Thoughts on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Who It Is Geared Towards

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await

The opening of Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland is almost upon us! Before we know it, the opening in Walt Disney World is going to be here as well. Whether you are a Star War’s fan or not, it’s hard to deny the excitement surrounding what is Disney’s largest park expansion in history. We don’t know a ton of details about the new lands, but we do know they are going to be as immersive as they can get. Probably past our wildest imaginations! Let’s explore some thoughts on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, see what we can gather from the details Disney has released, and learn who should visit the park when it first opens!

Galaxy’s Edge Overview

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await


The new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land is going to be located on Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World and will be a new land in Disneyland in California. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios the land will be accessible between Toy Story Land and Muppet Vision 3D. In Disneyland, you will be able to access the park from the walkway located between Fantasyland and Big Thunder Mountain. Previously this was a smoking area in Disneyland, but now due to the new no smoking policy in Disneyland, will be a smoke-free area.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await


As with all Disney parks and lands, theming will be incredible. The New Fantasyland and Pandora over at Walt Disney World have shown what the Imagineers are capable of. Galaxy’s Edge is poised to take this to a completely new level. Galaxy’s Edge will take place precisely where its name states, on the edge of the galaxy. A small town called Batuu will stand as a melting pot of sorts for smugglers, traders and those who like to stay out of the watchful eye of the First Order. Batuu is home to the Black Spire Outpost which guests are able to visit and experience ‘Star Wars’ land.

Batuu itself is set in a time between the release of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker (episodes 8 & 9). As with many areas of their parks, in order to prevent things from become too stale, or not relevant, it is anticipated that Disney has provided itself with flexibility to change non-essential components of the land. This allows Galaxy’s Edge to stay in line with the current Star Wars saga.

Cast Members

If you look at any area of Disneyland and/or Walt Disney World resort, you’ll see that cast members fit perfectly into their designated area or ‘land’. The costumes and often the ‘attitude’ of the cast members not only add to guest experiences, but often can make or break the experience! For example, the Jungle Cruise wouldn’t be as iconic as it is without the dry humor of each boat’s skipper. The skippers add an element of theming that can’t be replaced.

Galaxy’s Edge’s cast members are anticipated to be clothed in extremely detailed and appropriate outfits. The outfits will be one more immersive element of the land, allowing guests to feel like they are interacting residents, or visitors to Batuu. One can also anticipate they will be fully immersed in their roles, whether it be serving food at one of the new food locations or helping to guests to board a ride. I have a feeling the level of involvement is going to surpass anything we have seen thus far at any Disney park.

Access to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy’s Edge is sure to be a very popular place upon opening (and most likely for years to come). Thankfully, as guests, we aren’t the only ones who have anticipated this in their plans. Disney is already taking steps to facilitate some crowd control. Knowing Disney and their ability to coordinate plans and schedules, we are most likely in good hands when it comes to Galaxy’s Edge being a little less crazy than anticipated.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await


At Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, Disney is requiring guest to have a free advance reservation to enter the park from May 31st (opening date) to June 23rd. If you have booked a stay at a Disneyland hotel for those dates you will receive a notification with your designated land entry time. After June 23rd, all Disneyland park guests will have the opportunity to enter Galaxy’s Edge. A quick check at the Disneyland hotels via the Disneyland website, at this time (April 30, 2019) shows some availability still.

For guests not staying on property, the Disneyland website is stating that free reservations for guests will be available starting May 2nd. Be sure to have a Disney account created prior to attempting to access the reservation site. This way you don’t waste any precious time when you are trying to create a brand new reservation.

Walt Disney World

Details are not clear yet as to the plan for guests at Walt Disney World. I think Disneyland may serve as a testing ground, then Disney will use lessons learned there to influence the roll out at Walt Disney World.

We know the location of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is going to be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Therefore, if you want to avoid the hassle of transportation, your best bet is to stay at one of the Boardwalk area resorts. Physical transportation will still be available from each of the resorts, but you could just as easily walk over to Hollywood Studios. Personally, we love how you can walk straight to the park from your resort. If this sounds like a good plan to you, be sure to book your stay now!!


Disney has been keeping most of its plans under wraps for Galaxy’s Edge, but we do know a few things. First, there are going to be two rides– Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance. Rise of the Resistance won’t be open until later, but Millennium Falcon will be ready to go when the park opens!

There will not be any Fastpass opportunities for Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and it is anticipated that there won’t be any Fastpass+ reservations in Walt Disney World. Due to Disney assigning guests entry slots and times for the new Galaxy’s Edge, lines, while are for sure going to be crazy long, might not be as intense as once imagined. Yet, with only one ride available to guests on opening day, I don’t think it’s going to be a 20 minute wait. Most of your morning or afternoon in the park is most likely going to be spent waiting in line to ride.

