 90 degree weather. Hence the reason I love this sweatshirt! I’d probably wear it year round too, St. Patrick’s Day or not!

Star Wars St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

If you know my boys (mostly my oldest), you know we’ve got some huge Star Wars fans in this house. Which, honestly comes off as a little surprising as I have never really been a big fan. That was until Solo came out. That movie, for some reason, was a game changer for me. Or maybe I just gave up and surrendering to the force?

Star Wars will eventually take over my entire house! Might as well give in! My oldest, the one obsessed with Star Wars, kinda lost his mind when he saw all the different Star Wars shirt possibilities for St. Patrick’s Day. Which one is your favorite from below?

4. Popsocket

Phones are so large these days, it can be tricky to hold onto them with one hand. Especially if you are trying to snap a selfie or do a live stream of yourself walking around the parks. Since selfie sticks are not allowed at Walt Disney World, having a Popsocket on your phone is super helpful. This one with the St. Patrick’s Day Mickey Mouse pattern might be one of my favorites. The Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick’s Day ones are really cute too.

5. Green Disney Backpack

Truth be told, I couldn’t find a St. Patrick’s Day specific Disney backpack. You might be able to find one in the parks, but it might be best to not buy a St. Patrick’s Day specific bag. To be honest though, I don’t know if I would recommend one if I DID find it. Instead, you could go the route of just purchasing a green backpack with a Disney theme. My favorite is this Mike Wazowski one from Monster’s Inc. That’s just because I have a small obsession with all the different Loungefly bags, as you may have already known. Here are a few other green bags that are just as cute as well.

6. Mickey Mouse St. Patrick’s Day Pet Collar and Leash

Okay, so technically you can’t take this one into the park with you. I mean, you could just take the pet collar and leash into the parks, but they probably would be cuter on your pets during the month of March. Plus it would be a little less weird if you were walking around with these at Disney without your pet. If you’re like me and live out-of-state, heading to the parks once a month isn’t a real possibility anyhow. This cute pet collar and leash lets you bring a little magic of Disney into your home for the holiday.

7. St. Patrick’s Day Lanyard

Don’t have a pet? Do you have keys or are a Disney pin collector? Then, this Mickey Mouse St. Patrick’s Day lanyard is your key to a little St. Patrick’s Day flare. See what I did there? Key..lanyard…get it? I’m here all day…

There ya go! A few festive ways to bring together St. Patrick’s Day and Walt Disney World, whether you are at the parks or celebrating back at your home.

St. Patrick's Day at Walt Disney World, St. Patrick's Day Gear Disney, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Irish at Disney

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