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Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Starbucks and Disney go together like two peas in a pod. It’s amazing that one ever survived without the other seeing how the first Starbucks on Disney property just opened in the last decade. Alas, Disney has emerged from the ‘dark years’ of being Starbucks-less and now is home to 6 (always busy) Starbucks locations.

As an individual who actually is not a huge coffee drinker (caffeine gives me the jitters!), it’s amazing how much I look forward to having a Starbucks drink in the parks. Actually, it is one of the only places I look forward to having a coffee-based beverage. My Disney vacation never feels complete without a Starbucks drink. Must be some extra pixie dust in those Disney-decked out Starbucks drinks!

If you’re a first-time park-goer or just want to learn more about Starbucks in the Disney parks, you’ve come to the right place! We are going to dive into where the 6 Starbucks are located, details about the best Disney Starbucks ‘You Are Here’ mugs, and discuss what the best drinks to sip while walking up Main Street USA. Plus, maybe even talk about a Starbucks secret menu item!

Let’s dive in and learn all about Starbucks at Disney!

Where are the Starbucks Coffee Shops Located in Walt Disney World?

There are 6 Disney Starbucks locations in total around Walt Disney World. One Disney Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom, one in Epcot, one in Hollywood Studios, one in Animal Kingdom, and two Disney Starbucks in Disney Springs.

Starbucks at the Magic Kingdom

The Disney Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom is located right on Main Street, USA. Housed in the location of the original Main Street Bakery, Starbucks can be found on your right-hand side as you walk down Main Street.

Beware, this particular Starbucks is always packed! The line does typically tend to move quickly as there are two separate cues when you enter into the store. The lines move at about the same pace, but for some reason, we always seem to have better luck with the cue on the left!

Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Starbucks at Epcot

Currently, the Starbucks at Epcot is located inside of Future World. Named Fountain View, most likely due it’s sweet view of the Fountain of Nations. Head into the park, pass by Spaceship Earth and find the Starbucks on the right.

Don’t get too used to the Epcot Starbucks location, however. The Epcot Disney Starbucks is set to close in the Fall of 2019 and be relocated. There are a ton of changes coming to Epcot, so it will have a temporary home while the changes occur.

Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Starbucks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Starbucks inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is easy to spot if you know what you are looking for! You won’t be searching for a giant Starbucks sign, but instead hunting for the Trolley Car Café. Located right on Hollywood Boulevard (the first ‘street’ you walk down), you’ll see the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Starbucks right on your right.

Stop at the Trolley Car Café early for a little pick-me-up to help you stay ‘strong’ as you battle the lines for Slinky Dog or Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There aren’t any seats inside of the Trolley Car Café, so if you prefer to sit and enjoy your beverage head outside and snag a park bench.

Starbucks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Named Creature Comforts and located on Discovery Island, the Starbucks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom can be easy to miss. Follow the following directions closely to ensure you don’t miss Disney’s Animal Kingdom Starbucks location.

Start by crossing over the bridge from the Oasis (the area you first pass once you enter Disney Springs) and head towards your left. You’ll pass by Island Mercantile and Pizzafari before you see Creature Comforts on your left. If you find yourself heading over the bridge towards Africa, you’ve gone too far.

We usually save Starbucks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for later in the day. It’s a great park to purchase a Starbucks Frappuccino or a Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato. Both super refreshing and helpful for combating the building humidity inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Starbucks at Disney Springs

As mentioned above, there are two Starbucks at Disney Springs. One is located on West Side and the other is located in Market Place. The Starbucks located at the Disney Springs West Side is the larger of the two, featuring indoor and outdoor seating. The one over at Disney Springs Market Place only has window ordering available.

Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Disney Springs West Side Starbucks

If you purchase a Starbucks beverage at the Disney Springs West Side location, be sure to enjoy the indoor seating. There is a large screen located inside of the store that features guests from Disneyland! Think of it as a large two-way mirror that gives you a view of guests on the other side of the country. Guests on either side are depicted as chalk sketches, so you will be able to see outlines of the people present at the cross-country store.

