Barbasol Shaving Cream: Easy Hidden Mickey Halloween Fun

Barbasol Shaving Cream Halloween Fun

Barbasol Shaving Cream: Easy Hidden Mickey Halloween Fun

The best crafts and projects for little ones are those that come together easily but provide hours of messy fun. The Barbasol Shaving Cream: Easy Hidden Mickey Halloween Fun project fits that bill perfectly. Not only does it come together in about five minutes, or less, but it’s easy to clean up too! After your little one has a few hours of fun with it! Barbasol Shaving Cream Halloween Fun If you’re not a fan of messes, I probably lost you in the first sentence. Hear me out for a second though. While all your child sees is fun when they dive into this project, what you are really providing is an opportunity to let your kiddo grow! Whether it be growth through sensory exploration, improved grasp strength or sharpened visual scanning skills. See, messes, although a pain sometimes, can provide so much opportunity for your little one. So, let them play, let them explore, let them destroy your kitchen. …or just throw them in the bathtub when you do this project. That works too! Less clean up and they are already in position for a bath when they are all done playing!


Barbasol Shaving Cream (or any type of shaving cream, make sure it’s white and thick though, not runny)

Small Halloween Themed Objects (about 15-30) (Such as Halloween Themed Erasers, Plus a Few Hidden Mickeys!)

Container to Layer Shaving Cream and Small Halloween Themed Objects

Kid Tweezers (Check Out Amazon for These Ones! Great for Improving Fine Motor Skills)

Table Cloth (Halloween Themed One Right Here!)

Bowl for Found ‘Treasures’

Optional: Orange Food Coloring

1. Step One

Gather up all your supplies! There is a ton of flexibility in this project. The only two things you really need are shaving cream and kid tweezers. The items that you hide inside of the shaving cream can vary, and if you don’t care about your table, don’t worry about the table cloth or the bowl to put all the treasures in. Barbasol Shaving Cream Halloween Fun

2. Step Two

Time to get assembling! Grab your container and put a thick layer of shaving cream in the bottom. You might have to smooth it down so the entire bottom is full. If you want to get super spooky, add in a few drops of orange food coloring to make the project even more festive! Add about 5-10 Halloween themed treasures. Then repeat with more shaving cream and Halloween items until your container is full. Once you have filled your container you’re all set!

3. Step Three

Hand over the shaving cream filled container and the kid tweezers and let your little one have fun! Explain that the purpose of the activity is to use the tweezers to find as many Halloween themed items in the shaving cream as possible! If you want to make it more challenging, set a timer and have your little one go as fast as they can. Once all the items are found, if you want to repeat the project, just rehid the items and add more shaving cream as necessary.

Barbasol Shaving Cream Halloween Fun

4. Step Four

Just a few last-minute thoughts…

This project is best for little ones ages 3/4 and above. Any little one that will know the difference between shaving cream and whipped cream, and not attempt to eat said shaving cream. Be sure to provide full supervision of your little ones if you aren’t sure they won’t eat the shaving cream or small Halloween items. Just speaking from experience here…ha!

Barbasol Shaving Cream: Halloween Trees

Halloween Trees with Shaving Cream Halloween Trees with Shaving Cream If you just can’t get enough Halloween shaving cream fun, you’re in luck! Here’s a list of supplies you need for your next Barbasol Shaving Cream project:

Supplies for Barbasol Shaving Cream Project: Halloween Trees

Leftover Halloween Items from the Above Project

Halloween Stickers

Sugar Cones (Yes, sugar cones)

Sprinkles or Glitter (Probably stick to Glitter!)

Googly Eyes

Pipe Cleaners


Mickey Stickers

Orange Food Coloring

Paint Brushes

Cookie Sheet for Displaying (and Containing the Glitter)

Yes, I do agree, the above-listed items probably win an award for the world’s weirdest supply list. Truth be told, this project was a creation from the items I had on hand. Yet, my son thought this was an AMAZING project! Yes, it’s weird. It’s random. However, he loved it and still talks about it! So, if you’re ready for some weird fun, grab all the supplies listed above and dive into the art of making ‘Halloween trees’.

1. Step One

Mix-up your leftover shaving cream and add a little orange food coloring if you didn’t before! Grab your paintbrushes and paint the cones with shaving cream! Halloween Trees with Shaving Cream Halloween Trees with Shaving Cream

2. Step Two

Once the cones are sufficiently covered in shaving cream, apply glitter, stickers, pipe cleaners, feathers, and whatever other decor items you have on hand. Halloween Trees with Shaving Cream Barbasol Shaving Cream Halloween Fun

3. Step Three

Set out your spooky, creative creations for all to enjoy and see! Barbasol Shaving Cream Halloween Fun Barbasol Shaving Cream Halloween Fun ..Again, be sure to keep these away from little ones who don’t know the difference between shaving cream and whipped cream. Especially now that you are adding ice cream cones into the mix! Enjoy! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with your Barbasol Shaving Cream project Ready for your next messy fun project? Check out this Frozen inspired shaving cream activity found right here.

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Halloween Shaving Cream Fun

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