5 Tips for Creating a RunDisney Race Costume

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Have you ever wanted to dress as a princess or a princess and run through the streets of the most magical place on earth?

Well, your dream can come true at a runDisney race. Costumes are more the norm than the novelty and can be worn by anyone during a race. It’s your time to shine and have fun doing it!

How do you know what type of costume to wear for a runDisney race? Should you go all out and wear something very intricate with lots of laters and details? Yes…and no. Let me explain…

You have to remember, you’re going to get very hot during your runDisney race. Unless there is another fluke year where the start-line temperature is 23 degrees, odds are you’re going to be running through the Florida heat and humidity. That combo, in addition to a heavy costume can result in one very hot runner. You’re going to want to be selective with your costume in order to find something that is both comfortable and breathable. Yet, at the same time, something that stays true to the Disney character you are trying to represent.

So, how exactly do you put together a great runDisney costume that meets all of these needs? Let’s take a look below at some of the best runDisney costume suggestions available:

1. Keep It Simple

Let’s say you aren’t a crazy good seamstress (if you are, please teach me your ways!), but you want to have something cohesive to wear for your runDisney race. All you need to do is stand back and break down the basics of your character.

You know for your race you’re going to need some sort of shorts or pants and a tank top or shirt. Let’s say you want to be cinderella. You could get a light blue running tank top and a pair of light blue running shorts. Throw your hair into a bun, add a little red lipstick and, ta-da, you’re a running version of Cinderella.

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2. Add Accessories

In addition to the simple items mentioned above, you can go a few steps further. Let’s stick to the Cinderella theme. Adding on to your blue shorts and tank top, throw on a sparkly blue headband and a pair of ‘pearl’ earrings. You’ve just added a simple element of elegance to your ensemble without adding too much weight. Remember, the less weight you add to your costume, the better. You’re going to be running a lot of miles and you don’t want to be carrying a ton.

Still want a little more flash? You of course can add in the ever popular tutu to your runDisney costume. The tutu can be small or big. I personally sit in the camp of the smaller the tutu, the better. You can play around a little bit, but be sure to take into consideration how hot you might get during a race. Or you can go the route of a running skirt. One that is sparkly adds an element of fun to your costume!

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3. Have a ‘Running’ Themed Tank Top

You can either make your own with a Cricut or buy a pre-made running themed top. I love the ones that say, ‘Race You to the Castle’. As with any running clothes, be sure to try them out during a training run before you race in them. This way you can be sure to do a check-in to make sure the fabric isn’t causing any chaffing.

4. Use Cardboard for Character Accessories

Lots of Disney characters have different accessories that help to identify them as certain characters. I’m talking the Genie’s lamp from Aladdin, Rapunzel’s frying pan, and so on. The problem with accessories during a runDisney event? Well, aside from making sure they are runDisney approved (be sure to check the race costume guidelines), they can often get very heavy. This is especially problematic if you plan to hold the accessory for the entire length of the race. It can get to be a pain!

Enter: Cardboard!

Cardboard? Yes!! It is lightweight and customizable, making it easy to create the accessories your characters need and add very little additional weight to your runDisney costume. For one runDisney event I was the White Rabbit from Alice-in-Wonderland. I had the bunny ears, the white tutu and the red heart on my shirt, but I wanted to include his little pocket watch. I felt it fit the theme of a running even because I could refer to my watch and say, ‘I’m late, I’m late!’ in an effort to speed up my pace.

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The only problem? Pocket watches are either really heavy, or priceless heirlooms. I didn’t want to travel 13.1 miles and risk either breaking or wanting to set down a pocket watch. The solution? I made one out of cardboard! I was able to add a distinctive prop to my outfit while limiting the additional weight. It was a win-win situation.

RunDisney Costumes, RunDisney, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

5.Waterproof Make-Up

Florida is a hot spot. Its humidity can sometimes get out of control. This is true even in the wee hours of the morning. Add in some runner sweat and you’ve got a recipe for makeup to run all over your face. If you’re reading this and thinking, make-up? Why in the world would I wear any makeup during a run? Normally, I would agree with you. You sweat it all off within the first mile. Yet, RunDisney races, or races where I am in costume, are where I make the exceptions.

If you want to go all in for your character, you might decide you want to wear a little makeup in addition to your costume. As we discussed above, if you do decide to wear makeup, you’re most likely going to want to wear waterproof makeup. This will help you fight against the elements of Florida weather and your own sweat. Plus, if it decides to rain during your runDisney race (I call it pixie-dust!), you’ll be able to run in peace knowing your makeup isn’t going anywhere! If only all parts of running were as simple as waterproof makeup!

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There ya have it! Tips on how to have a successful runDisney costume. One that will keep you comfortable but also allow you to have a little costume fun. As mentioned above, be sure to check out the runDisney costume guidelines as well when planning your costume. The rules limit certain things and I don’t want you to plan a whole costume just to find out it isn’t allowed. Be sure to stay away from weapons, masks, costumes that drag on the floor, and lots of layers. If you create an amazing costume, be sure to post pictures to instagram and use the hashtag #magicformiles.

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