Plus, the Disney Springs West Side Starbucks store is LEED-certified. It has many remarkable features including a green roof and 100% LED lighting. Check out more details on the Starbucks website right here. All of those features combined, plus the interactive screen make this Disney Starbucks pretty magical if you ask me!

Disney Springs Market Place Starbucks

Don’t pass up the Starbucks at Disney Springs Market Place just because it is small in size. We love grabbing a beverage and then watching a live show or wandering around the different Disney shops. Plus, this location, in particular, seems to have the quickest moving Starbucks line.

Where Can You Buy the ‘You Are Here’ Disney Starbucks Mugs?

Starbucks was on to something when they started their line of ‘You Are Here’ mugs. Acting as little mementos you can pick up from different destinations, these mugs serve as a reminder of lands far away.

Or of magical places in the most ‘Magical Place on Earth’!

All four park based Disney Starbucks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom) all feature the beloved ‘You Are Here’ Starbucks mugs. The mugs can be purchased right inside of the stores. You’ll see them lining the shelves in the cues. Just pick one up and bring it over to the register.

The Disney Springs Starbucks locations also have the ‘You Are Here’ mugs. However, the mugs featured are Orlando and Florida ‘You Are Here’ mugs and not ‘Disney Springs’ specific. This may change in the future, but for a long while, this has been the case.

In addition to purchasing the mugs at the parks, the mugs are available at Shop Disney. Often times they aren’t available, so be sure to pick one up in the parks if you are at all interested. Or you can try your luck and check out eBay. You just might be able to score a hard to find Disney Parks ‘You Are Here’ Starbucks mug in an online auction!

Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Best Starbucks Drinks to Get in Disney World

As you are well aware, I am a self-professed non-coffee junkie. Meaning, I really don’t drink a ton of coffee. That being said, I’ve also mentioned that I do love a fun Starbucks drink to sip as I’m walking down Main Street, USA.

As a matter of fact, I think some of the best drinks to have in all of Disney World come from Starbucks. No, most of these aren’t Walt Disney World exclusive, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious!

Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato

An Iced Caramel Macchiato is a classic Starbucks drink and a hot day, it’s a lifesaver. Ask for this espresso plus milk plus vanilla syrup drink to be made with extra caramel. Usually, the caramel is drizzled on the top of the drink only. Ask to have the caramel drizzled down the sides of the cup prior to the drink being poured in. Sub out regular milk for a milk substitute if you prefer not to drink the milk. Coconut milk makes for a very unique flavor!  

Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte

The Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte drink is as close to a regular coffee as I will get. A drink that features espresso, nonfat milk, and vanilla sugar-free flavored syrup is a perfect drink to enjoy at Disney.

Of course, I get it decaf and make sure I have a full belly of food before I enjoy it!

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso

Remember how I said I don’t handle caffeine well?

Yes, you probably do, because I’ve mentioned it half a dozen times.

Therefore, I don’t drink the Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso. Ha!

But you might! Especially in Walt Disney World.

Let’s say you plan to start your day with Extra Magic Hours at one park and end it with Extra Magic Hours at another park. That’s a lot of hours and a lot of energy spent park hopping!

You’re going to need a little pick-me-up in the form of a Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso. When it gets served to you in a cute Disney Parks Starbucks cup you’re gonna get an extra ‘magical’ burst of energy!

Starbucks Refresher Strawberry Lemonade

If you head to Walt Disney World anytime in the summer (which can be loosely translated as May through September, ha!) you are going to need a Starbucks Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher. This Starbucks Refresher screams summertime! Pick up one of these and the Florida heat doesn’t have a chance.

Okay, it probably does have a chance, but you can pretend you a fending it off! Florida’s heat is intense.

