Don’t Bring Your Camera on These Rides at Disney World

Disney Don't Bring Camera on Ride, Magic for Miles, Camera at Disney World

Photos at Disney World are some of the best souvenirs ever. You are able to capture the magic of your vacation and live with the memories forever.

Basically, every single angle and spot of Disney World is photogenic. It’s a photography paradise. 

As a supporter of having your camera on you and out most of the time, as it’s the best way to capture your vacation, this post will point out some exceptions to that rule.

Specifically, looking at what rides you don’t want to bring your camera on at Disney World. 

Capturing the magic is important, but so is protecting your camera. Breaking your camera or getting is soaking wet are most likely going to put a damper on your trip. 

Let’s face it, most of the rides listed below are either really dark, contain water or are so disorienting that having your camera out might serve as a hazard more than anything. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what rides you don’t want to bring your camera on at Disney World. 

Don’t Bring Your Camera on These Rides at Disney: Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain’s name says it all. It’s basically a giant flowing river with drops that create huge splashes of water. Said water comes over the sides of your ‘raft’ and soaks you to the bone. 

Except it’s way, way cooler than that.

It also happens to be my favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom, hands down. 

Even though it’s my favorite, I typically tend to avoid bringing my camera on Splash Mountain.

There’s just a LOT of water. So much so, that sometimes I feel like my boat is going to become a floating tub. 

No joke. 

These days, lots of DSLR cameras are tough against wet conditions. Even so, I don’t typically plan to use my camera on Splash Mountain, so I try to tuck it away so it can stay dry. 

Pro Tip

Keeping your camera inside your backpack is a great start to prevent it from getting soaked.

To make sure your camera is extra protected put it in a ziplock bag before you put it in your backpack.

If you have a DSLR, and don’t have a ziplock bag large enough to fit over your camera, get a Disney parks merchandise bag.

You know, one you’d get at a Disney shop for buying a cute pair of Mickey ears, or a beach towel to dry off following your Splash Mountain adventures…

Tuck your DSLR inside the Disney parks bag and you’re ready to take the plunge!!

Space Mountain

My parents lost a lens cap on Space Mountain way back in the day. Somehow it flew off inside the ride.

Sadly, that lens cap was never seen again.

I’m sure you don’t want any parts of your camera to suffer the same fate. A lens cap is replaceable, yes. An entire DSLR, a little more costly. A new cell phone, if that is your main camera, also very costly to replace. 

Plus, there’s a reason why they call it ‘Space Mountain’.

It’s a ride ripping you through the darkness of space. 

Space is dark. 

In case you didn’t realize this, you’re welcome. (Magic for Miles, always providing readers info that is unique and rarely known! ;))

Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride and Big Thunder Mountain

Both the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride and Big Thunder Mountain are both quick moving train coasters. Both take place (mostly) in the daylight, offering up some pretty awesome photo opportunities. 

However, they also both have quick movements and bursts of speed that might throw you off a little.

If you’re a little worried, leave your camera off of this ride so you don’t end up losing it.

Alternatively, if you really have your heart set on taking pictures on this ride (as they can be cool!), try a test run. Ride the ride without a camera one time and then if you think you can handle holding onto your camera while riding, go for it and ride again! 

Don’t Bring Your Camera on These Rides at Disney: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney Don't Bring Camera on Ride, Magic for Miles, Camera at Disney World

Don’t Bring Your Camera on These Rides at Disney: Epcot

Mission Space

Okay, I can only speak from the experience of riding the green level of Mission Space. I’m not brave enough for the orange level. The green level was intense enough for me.

Side note, I also discovered I might not have a future in space travel.  

Yet, even from the experience of riding at the green level, I know that you stay busy when you’re on Mission Space. You have to help pilot your space craft. Having your camera and dealing with the force of 2.5 gs, might prove to a bit problematic. 

Test Track

At Epcot, one of the coolest rides is Test Track.

Maybe it’s just because I’m from Michigan and have so many family members who have worked for a major automotive company that I think it is cool.

Perhaps it’s just because Test Track is a cool ride.

Whatever the case might be, I’m a huge fan. A huge fan who leaves her camera with a non-rider when I head over to Test Track. 

First, there is a spot on the ride that always freaks me out (you know the one…and if you don’t I’ll leave you with two words: head-lights). I’m sure I’d drop my camera if it was in my hands at that moment.

Second, once you hit the open air, your car starts moving really fast. I’d rather sit back and enjoy the wind on my face instead of trying to grab a shot. 


Soarin’ is all about the sights, smells and sounds you get to experience as you soar over the Earth. 

If it’s such a visually stimulating ride, why then, don’t I recommend bringing along your camera for the journey? 

Honestly, having a camera on this ride is going to take away from your ride experience. Soaring is a ride you need to stay in the moment to enjoy. 

Trust me with Soarin’. Don’t bring your camera on this ride at Disney World. I have a hunch you’ll appreciate the advice. 

