Feel Like Royalty When Running the Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Encouragement

First, and foremost, and this is coming from a non-local: Boston, Massachusetts loves its runners. Especially on Marathon Monday, the annual day of the Boston Marathon. Not only is everyone and their mother outside cheering for you along the course, but they also seem to find a way to make you feel like they are out there for you specifically!! You really feel like royalty when you run the Boston Marathon.

If this is your first time running the Boston Marathon, you are in for a treat when it comes to the fans lining the street from Hopkinton to Boston. While the crowd is going to love you as you are, there are a few things that you can do to increase the crowd’s engagement on Patriot’s Day and help the miles go by at the Boston Marathon.

Write Your Name on Your Shirt

Having your name on your shirt is a great way to attract the attention of the crowd. Spectators of races love to cheer for runners as they pass by. Saying ‘Go You’ and ‘You’ve Got This’ kinda gets old and when you see a runner with their name on their shirt, you can’t help but shout it out!!

Be sure to write your name nice and large, either on the front or back. If you decide to write it on the front, make sure it is above where you will be placing your bib.

Feeling extra fancy? Use a Cricut or a similar machine to add your name to your shirt.

Have the Wellesley College Girls Make You a Sign

The Wellesley College girls are a highlight along the marathon course, featured a just about the halfway point on the course. The noise can be heard well before you even reach that point in the marathon, and you’ll know in an instant why that stretch is called the ‘Scream Tunnel’.

All along the scream tunnel, the college girls will have set up pre-made signs for the runners to see. The signs combined with the screams are a world of encouragement for a runner. Just be sure to watch your pace on that part of the course, making sure you don’t have the adrenaline cause you to run a crazy fast mile.

Did you know that the creators of the signs can offer custom signs? This means you could have a sign with your name on it! In the past, there have been posts in the Facebook Group: Scream Tunnel Signs by Wellesley’s Munger Hall, when requests are open for the signs. The demand is high, but it’s worth an attempt to get your name posted for you and all to see!

Boston Marathon Tips

Run for a Charity to Feel Like Royalty at the Boston Marathon

The people of Boston love their charity runners. Often the charity runners will run with a special shirt or singlet indicating the name of the charity they represent. And the crowds go crazy for it!! Most likely the cheers will be shouted with the name of the charity on your shirt, but you will know what it means. The city of Boston supports you and the charity you’re running!

Boston Marathon Tips

Use the Crowds to Help You Move Along

In the later miles with the miles start to seem like they are taking forever and the finish line is never going to come, use the crowds to your advantage.

The crowds are there to cheer you on and they WANT to interact with you. If you see kids stretching out their arms to give high fives, reach out and give them one back! You’ll get a little smile and a boost that will carry you for a while.

Not near one of the sides along the course? Raise your arms up when you pass by a large group of people. Summon the crowd to help get you pumped. If the raising of your arms isn’t attracting the attention you want, raise them up and clap them. You’ll catch a few eyes and hopefully, some shouts will follow!

Boston Marathon Tips

Thank ALL the PEOPLE!

A lot of major races, especially marathons, could not occur without the teams of volunteers and city personnel that come out for race day.

Sure, some of them might be getting paid and some might be there because they just love the sport, but they are all there to help support you. Whether it is the law enforcement officers that are helping to block roads so you have a safe spot to run. Or the medical staff there your health needs some attention. Or the volunteers that are setting up and handing you out water.

They are all there to help you succeed along the course! It only takes a minute, but be sure to look a few of these individuals in their eyes as you run along the course and thank them. Your kind words really mean a lot and are sure to have a ripple effect.

Run Boylston Street Like You Have Fresh Legs

Your legs are most likely going to be a little tired at the end of the Boston Marathon. You’ve run just about 26.2 miles!!

However, if you can dig deep inside of you, run that last stretch of the race with all your might. Throw a huge smile on your face, get those arms moving and just enjoy the roar of the crowd. With your hands raised up, be sure to clap your hands again, activating the excitement the fans lining the street are just waiting to pour out.

There is nothing like the crowd along Boylston Street and they are going to carry you home to the finish. Be sure to thank them as you raise that well-deserved unicorn medal above your head!

Boston Marathon Tips

Conclusion for Feeling Like Royalty When Running the Boston Marathon

There ya go! A few ways where the crowds along the Boston Marathon course will help you to feel like royalty when running the Boston Marathon. Runners, from the fastest to the slowest, are supported on Marathon Monday, and with the insights above you’re going to feel the love.

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