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon is looking like a combo of Star Tours and Mission Space. You will have the opportunity, along with six other guests, to fly the Falcon on a mission. The flight path is going to be determined based on how well you and your co-pilots operate the Falcon. Your flight pattern and the results are said to also have impact on how cast members and characters treat you throughout the rest of your time in Galaxy’s Edge as well. It will be a new and interesting concept as Disney makes the parks truly immersive.

My question is how are they going to be able to link you and your flight pattern? Possibly with your park ticket and/or Magic Band? It will be interesting to find out for sure!

Rise of the Resistance

While the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run seems as though it will appeal to all Star Wars fans. Those of an appropriate height to ride, of course. The Rise of the Resistance is presenting as a slightly terrifying ride. Anyone out there ever rode Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? How about riding without having any clue as to what the ride was about. That would be me. When I first rode it, I’m pretty sure I was convinced that a T-Rex was going to eat me alive. If, on the Rise of the Resistance, we are coming face-to-face with AT-AT walkers and Kylo Ren, I have a feeling it’s going to be a tad intimidating. To say the least…

Star Wars Eats

If I’m being open and honest, I want to be the first to say that I feel like Disney’s Hollywood Studios has always been lacking in the food department. While there are some hidden gems, like the giant cookie ice cream sandwich at Hollywood Scoops. Yet, I don’t feel like there is anything that really draws the guests in.

Taking a gamble, I want to predict that is all about to change. There are so many new food opportunities coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studio with the arrival of Galaxy’s Edge! While at this time we don’t have exact menus, we do know there are going to be the following options:

Oga’s Cantina

Hello, grown-up drinks! While this isn’t huge news for Walt Disney World which has alcoholic beverages a lot more readily available, it is big news for Disneyland. The only other location in Disneyland that serves alcoholic beverages is Club 33. It is anticipated that park goers will have to stay in the bar area at Oga’s Cantina to enjoy their drinks, in order to prevent the alcohol from entering other areas of the park.

Aside from the drinks containing alcohol, the drinks are going to be ‘out of this world’. No joke, some sneak peaks that have been floating around the internet illustrate the creativity of the imagineers. These are drinks that could only be served in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await

Milk Stand

Ah, blue milk!! And green milk as well! We finally get a chance to experience the blue milk that Luke Skywalker ‘enjoyed’ so many years ago. Plus, we can sample the green milk featured in The Last Jedi.

Docking Bay 7

Guests have the opportunity to dine on a menu put together by Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs. Docking Bay 7 is going to be a quick service area set inside a hanger with indoor and outdoor seating. Plus, it is rumored to have what sound like AMAZING vegan options (two of them are anticipated!). This alone makes us pretty excited!

Ronto Roasters

Guests will be able to try the legendary Ronto wrap! In case you didn’t know, Rontos are huge beasts from the planet Tantooine. Roasted meat from Rontos Roasters will be available for guests to enjoy!

Kat Saka’s Kettle

Popcorn! Don’t think much more needs to be said here. It is a new land at Disney, after all.


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await

It wouldn’t be Disney if merchandise wasn’t offered at every single turn. However, the merchandise anticipated to be offered at the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge sounds like a step up from the rest. Following in line with the theming and the immersive experience, the merchandise offered is going to be extremely cool.

Savi’s Workshop

At Savi’s Workshop, guests will have a chance to build their own lightsabers. The lightsabers are going to be different from any lightsabers offered at Disney so far. Guests can design their device and then, potentially, be able to interact with various areas throughout the park.

Droid Depot

Guests will have the opportunity to create their own droid at the Droid Depot. It will be interesting to see how the droids will play a role in the immersive experience of the park.

Toydarian Toymaker

No explanation is needed for the Toydarian Toymaker shop. It is going to be a Star Wars toy lover’s fantasy. The description states that the shop will be filled with unique toys and items handcrafts from local artisans.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiques

Considering we are in a galaxy far, far away we know that we need to have a shop that is going to provide us with unique and different items. Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiques is sure to have some of the most unusual items available in the new Galaxy’s Edge.

Creature Stall

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you now my love of all things Disney plush related runs deep. Creature stalls is anticipated to be a whole store full of plush toys and different creatures related to the Star Wars universe for you to be able to take home.

Black Spire Outfitters

If you’ve ever had any desire to dress like any Star Wars character, odds are your desire can be fulfilled at the Black Spire Outfitters shop. The shop is sure to have high quality cos play items.

