The 9 Most Common Lyft Minnie Van Questions Answered

Minnie Vans Lyft, Minnie Vans Cost, Disney Transportation

You know how Minnie Mouse is the queen of polka dots and has made polka dots a timeless fashion statement? How anything that involves Minnie Mouse and polka dots is instantly cute? Well, if you didn’t know this, let me be the first to tell you! 

A perfect example involves a rather new(er) mode of transportation around the Disney parks. Minnie’s signature red-and-white polka dots were added to a fleet of vehicles and they are now officially the cutest mode of transportation in all of Walt Disney World! 

That’s right, Disney has its own fleet of inter-‘world’ transportation vehicles called Minnie Vans. If you’ve been to Disney World recently, you’ve most likely seen them. Driving from place to place, picking up and dropping off guests. All while doing it in cute Minnie style.

Minnie Vans are owned and operated by Walt Disney World. They are available for use for anyone staying on Disney property and offer a convenient way to save time getting from point A to point B.

The Minnie Vans definitely are cute, there’s no doubt about that. However, the big question that remains though, is are Minnie Vans worth the cost?

Let’s dive in and answer all your 9 common questions about these cute little Minnie Vans and learn what they are all about!

How Do You Book a Lyft Minnie Van?

Booking for Lyft Minnie Vans is completed through the Lyft app.

The Lyft app should be downloaded onto your mobile phone before your trip. Head to the App Store for Apple devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. When the app is installed be sure to allow it to ‘know your location’. If you don’t, the Minnie Van drivers won’t know where to pick you up. 

Once downloaded and on Disney property open up the Lyft app. At the bottom of your screen, there should be an option to use the Minnie Vans. If you don’t see it, be sure to head to guest services and talk to a cast member. They will be able to get you set up so you can be on your way. 

Once you are able to access the Minnie Vans through the app, go ahead an schedule one! If you have a mobile phone and can easily use the Lyft app, being able to book the Minnie Vans is really convenient.

Most Lyft Minnie Vans are Chevy Traverse vehicles, so they all look alike. However, to make it easy for guests to spot their own personal Minnie Van, numbers are posted on the sides on each vehicle. You’ll know it is yours by the number you were assigned when you scheduled your pickup!

Get ready to get whisked away in Minnie Van style!

Minnie Vans Lyft, Minnie Vans Cost, Disney Transportation

Can You Book Lyft Minnie Vans in Advance?

As with most Lyft rides, Lyft Minnie Vans can be scheduled right when they are needed. Utilizing the Lyft app you will be able to select the Minnie Van option. The app will notify nearby drivers and your Minnie Van ride will be ready to meet you shortly. Most of the time there are a few Minnie Vans hanging out, ready to give you a ride!

At times it can take up to 15 minutes for a Minnie Van to arrive, so just be aware that the arrival isn’t always instant. 

Most Lyft Minnie Vans are Chevy Traverse vehicles and hold up to 6 people, including two little ones that require car seats if necessary. If you need an accessible vehicle you can call (407)828-3500 as early as 60 minutes in advance to secure a vehicle.

Minnie Vans Lyft, Minnie Vans Cost, Disney Transportation

How Long Do You Have to Wait for a Lyft Minnie Van?

On average, most Minnie Vans arrive within 10-15 minutes of being scheduled. The Minnie Van fleet is growing and growing. This means more vehicles are available and shorter wait times for guests. 

However, there are occasions when it is very busy at Walt Disney World and it might take a lot longer to get a Minnie Van. Some guests staying in Disney resort areas, such as Fort Wilderness and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge have reported it taking a while for the transportation to arrive. 

Don’t dismay though, just plan ahead!!

If you have a destination you need to reach at a certain time, be sure to work with a cast member to ensure you aren’t late. The best plan is to work with the cast member well before you need to leave in order to arrive at a certain destination. This way there are no surprises come that day! 

Heading to a Character Meal Using Minnie Vans

A specific example that comes to mind is when you are heading to a character breakfast meal. The meal will possibly be scheduled for early in the am and you need to be there on time! Minnie Van transportation might be one of the best ways to get to your meal. 

