Stroller Rental at Disney Can Be a Saving Grace

I’ve said it before, but did you know that you can walk up to the distance of a 10K or half marathon throughout the day in Walt Disney World? That’s about 6 to possibly even 13 miles. So many miles in one day!! You’ve also already heard me go on and on about the beauty of using a stroller in Walt Disney World.

One questions probably still remains. Is it better to rent or bring your own stroller? You might sit strongly in either camp, but there are pros and cons of each alternative. Let’s start this two-part series with the benefits of renting a stroller. 

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Quality Control

If you bring your own stroller and are flying, there is a decent chance of the stroller getting a little banged up. It might be minor damage or there is a possibility of it being extensive. Depending on the type of stroller you have, the cost of a stroller can definitely be up there. Plus, odds are, you’re going to need your stroller to last longer than just your Walt Disney World vacation.

If you do end up bringing your own stroller (because as we will see, there are benefits for doing so), be sure to get a travel bag. The travel bag is used to cover your stroller before you gate check it. We have this one and it has held up for four trips for us. There is definitely wear on the bag itself, but the stroller has had protection. 

Space Saver

If you aren’t flying down to Walt Disney World and instead are driving, not having to bring your stroller down with you is a space-saving luxury. It’s no secret that strollers are large and can take up an entire trunk single-handedly. Being able to rent a stroller to use while on property allows you to have more room for other important luggage items in your vehicle. Plus, you might score a little leg space and not have to sit ‘criss-cross-applesauce’ for a 24 hour drive. 

Stroller Usage at Walt Disney World, Tips for Stroller Usage, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Disney Strollers

Delivery to Hotel

If you elect to rent a stroller, you can do so at an off-site stroller rental company. You’ll find a lot of rental companies make the whole rental process super easy. At this time, Disney has three featured providers regarding third-party stroller rentals as recommended via their website: 

Magic Strollers: (866) 866-6177
Orlando Stroller Rentals: (800) 281-0884
Kingdom Strollers: (407) 271-5301

The process starts online, or by calling the company, and entering your hotel information. Most companies will drop the stroller off at your hotel and you’ll be able to hit the ground running once you arrive at your resort. Be sure to check with your resort and stroller company regarding whether or not you need to be present for the stroller drop off. Some companies require that you are present. 

Disney Parks Stroller Rental

Let’s say your kiddo is a little bit older and you just want a stroller for getting around the parks, as opposed to having one on hand 24/7. Disney offers an in park stroller rental at each of the four theme parks and at Disney Springs. At this time the water parks do not offer stroller rentals. The stroller rental areas are right when you walk into the parks and allow you to grab a stroller before your day at the park begins. 

Currently, single strollers are $15 dollars a day for a single day and $13 per day for multiple days. The strollers need to stay inside each of the parks. You will get a new stroller at each park you enter, so be sure to hold onto your receipt for multi-day rentals. Double strollers are also available for $31 dollars a day and $27 per day for multiple days. Check with the parks for the current prices. 

Stroller Usage at Walt Disney World, Tips for Stroller Usage, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Disney Strollers

In all honesty, the strollers available to rent in the Disney parks aren’t the most comfortable. They are typically a beige color and are made of hard plastic. A seat belt is included to strap your little one in, but there aren’t many other features on the strollers. However, they get the necessary job done. They provide your little one with a place to rest his or her feet and a place to hook a purse or bag. In terms of age, the older your kiddo, the less they will probably care about the hard plastic of the park rental strollers. 

Purchase a Stroller Off-site

One alternative to renting, and not bringing your own stroller, is to buy a stroller in Orlando. This would involve Ubering or finding transportation (possibly via a rented car or the car in which you drove down to Disney) to a local store. If you are just looking to use a simple, easy to collapse umbrella stroller, it is possible to save a lot of money by purchasing a cheap stroller at a local store. If you don’t want to keep the stroller after your trip you could even pass it onto a guest who is just arriving to WDW property. Spread a little ‘pixie dust’, if you will!

Stroller Usage at Walt Disney World, Tips for Stroller Usage, Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Disney Strollers

There ya go! A few details regarding stroller rental in Walt Disney World and whether it is going to be a good fit for your family and budget. Be sure to check on the latest prices for stroller rentals in the parks and through third-party companies if you are budgeting for your trip. 

Renting a Stroller at Disney, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles


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