10 of the Best Photo Spots at Epcot

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

Hello from Epcot in the heart of sunny Florida!! Welcome to your guide on the 10 best photo spots in all of Epcot!

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

Epcot the merger of the technology and mystique of the future combined with cultures from all over the world through World Showcase.

A true melting pot that provides an unique experience for all who visit this one of a kind park.

Epcot is bringing with some of the most unique photo opportunities you’ll find this side of the Mississippi. Where else in the United States of America can you go an experience 11 different cultures in one day, tour a fully functioning garden, see sea creatures, learn about new technologies and take a picture of a giant golf ball?

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

Sorry Spaceship Earth purest, I’m going back to my childhood days where Spaceship Earth was the world’s largest golf ball in my eyes.

Let’s be honest, it still is the world’s largest golf ball in my eyes. 

Anyhow, the answer is nowhere. Nowhere else on earth are you going to be able to experience all those things in one place.

With some many unique situations being presented to you, you’re going to need to document it all. To do so you want to know the best photo spots in Epcot!

There are so many things to see and do in Epcot. Help keep yourself on track by following this list of the 10 best photo spots at Epcot.

1. In Front of Spaceship Earth

Even though I may have just called it a giant golf ball, let’s be real, it’s so much more. Spaceship Earth is the true icon of Epcot. This giant sphere is what comes to mind when you first think of Epcot. It would be wrong to not capture a picture in front of Spaceship Earth.

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

Pro Tip

Right when you enter the park there are Photopass photographers on standby waiting to capture your picture in front of Spaceship Earth. Having the vantage point of being a little bit of distance from Spaceship Earth allows you to get most of it in your shot.

If you’d prefer a more unique shot of Spaceship Earth, be sure to head closer to the ride. There is a fountain before you are underneath the ride itself. Stop there, sit down and grab a shot with Spaceship Earth in the background.

You won’t be able to grab the entire ride in your shot, but you, and others, will without a doubt know that you are in front of Spaceship Earth in your photo!

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

2. In Front of the Fountain of Nations at Epcot

Right after you pass underneath Spaceship Earth you will come across the Fountains of Nations.

The Fountain of Nations is a really cool dancing fountain that is pretty impossible to miss.

Be sure to take a photo here during the day and then return for another photo at night. The lights on the fountain are beautiful.

Photopass photographers are often standing by to grab your photo at this location as well.

3. In Front of World Showcase Lagoon

If you continue on straight after snapping a shot in front of the Fountain of Nations at Epcot, you’ll run straight into the World Showcase Lagoon.

From this spot of World Showcase Lagoon you can see all of the World Showcase. Be sure to snap a picture in front of this spot as well.

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

4. World Showcase Photos

If you wanted to, you could add on each of the 11 countries featured in the World Showcase to your list of photos for Epcot. Instead of listing each and every country out, let this serve as a quick reminder to grab a shot of each country as you take in the sights of World Showcase.

5. The Bridge Between the United Kingdom and France

Now, this spot could be covered by the number 4 point listed above, but it really does deserve special mention. The bridge between the United Kingdom and France is really neat as you are able to take a picture that makes it look like the Eiffel Tower is in the background.

I mean, where else in the world can you capture that shot?

Besides France that is…

Also Las Vegas. You can also get the Eiffel Tower pictured here!)

6. In Front of Test Track

Test Track might be my all-time favorite ride at Epcot. While I don’t recommend taking pictures on the Test Track ride itself, I do recommend taking pictures in front of the ride itself.

Even cooler?

Grab a before and after shot in front of Test Track. Before, your hair might look real good…after, you might be rockin’ that wind blown look!

7. In Front of Mission Space

Mission Space, the one ride I will probably never ride at Disney World. At one point I was brave enough to complete the green level version of this ride.

That was enough for me!

That doesn’t mean I don’t really, really like the outside of this ride. There is a really cool setup of earth, a spaceship and a few other planets.

Makes for a pretty cool shot!

8. The Land Pavilion Mosaic Wall

One of the coolest walls, in my opinion, in all of Epcot is the mosaic wall. The mosaic wall can be found right as you are walking into The Land Pavilion.

Much like the mosaics found elsewhere in Disney World, the mosaic wall found in Epcot is beautiful! Be sure to stop for a picture.

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

9.  The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

Whether you take a picture at the entrance with the seagulls (mine, mine, mine…) or you grab a shot in the aquarium with a few new dolphin friends, you need to capture at least one shot of you experience this family fun attraction.

Best Epcot Photo Spots, Epcot Photos, Magic for Miles Photo Tips

10. Bubblegum Wall

As you are heading back out of Epcot, be sure to take one more final ride on Spaceship Earth if you have time. If time permits you’ll be able to grab a shot in front of the famed instagram ‘Bubblegum Wall’. The Bubblegum Wall is iconic when it comes to Epcot instagram photos. Be sure to look it up on instagram using the hashtag #bubblegumwall

Conclusion for 10 Best Photo Spots at Disney’s Epcot

There ya go! 10 of the best photo spots inside of Epcot. Of course there are countless additional photo opportunities, ranging from photos on rides to pictures with characters. Let this list ease you into your photo hunt at one of the most futuristic parks in the most magical place on earth!

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Must Do Photos at Epcot, Magic for Miles, Photos at Epcot in Disney World

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