8 Ways to Experience ‘Frozen’ at Walt Disney World and What to Buy Before You Do

Can one really ever get over a Frozen fever? I believe the correct answer is no. Elsa, you crazy not minding the cold and walking around in that dress, that I’m guessing isn’t fleece lined. We all know that is the only way I can make it through the Michigan winters. Bring me fleece, wool and anything triple or double lined.

Alas, as much as I can hope for winter to be over, I know it won’t be done until it is good and ready. Instead, I’ve decided to embrace it. There is no use in fighting things! I guess I’ll just have to let it go! Seriously though…

In my effort to embrace the cold, I’m launching a Frozen themed week on Magic for Miles! First up, let’s explore where you can experience the ever popular Frozen movie at Walt Disney World in 2019. I have a hunch there will be some slight changes following, or even leading up to, the release of Frozen 2 in November 2019. Keep you eyes peeled!


Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After is a dark, slow-moving boat ride located in the Norway Pavilon. If you are a long time Disney fan, you’ll remember the Maelstorm ride originally featured in Norway. The new ride was built over the existing track and transformed into a wintery wonderland. All your Frozen friends are on here and it feels like you are venturing through a frozen land filled with ice crystals. Maybe it is because my favorite color is blue, but I fell in LOVE with this ride. It really is beautiful!

The ride does have a few forward and backwards drops, but they aren’t bad. If you aren’t sure how your kids will feel about the drops, you might want to give it a test run without them. Honestly, though, you get so distracted by the beauty of the ride, you don’t realize the drops! For the most part, anyhow…

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

Whatever you do, whether you do a trial run on the ride without your kids, or you do the ride all together, I highly recommend getting a Fastpass+ for this ride. The line can get crazy long and you hate to spend your entire day at Epcot waiting in line for the Frozen Ever After ride. The ride tends to have mechanical difficulties consistently (most likely due to be built over an old ride track). That and the fact that not a ton of guests can get through this ride within one hour, making it a very slow-moving Standby cue.

Alternatively, you could ‘rope drop’ the ride. You want to make sure you are one of the first ones on the ride and, again, not spending all your time waiting to board! A third option, of being able to get on this ride quickly, without a Fastpass+ or ‘rope dropping’, is by attending the Frozen Ever After Dessert party.

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

The Frozen Ever After Dessert party requires a reservation and payment outside of your normal park ticket. Reservations can be purchased starting at 180 days out from your anticipated date of participation. The event is held at Epcot in the World Showcase.

Frozen themed desserts, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic beverages are served as you watch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. All this is being done from a private viewing spot. All of the food and drinks is themed after your favorite characters from Arendalle, making you feel like you’re at a party thrown by Elsa herself. Although, I think it probably needs to have more chocolate if Anna had anything to do with the menu.

After the experience, guests will have the chance to ride the Frozen Ever After ride. As mentioned above, I’ve had the chance to ride the Frozen Ever After ride and I loved it. It really is so pretty, and you can’t beat the Frozen soundtrack when it comes to Disney. By participating in the Frozen Ever After Dessert party you won’t have to worry about the long lines at the ride. Once IllumiNations is completed and your desserts are devoured, you head over to the ride.


While I have not personally participated in this event, there are a few wonderful advantages to it. First, you have your own private area to watch IllumiNations. IllumiNations is Epcot’s nighttime spectacular show. It is one of my absolute favorites. One year we had the opportunity to watch it by boat in the middle of World Showcase Lagoon. Talk about an amazing experience.

To combine a wonderful shower with dessert and a ride on Frozen Ever After makes this experience a very tempting offer. The prices do change, but be warned they are pretty expensive for adults and kids. Might be a perfect opportunity for a special night or when you are celebrating! Especially the case as it is only planned to run until IlliumiNations ends at the end of the summer.

Elsa and Anna Meet-and-Greet

Elsa and Anna are available for a character meet-and-greet in the Norway pavilion as well. The Arendalle royalty have their own summer-house. It’s located close to the Frozen Ever After ride where Anna and Elsa host you as their guests. Plus, it gives you a chance to get out of the Florida heat. Trust me, nothing makes you appreciate AC like Florida heat and humidity!

Once it is your turn, you’ll head into Elsa and Anna’s room for a character meet-and-greet. To make the experience more exciting and special, wear something related to the Frozen movie. Characters love being able to talk to you about their land and movie. Clothing items are a great way to get a unique interaction. Check out these cute ones:

Hollywood Studios

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

Frozen Sing-Along

Located in the Hyperion Theatre, home to the once popular ‘American Idol Experience’, is an all-star cast for the Frozen Sing-Along. We all know one of the best parts of Frozen is the music. There is just something about the songs in the movie that you just can’t…let go. Imagine being able to see those songs come to life by your favorite Frozen characters. The best part? You can sing-along with the cast until your heart is content!