As is the case with all Starbucks Refreshers, the Starbucks Strawberry Refresher made with Lemonade also has some light caffeine. The caffeine comes from green coffee so it isn’t too intense. Yet, if you have any sensitivity to caffeine, you’re going to know it’s in there!

Starbucks Witches Brew Frappuccino

Let me preface this by saying the Starbucks Witches Brew Frappuccino might not make a repeat appearance. It was a specialty beverage featured for the 2018 Halloween season. We happened to be in Disney Springs over Halloween weekend and had the Starbucks Witches Brew Frappuccino twice!

Honestly, the Starbucks Witches Brew Frappuccino is a little crazy looking. It is purple in color and has chia seeds streaked throughout but tastes like an orange creamsicle. Once we realized what flavor it was it was a hit with all of us. I mean, it would have been a hit with my kids no matter what.

Because sugar.

If you see this monstrous drink pop up around Halloween give it a try. It’s frightfully delicious and definitely needed to be mentioned.

As a matter of fact, any Starbucks Frappuccino is a great drink to enjoy in Walt Disney World! Get them decaf and with coconut milk to help keep them plant-based and lighter on the caffeine side of things.

Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Use of the Disney Meal Plan for Starbucks Drinks

If you are on the Disney dining plan, you may or may not know it’s all about getting the biggest bang for your buck when you cash in your snack credits. Any snack above $5 is going to be a good value for your snack credit. If you purchase snacks below $5 in cost you’re going to be losing money when it comes to the meal plan.

You know how those Starbucks drinks can be a little pricey? If not, news flash, they can! Especially when you make adjustments such as an extra shot of this, an extra pump of that and sub in coconut milk for regular milk. Add those adjustments to a venti-sized beverage and you’re looking at a decently priced snack.

Well, guess what? There is good news!!

You can use your snack credit for any drink on the Starbucks menu! With all the different choices (like those listed above), this is an amazing use of a snack credit. Plus, it gives you a chance to experience with different flavor combinations to you might not have otherwise.

Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Other Ways to Pay for Starbucks Drinks at Disney World

With all the different forms of payment available these days, you might be wondering how else you can pay for a Starbucks beverage in the parks. Let’s take a look and explore the different options!

Starbucks gift cards can be used for all purchases at Disney Starbucks locations. MagicBands that are linked to a credit card can also be used for payment. Stand-alone credit cards, not linked a MagicBand are also welcome. And, of course, cash is always welcomed! You can also pay through the Starbucks app, but you will not be able to redeem reward points at the Disney parks Starbucks.

Cinderella Latte Starbucks Secret Menu Drink at Disney World

If you’ve hung around the Disney community on Instagram at all, you’ve probably heard about the world-famous Cinderella latte. Created by the owner of Happiest Tees on Earth, it’s perfection in a cup. All the things you love about pumpkin spice latte, combined with a little extra magic.

To order a Cinderella latte, you might be able to just request a ‘Cinderella latte’ at any of the Disney World Starbucks locations. If you get a puzzled look from the barista working at the counter, just request a Pumpkin Spiced Latte but modify it as follows. Instead of having the full amount of Pumpkin Spice pumps, sub half of the pumps with white mocha. While this drink is delicious hot or cold if it’s still really hot when you want to enjoy it, order it as a Frappuccino!

Disney Starbucks, Disney Starbucks, Magic for Miles

Conclusion to The Insider Scoop on Disney Starbucks Mugs and Drinks

There ya go! All the details you ever wanted to know about Disney Starbucks in the parks, the Disney Starbucks mugs, and the best drinks to get in the Disney parks.

Have you tried all the different Disney Starbucks? Do you have a favorite? Or do you have a favorite Starbucks drink to have in the Disney parks?

Now that you’ve read all about the Starbucks drinks, let’s learn about how to get the best sleep when traveling to Disney World with little ones. Check out the post here. It mostly involves NOT letting them enjoy any Disney Starbucks in the evening hours!

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