7 Whimsical Props to Make Your Disney World Photos Pop

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

Head into Disney World and you be surrounded by a land of whimsy, wonder and magic. Everywhere you look fantasies and dreams are coming true. 

Everything just screams to have it’s picture taken. 

The castle. The parades. The characters.

They are all fantastic ways to capture the captivating experiences that come out of Disney World.

Every single trip we have in Disney World always includes pictures of everything listed above. They create amazing pictures and really display what it means to be spending time at Disney World. 

Yet, sometimes the photos need a little more pop. 

A little something to add a little more sparkle to the photos. How do you do that?

With the use of props!! Props in your Disney World photos can really make things special. Especially when those props are whimsical DISNEY props!!

That’s not the best part!

The best part is being able to gather up all these props in Disney World! How’s that for an easy addition to your Disney World photos?

Let’s dive in and learn the best props you can use to add a little extra pop to your Disney World photos. Plus, you can buy them all in the parks!! Some of these props are even free!

1. Use Stuffed Animals

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

Who doesn’t love a Disney World plush? I know I find them to be irresistible! 

Good thing they are irresistible because that means you can get a ton of Disney plushies and use them in your photos. Nothing is cuter than your little one and a huge plush or a bunch of plushies at Disney World. 

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

2. Sweet Treats

Disney World is well known for its plethora of sweet treats offered in the parks. Everything from huge milkshakes to giant rice krispie treats can be added to your photographs.

Besides, Mickey Bars are just screaming to be photographed. I mean, chocolate, ice cream and Mickey shaped. Does it get any better than that??

8 Ways to Spread Pixie Dust at Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World, Be Kind at Disney

Besides, let’s face it, nothing really says vacation like lots and lots of sugar…

Or maybe that’s just me!?

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

3. Mickey or Minnie Mouse Ears

In my house Mickey or Minnie Mouse Ears are an everyday accessory.

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

Just kidding! Except no, I’m not joking. Whenever the mouse ears are out, it seems like everyone wants to throw them on their head. 

And who would I be to argue against this? 

At the parks you can buy ears at so many different shops. Disney has really stepped up their ear game lately as well, so there are LOTS of options!

Pro Tip

If you have a special announcement you’d like to make (such as a new job, an engagement, birth announcement, pregnancy announcement, etc) you can purchase a pair of ears and have the news embroidered on them. Then take a picture holding the news. Bonus if you can get the castle in the background!! Try taking the photo from the hub!

4. Disney Parks Rides

When it comes to the rides and using them as props, you have two options.

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

First, you can use the rides as a backdrop for your photo. These are the quickest and easiest shots to get.

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

Second, you could use the rides themselves as a prop. Specifically when you are riding the ride and want to to capture the excitement in your family member’s face.

Or the look that says, ‘Stop, I’m going to puke if you don’t stop spinning this teacup.’

All classics. All deserved to be captured and remembered.  

Check out this post on which rides I don’t recommend taking pictures on, the rest are fair game unless Disney tells you ‘no’. 

5. A Starbucks Beverage

Taking photos of your Starbucks drink in everyday life might be a little weird. 

Even so, I might still do it. 

You know why?

Well, in Disney World, taking a picture of your Starbucks drink is common practice. As a matter of fact, the only reason you should get a Starbucks beverage in Disney World is to take a photo of it. 

Plus to drink it, there’s always that too! 

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

If you do happen to get a Starbucks drink, be sure to get your name written on it. 

Or even better have them write Princess followed by your name!

You are in Disney World, afterall, why wouldn’t you have a drink that identifies you as your true self.

Everyone is a Princess or Prince at Disney World!

6. I’m Celebrating Buttons

One of the best free souvenirs to take home from Disney World are the ‘I’m Celebrating Buttons’. The buttons can be found at the City Hall in the Magic Kingdom or any Guest Relations location in the parks.

Whether you are celebrating a first visit or just how awesome you are, be sure to pick up one of these buttons!

Then do a close up of you holding the button to remember your special celebration! 

7. Disney World Balloons

Ah, the Disney balloon. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a dream of holding a huge bunch of Mickey balloons while standing on Main Street, USA. That dream has not come true yet, but I’m going to keep on hoping!

In the time being, however, I’ve sought out other ways to capture my dreams of having balloons in my photos.

Usually we just buy a few few and take them with us all over the parks. This allows us to have the balloons where ever we want and to be able to capture memories with the balloons.

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

…Then we spend the rest of the trip trying to talk our kids out of their need to carry the balloon with them to every single park for the entire rest of the trip.

Conclusion for 7 Props to Add to Your Disney World Photos to Make Them Pop

There ya go! 7 different props to add to your Disney World photos in order to make them stand out. Just another way to add another layer of whimsy and magic to your Disney World photos!

Props for Disney Photos, Unique Disney Photos, Magic for Miles

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