Spectacular RunDisney Running Costume Ideas for the Wine and Dine Be Our Guest Themed 10K

rundisney running costume ideas and beauty and the beast costume ideas

One of the most beloved Disney movies of all time, Beauty and the Beast, combines forces with a 10k race?

Yes, please!

As you lace up your running shoes and embark on this whimsical journey, donning a captivating costume can transport you even further into the beloved fairytale. In this blog post, we’ll explore some marvelous costume ideas to help you embody the charm and magic of Beauty and the Beast during RunDisney 10K race.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast RunDisney Running Costume Ideas

Embody the spirited and book-loving Belle by donning her iconic yellow ball gown. Opt for a running-friendly version, such as a yellow running skirt or shorts paired with a matching yellow tank top. Complete the look with yellow or gold running shoes to truly capture Belle’s essence.

Or take on the look of Belle from the village and rock the blue with a dash of white to represent her apron. Accessorize with a blue ribbon or bow in your hair, and consider carrying a small book as a prop.

Beast from Beauty and the Beast RunDisney Running Costume Ideas

Transform yourself into the Beast with a costume that embodies both his fierce and tender sides. Wear a blue or black compression shirt and leggings as the base. Add fur accents using faux fur patches or leg warmers. Consider using face paint or a mask to replicate the Beast’s facial features. You can also attach a pair of soft horns to a headband and wear them throughout the race.

Whatever direction you decide to take the Beast costume, please, please, please do a trial run. Especially if you plan to add any faux fur to your ensemble.

Lumière RunDisney Running Costume Ideas

Bring the charm and warmth of the enchanted candelabra to life by dressing up as Lumière for the RunDisney 10k race. Wear a yellow or gold shirt with matching shorts or leggings. Attach battery-powered LED lights to the shirt to mimic Lumière’s flickering flames. Create a headpiece with candles using a white pool noodle!

Mrs. Potts Running Costume Idea

Embrace the nurturing nature of Mrs. Potts by dressing up as the beloved teapot. Wear a cream or beige top with a matching skirt or running shorts. Add some details of pink, purple and yellow like Mrs. Pott’s teacup design colors.

Attach a handle and spout to your outfit using cardboard or fabric. Paint your face with a teapot design, complete with a spout and handle. Consider carrying a small teacup or wearing a teacup-shaped hat as an additional accessory.

Beauty and the Beast’s Chip Running Costume Idea

When talking about Beauty and the Beast running costumes, we can’t leave out the adorable and playful teacup, Chip. Much like Mrs. Potts wear a cream or beige base outfit, such as a shirt and leggings or shorts. Add similar details as mentioned above with Mrs. Pott’s, but be sure to make a ‘chip’ in your shirt. Finally, make grab an actual Chip toy to carry along with you as you run.

Conclusion to Running Costumes for the Be Our Guest-Themed RunDisney 10k

Immersing yourself in the captivating world of Beauty and the Beast during the Be Our Guest-themed 10K race is an extraordinary opportunity to bring magic to life. Whether you choose to embody Belle, the Beast, Lumière, Mrs. Potts, Chip, or any of the other enchanting objects, your costume will undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement and whimsy to your running experience.

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Beauty and Beast Costume Ideas

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