6 Ways to Obtain the Fuel You Need for a RunDisney Event

Fuel for RunDisney Events, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

Running and eating tend to go hand-in-hand, as most runners love to eat. As a runner, I know other runners (including myself) can also be VERY particular about what they eat, with good reason. Through lots of trial and error and practicing different fueling techniques, runners figure out what works best for them. At home, it is super easy to trial certain foods and then use the foods that work before and during a race.

RunDisney Event at Walt Disney World

While on vacation, things get a little trickier! You might know what works, but you don’t know how to go about getting the food. Especially if you don’t have a car and are staying on Walt Disney World property for a runDisney race event You brought a couple things along, but how are you going to get the rest of your items? Is your whole fueling plan going to be ruined?

Don’t fret! There are options to obtain your fuel. To help illustrate a picture of how to get the goods you need, let’s look at my ideal race day ‘meal’ plan. 

Before any race I eat a bagel with a little bit of peanut butter, a banana, a Cliff Shot and Nuun. I’ve tried this routine before long runs and before races, finding it to be successful. I like to stick to the same foods before runDisney race events as it’s a good plan to stay with what works. Trying new foods during a race is never a good plan. Trust me, I’ve done this before. (GU energy gel without water during my first marathon: pretty much thought I was dying.) So, how do I make sure I get the different pre-race foods I need? I have a few suggestions: 

Checked Luggage

One of the easiest ways to get a majority of my food to my vacation destination is to pack my items into my luggage. I’ll tuck my Nuun, bagel and banana in my carry-on bag and my Cliff Shots and my peanut butter into my checked bag. If you have a smaller sized peanut butter (less than 3 oz) and just one or two Cliff Shot, you’ll be able to take those into your carry on luggage as well. Just be sure to keep them in your liquids bag with the other 3oz of liquids or less. The Nuun shouldn’t give you any TSA trouble due to it being in tablet form, but be sure to check the current carry-on luggage restrictions. 

Fueling Your RunDisney Race, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

I’ve tried this way many times and have been successful, but there is always a chance for lost or delayed luggage. Or items to be taken by airport security. At the Detroit Metro Airport my carry-on luggage has been careful checked over. One time, each food item has been taken out and examined. The added security is appreciated, but I’ve also been lucky enough to not have anything taken away. 

Fueling Your RunDisney Race, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

In addition to items being potential removed from your luggage, there are other factors to consider. Let’s say you don’t have room in your luggage, want a fresh bagel or simple don’t want airport security handling your food. Let’s look at other options for obtaining food. 

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now is by FAR my favorite ways to get groceries delivered to my Walt Disney World resort. I have a whole post right here on how to use the service. It is super easy to use. My bagels, bananas and peanut butter and usually my Nuun are easily to buy on Amazon Prime Now. The one catch with using Amazon Prime Now is that you need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to utilize the Amazon Prime Now services. 


Isn’t Uber wonderful? Uber is offered in most cities and Orlando is no exception. Uber is a great way to get to a local grocery store without having to rent a car. Uber is great if you are really particular about the food you purchase.

Catching a ride to a local grocery store allows you to pick out your own produce and pick up anything else you might not have thought of when you packed your bags for your trip. This option can take a little more of your time away from Disney, but might be the best option for you. 

Instacart, Garden Grocer or Other Grocery Delivery Services

In addition to Amazon Prime Now, there are a variety of other grocery delivery services available at Walt Disney World Resort. If you are familiar with any of these services they might be your best bet to obtain the groceries you desire. Just be aware, there is a chance the speciality items such as Nuun and Cliff Shots aren’t going to be available. 

Fueling Your RunDisney Race, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

On Property

Walt Disney World offers food at all of their resorts and often during a race weekend the selection is geared towards runners in mind. I have consistently seen bagels, individual peanut butter packets and bananas offered up throughout the course of the week. Buying straight from your resort is the least time consuming option and is perfect when you just need the necessities. 

Fueling Your RunDisney Race, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

Drive Down

One super fool-proof way to make sure your necessary fuel arrives at Walt Disney World with you is to drive down. Of course, don’t change your plans is you were planning to fly, but if you don’t have anything set in stone, this might be a good option for you. Especially if you have any food allergies! 

There ya go, a few suggestions to help you get the fuel you need for your runDisney race. Good luck on your race and may your fuel help you reach your running goals!! 

6 Ways to Obtain RunDisney Fuel, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, RunDisney

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