First Order Cargo and Resistance Supply Store

Here all of your First Order needs are taken care of. My son, who has long been aligned with the Dark Side (his choice, not mine!), is going to love this shop. Vice versa, the Resistance Supplies store will have all the needs of loyal resistance fans covered.

Stay Tuned: Star Wars Hotel

While we don’t know every last detail about the new Galaxy’s Edge land, we know even less about the proposed Star Wars hotel that is to accompany the park expansion in Walt Disney World. Through artistic renderings and predictions based on the anticipated immersion of Galaxy’s Edge, it’s bound to be a ‘out of this world’ experience. That is not an exaggeration. Due to the fact that you will basically be ‘living’ at the hotel for the duration of your stay, the immersion can be taken a step further than that of the parks. Perhaps with ‘costumes’ for guests? One can only wonder for now, but I anticipate it to be simply amazing.

Who is Should Go to Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await

Star Wars Fans

Stating that Star Wars fans should be among those to visit the new Galaxy’s Edge most likely isn’t necessary. However, these guest are most likely going to be the most excited to visit the new land. Star Wars is a movie franchise that has spanned through several generations. Both young and old who love the movies are sure to love the new land.

Disney Imagineering Fans

Who here isn’t a huge fan of the movie Avatar? Let me be the first to admit, I have fallen asleep during it twice. Granted, I fall asleep during a lot of movies, so that isn’t saying too much. Yet, even though I am not a huge fan of Avatar, the Pandora land blows me away. The level of detail included in every single element in the land, truly made you feel as though you had arrived in another world.

From what seem to be gravity defying structures to rides that create truly unique experiences, Pandora is an amazing creation of the imagination. To experience Pandora during the daytime is one thing. Experiencing it during the nighttime is even cooler. As you walk through the ‘streets’ of Pandora, they come alive. Plants, the ground and everything around you seems to take on a special glow, making you feel fully immersed in the world of Pandora.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await

If you’re a fan of Pandora, you are surely going to be a fan of Galaxy’s Edge. Even if you’re just a fan of Disney parks in general, odds are you are going to love Galaxy’s Edge. From the sneak peeks we’ve had a chance to see, it is evident that no detail has been overlooked. From the buildings, to the wreckage to the detail in perspective, Galaxy’s Edge is going to be a fantasy lover’s dream. Personally, we can’t wait to see all the pictures that result from the new land!

Who Shouldn’t Go to Galaxy’s Edge?

While Galaxy’s Edge is sure to be inclusive, as are all Disney parks, it might be best for some guests to wait and check out the land at a later date. Not because they won’t love it. Odds are if you are heading to Disney, you are most likely a Disney fan and enjoy the different creations Disney makes. No, instead you should hold off due to the crowds.

Those Who REALLY Hate Crowds

Even with the staggered entry and attempts at crowd control Disney plans to put in place, the crowds are going to be enormous. One can imagine that the crowds will most likely remain high for a long time past opening date. If you get turned off by large crowds and have no real desire to be immersed into a galaxy far, far away, possibly consider spending your time elsewhere while the crowds flock to Galaxy’s Edge. If you’re not really interested in being one of the first ones into the park, there really is no need to rush to the land! As a matter of fact, waiting a little while can give Disney the chance to work out some of the park kinks.

While, we can’t predict when the crowds will lessen, odds are they will become a little more manageable the farther out we get from opening day. Be sure to stay on top of other anniversaries or specials Disney might have going on in order to plan your future trip around. There are great crowd calendars and crowd predictors available online to help you decide when a good time to go will be. Yet, these calendars and predictors are sure to be updated as the parks are opened.

All that from above being said, we know that Star Wars: Galaxy Edge is going to be huge! With such an expansive land, guests are going to have a lot of area to roam.

Young, Young Kids

If you have young kids that scare easily, waiting to go can be a good plan. Don’t get me wrong, there is going to be so much to appreciate in Galaxy’s Edge. However, if your young ones haven’t been exposed to Star Wars before, they might be a little intimidated. Or, the combination of crowds and so many ‘different’ looking characters might not be great for your little. I know personally I am intimidated when I meet Kylo Ren. My four-year old on the other hand, not fazed. Perhaps you can go in shifts to the new Galaxy’s Edge if you have members of your party who really want to experience it. The other half of your party can spend time at Toy Story Land! Which is kid friendly for kids of all ages!

There ya go! A quick summary of what we know about the new Galaxy’s Edge and who might be the ideal guest. Whether you plan to go on opening day or after the crowds die down, it is going to be a treat. From the details to the rides to the characters, it’s time for us all to live our Star Wars adventure!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Article, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Magic for Miles, New Disney Park, New Adventures Await

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