The day before your meal speak to a cast member and let them know your timeline. If you’re at a resort where there are always tons of Minnie Vans waiting around, you probably won’t have any issues. However, if you’re at a resort where the vehicles take a little longer to arrive at, make sure you give yourself extra time.

Plus, if the character meal is in a park, make sure you factor in time to get through security. Then once through security, you need to make sure to leave time to actually walk through the park as well.

All these little things add up and that’s why having a plan the day before you head to your meal will pay off.

Big time. 

Following Fireworks at a Park

Once the last fireworks show is completed at any of the parks, there is always a mass park exodus. Everyone begins rushing out of the park in an effort to be the ‘first’ back towards the transportation area. 

This means crowded buses and, possibly, lots of waiting in line for a while until you are able to board a bus. It can be a headache. 

Minnie Vans are a great option to take back to your resort. While there still might be a little bit of a wait for a Minnie Van, you won’t have to share your transportation with 50 of your closest Disney friends. 

If you can make it back to the transportation area early, odds are you will be able to snag a Minnie Van. This might mean leaving the parks a little early or being closer to the front of the park to view them. 

Alternatively, you can hang out in the parks a little after the firework show is over. Cast members will be ushering guests out, but you might be able to buy a little more time allowing the transportation lines to die down. 

Pro TIp for Park Transportation from the Magic Kingdom at Night

If you’re catching the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom, you have an alternative way of catching a ride home. There is a tiny bit more walking involved, but possibly a little less waiting. 

Once you leave the Magic Kingdom, if you head out and notice that the transportation area already seems super crowded, go ahead and bypass it. Instead, keep walking towards the Contemporary. Over at the contemporary, you can use the Minnie Van service if it is available. If not, go ahead and give Lyft or Uber a try. The goal is to spend less time waiting for transportation and more time in it.

Whatever is available, go for it!

How Much Does the Lyft Minnie Van Cost?

A typical Minnie Van ride costs around $30 to $40 dollars for one way transportation around Walt Disney World.

There is a base fee of $15 and then the actual price depends on the actual distance you are traveling. While this is more than a typical Lyft ride would cost for the same distance, there are perks that the Minnie Van service can offer that Lyft can’t guarantee. 

Minnie Van Drivers are Cast Members

First, all Minnie Van drivers are ‘cast members’. Meaning they work for Disney. The cast members are trained to know the roads around Walt Disney World. This translates into them, hopefully, not becoming lost on the property.

If you’ve ever taken a Lyft ride where the driver starts asking you for directions (ahh!), you know this is a big plus. We, personally, have been in big cities, that were new to us and driving with a Lyft driver that became lost on multiple occasions. The driver would turn to us and ask if we knew the next step. It wasn’t great. We spent 10 minutes circling the LA Convention Center for one trip. 

Hopefully, with cast members knowing their way around Disney World, this wouldn’t happen!

Car Seats are Included with Lyft Minnie Vans

Second, if you’re traveling with little ones, Minnie Vans come with car seats!

The car seats are the Graco4Ever car seats and in my opinion, some of the best around. We happen to own a Graco4Ever car seat and we are huge fans of it. It’s simple to use and sturdy. Plus, the car seats can be both rear and forward-facing. Perfect for little ones under the age of two. 

Having car seats that are able to face both ways is a huge advantage over Lyft and Uber. UberX, a type of Uber service, offers car seats but they can only be forward-facing. Plus, the car seats are about a $10 apiece surcharge in addition to the Lyft transportation fee. 

Additionally, we’ve run into circumstances where the car seat itself has been questionable. Meaning, the quality of the car seat might not be what you are used to putting your kiddos in at home. We have run across a few ‘sketchy’ car seats in our experiences with outside shuttle and taxi services. It’s good to know the Minnie Van car seats are of decent quality.

Plus, the best part? The car seats are included in the cost of your trip. There are two car seats in the trunk of the Minnie Van that are ready to be used and can be installed by your cast member Minnie Van driver. 

Do You Tip Lyft Minnie Van Drivers?

Tips, as with all Lyft transportation services, aren’t included nor fully expected, but always appreciated. Minnie Van drivers are allowed to take tips and giving one is a great way to show thanks.