Olaf Character Meet-and-Greet

Our favorite snowman has his own meet-and-greet location inside of Hollywood Studios at the Celebrity Spotlight. He is available to give warm hugs and sign autographs for you and your littles. Don’t worry, Walt Disney World (with the help of Elsa, of course), will help Olaf stay nice and cool in the summer. Olaf is just the cutest, don’t you think? I bet if you wear an Olaf shirt, like these cute ones, you’ll make for a super happy Olaf!

Magic Kingdom

Festival of Fantasy Parade

The Festival of Fantasy Parade is a bright, colorful parade in the Magic Kingdom. Like all Magic Kingdom parades, it starts in Frontierland, passes through Liberty Square, in front of Cinderella’s castle and finishes up down Main Street, USA. It’s bright, its colorful and its one of my favorite Disney parades. Elsa and Anna are featured on a parade float and you’ll get to wave to them as they pass.

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

Parade Tips

First, check the Magic Kingdom time guide when you enter the park to find out what time the parade is going to occur. Then scope out your place to view the parade. Cast members will begin laying out tape to mark out the spots where guests can sit before the start. Closer to the parade, ropes will be added to help keep the parade route clear.

My favorite spot to view a parade in the Magic Kingdom has always been Frontierland. I like seeing the very beginning of the parade. Also, I love being close to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. We often will do a rider switch for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Whoever isn’t riding or waiting in line, can hang out with the kiddos and watch the parade. Then the rider and parade watcher can switch!

Parade Blanket

Florida rains are plentiful during the afternoon and the Magic Kingdom isn’t outside of the rain bubble. Sometimes the downpour happens right before the Festival of Fantasy Parade, leaving the ground pretty wet. We like to bring along this compact parade blanket. We usually don’t spread it all the way out all the way, but just enough to sit on. It’s a lifesaver in keeping the seats of our pants and shorts dry. We often use it even if it hasn’t rained in order to give ourselves a little protection.

Finally, if you plan to camp out for a while before the parade starts, make sure you are wearing a hat and sunscreen. The sun is merciless when you’re sitting still during the middle of the day, not moving. Once I’m sure everyone is fully protected from the rays, we often send someone in our party to go grab a snack. Our favorites (or maybe just mine?) include anything from Aloha Isle. Nothing beats a Disney parade and a Dole whip. Am I right?

If you’re looking for a cute Disney hat, specifically a Frozen themed hat, look at these cute ones:

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

Several times a day there a ‘royal’ show performed on Cinderella’s Castle stage. Mickey and Minnie are the stars, along with their closest friends including Elsa, Anna and Olaf! There might be even be a little Disney magic in the show, so make sure you catch a show!

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

While you won’t find Anna or Elsa themselves at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, your can get pretty close through some Disney magic. Fairy Godmothers are on standby to help transform your little one into Elsa or Anna. The transformation can include just Elsa or Anna’s hair or a complete makeover. One way to save a little money before you go is by buying an Elsa or Anna dress ahead of time. These two dresses are super cute, for Anna or Elsa. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is also located in Disney Springs if you don’t plan to visit the Magic Kingdom.

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

Frozen Shopping

Aside from being able to meet beloved characters from Arendalle at three of the Disney parks, you can also bring Frozen back home with you. While the merchandise at Walt Disney World is super cute, it is also pretty pricey at times. If you anticipate your little one (or even you!) wanting to bring home a few Frozen items, it might be good to plan ahead.

First, you can set a limit on how much you spend, but without knowing the prices or what you might want this is tough. Instead, you can purchase your items ahead of time and tuck them along in your suitcase. A few of my favorites are as follows:


If you have a Olaf lover in your family, it is going to be hard to pass up the Olaf plushes. Instead you can pick one up before you go, and add in a new Olaf book. Plus, this one is educational. By purchasing Olaf ahead of time, your little one can snuggle him the entire trip. Then you can tuck them both inside this super cute Olaf backpack! Besides he’s super cute, so you can’t lose.

Anna and Elsa

As noted by the Olaf suggestion above, we are big fans of books in our house. Both boys love to read. (Although, I don’t know if I can officially say that about the 1-year-old. Or the four-year old who technically doesn’t know how to read yet either, but is getting there!)

None-the-less, books are very popular gifts in our house. One of my favorite Frozen books features both Elsa and Anna. Plus, just like the book above, it’s a board book. This makes it perfect for little hands! (And  Oh, and the Elsa and Anna plush are just too cute for words. Can you tell what types of things we usually end up buying in the park? If not, remind me to show you my son’s Mickey Mouse plush collection one day.


There ya go! There are a variety of ways you can meet Elsa and Anna at Walt Disney World. Like I said earlier, I anticipate Frozen Fever reaching new heights once Frozen 2 comes out in November of 2019. For now, enjoy these Frozen experiences!! And don’t worry, you’ll be in Florida, there won’t be any cold to bother you anyway…

Frozen Fever, Where to find Frozen at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Frozen at Hollywood Studios

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