When you are riding in a Minnie Van, oftentimes you get more than just a pleasant ride. At times the Disney Minnie Van drivers happen to be full of Disney trivia and share little bits of info with you along your route. Basically, you’re getting a ride and a free show. 

If the service was good and you do want to leave a tip, you can do so in the Lyft app or with cash. Just make sure you have some cash on hand if you plan to do so! 

Where Do Lyft Minnie Vans Pickup?

The pickup location for the Minnie Van varies depending on your location! 

At many of the hotels, there are roads that run rather close to the hotel rooms themselves. I’m talking about the roads that are accessible by all guests, not just by cast members. If you are in a room that has an accessible road nearby, odds are you’ll be able to be picked up right by your room. Plus, you’ll be able to be dropped off there as well! 

If your hotel doesn’t have accessible roads, speak to a cast member to determine where the pick-up and drop-off spots are located. 

In the parks most pick-up and drop off locations will be near the rest of the transportation. Look for signs as things are always changing because of ongoing park construction. When in doubt reach out to a cast member and they should be able to point you in the correct direction. 

Does the Lyft Minnie Van Go to the Airport?

In addition to cruising around Walt Disney World, you can also request Minnie Van service to transport you to and from the airport. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance, so you can add it to your list of items to complete before your trip to Disney.

The price of transportation is $150 per way. Tips are not included in this price but appreciated.

If you’ve tried Disney’s Magical Express and really aren’t a fan, then give the Minnie Vans a try. The Magical Express is free (and Disney shorts and ads are playing on the overhead screens!), but the Minnie Vans will provide you with more comfort and convenience.

Minnie Vans Lyft, Minnie Vans Cost, Disney Transportation

Car Seats Included with the Lyft Minnie Van Airport Shuttle

Three car seats are included in the Minnie Van Orlando International Airport shuttle price, should you need them to help transport your little ones as well.

Plus, odds are if you are utilizing all three car seats you’re going to have a lot of luggage. Minnie Vans can hold up to 6 pieces of luggage! If you have more luggage then be sure to check your bags in at the resort using the resort airport services. The location for the airline services is usually right by bell services but can vary depending on the resort at which you’re staying. 

How Much Time Should You Allow for Your Lyft Minnie Van to Get to the Airport?

If you decide to use the Minnie Vans to head to the airport, be sure to give yourself ample time. The drive to the Orlando International Airport can take as long as 45, or even 60, minutes from some resorts. By the time you load up, fasten babies and kids in car seats and get comfy, and hit the road before you know it, an hour has passed!

Be sure to also factor in the drive time and the amount of time it takes to get through security at the airport. At a recent Orlando International Airport visit it took us 45 minutes to get through security. This was due to the line-up and the fact that all of our airplane snacks had to be individually investigated.

The average suggestion is to give yourself 2 hours to get to and from the airport for domestic flights, 3 hours for international flights. With the way our family moves, we find that we often need three hours, including travel time, for a domestic flight! I blame the littles!

You want to make sure you give yourself ample time. Nothing is more stressful than running through the airport with your arms full of kids and luggage. Let’s avoid it at all costs!

Is the Lyft Minnie Van Worth It?

As a family, we have always been a fan of using Disney buses, ferries, monorails, and walkways. There have been times, however, when we have found ourselves stuck waiting for buses or scrambling to make it to reservations or appointments on time. 

That being said, having the opportunity to take a Minnie Van in those situations would be a huge headache saver! It’s just a matter of gauging a situation and determining if it’s necessary to catch a ride or not. 

Overall, a Lyft Minnie Van is a good way to save time. It’s also a super convenient way to make your trip more relaxing. I wouldn’t use them all the time, because those fees can add up! Yet, in certain situations, they are a good alternative. In those situations, they are totally worth it!

Lyft Minnie Vans are a welcomed addition to the various modes of transportation around Disney World!

Plus, let’s be honest. It’s a vehicle covered in polka-dots. Disney had me at polka-dots…

What do you think of the Walt Disney World Minnie Vans? Do you enjoy using them? 

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Minnie Vans Lyft, Minnie Vans Cost, Disney Transportation

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