Don’t Bring Your Camera on These Rides at Disney:Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney Don't Bring Camera on Ride, Magic for Miles, Camera at Disney World

Kali River Rapids

Kali River Rapids is probably the wettest water ride in all of Walt Disney World.

I have NEVER walked off of Kali River Rapids dry. Sometimes I’m only soaked from the waist down, other times I am completely drenched.

If it’s the middle of August, I tend not to care about this predicament. Actually usually recommend Kali River Rapids in the middle of August in Florida.

Due to the fact that I always, always get soaked, this is not a ride that I bring along my camera or even my cell phone on. If I bring them on, it will without a doubt get it wet. Bringing the gear on is basically the same as asking to get drenched. Even storing my phone in my pocket isn’t a great plan as water seeps through there like it’s nobody’s business.

In the past there was a little covered area in the middle of your ride raft that was perfect for storing bags and anything else you didn’t want to get soaked.

The center area was removed last time I rode and has proven to not work super great in the past anyhow.

That leaves you with the option of leaving your bag and camera with another member of your party.

Alternatively, Disney provides a few lockers for your items while you ride. The lockers are located to the left of the entrance of the ride, back a little bit. 

Pro Tip

If you think ahead, bring along a spare pair of clothes and maybe a pair of flip flops. Wear the flip flops during the ride and have your spare pair of clothes for changing into once you get off the ride.

No one likes sloshing around in soggy sneakers, so this tip might help you stay comfortable! 

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is a fast moving trek through the Himalayas.

Yet, there are points on Expedition Everest where you aren’t speeding like a crazy person. Without spoiling the ride (or should I since it’s been around for a while!? Ha!), one moment you chugging along at a steady, slow(ish) pace and the next moment your rushing down the side of a mountain.

Disney Don't Bring Camera on Ride, Magic for Miles, Camera at Disney World

If you have your camera out while you’re moving slow and steady, not big deal.

However, if you aren’t expecting a huge drop, you might find yourself scrambling to secure your camera. Maybe give Expedition Everest a test run before you bring out your camera on this ride. 

Disney Don't Bring Camera on Ride, Magic for Miles, Camera at Disney World

Dinosaur Ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Let’s be honest here. Give me a show of hands for those of you who were freaked out the first time you rode Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

I probably should raise both hands here. 

Or does it not count if your eyes were shut the entire time and you were trying to melt into the ride seat?

Yes? It still does? 

Okay, well in that case, Dinosaur freaked me out!!!

I was terrified of the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom the first time I rode the ride. The ride jerks, turns and moves over uneven ground as you speed away from a starving dino who seems to have an appetite for Disney park goers. 

Having my camera on this ride would probably result in the need to buy a new camera. That thing would most definitely be flung at the dinosaur in an effort to protect myself and my family.

At the time it would feel like the best decision I would make all day.

Or, if we are being real, all trip. 

So, unless you don’t have a pulse, or you have a pet dino or something else that numbs you against the fear of dinos chasing you down, don’t bring your camera on the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

Flight of Passage

Without giving away too many spoilers, it’s important to tell you that the way the ride’s seat is configured basically makes it impossible to bring along a camera on Flight of Passage.

There are work around for sure, but you definitely won’t be able to become immersed in the ride and enjoy it to its full extent if you bring your camera on the Flight of Passage. Give it a try and ride it, let me know if you agree!

Don’t Bring Your Camera on These Rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror

If unexpected drops, including unexpectedly dropping your camera, then by all means bring along your camera on the Tower of Terror. 

However, if that’s not your jam, then leave your camera with a non-rider or tuck it into a bag so you don’t have to worry about watching it float above you as you drop down…in terro!

Rock n’ Roller Coaster

Due to the high speed nature of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Rock n’ Roller Coaster, its strongly recommended that you don’t bring along your camera on this ride. Trust me, when you’re going 0-60 in about 3 seconds, you won’t be thinking about holding onto your camera!

Side Note

Once Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is in full swing, the recommendations for Disney’s Hollywood Studios might change.

If you’ve already got a taste of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Alternatives to Getting Pictures on a Water Ride and/or Dark Ride

Cell Phone Water Protection

Let’s say you REALLY, REALLY want to bring your camera on a water ride. What can you do?

Well, first, I recommend riding the ride one time with your camera tucked nicely away.

Check out the ride and gauge where the wettest parts of the ride are located.

Once you are familiar with the ride, and if you are feeling brave, hop back on and only pull your camera out at times you know are dry. Or as dry as they can be!

Alternatively, and probably a less risky move is it purchase an enclosure for your cell phone while on the water rides.

Amazon has some great options and this one is one of my favorites. It allows you to protect your phone while at the same time you are able to take pictures. It doesn’t do a great job with sound quality, but if your goal is to take photos you’ll be all set for your rides. 

As with any item that you are purchasing to protect a much more expensive item, be sure to test it out before using it for the real deal (aka Splash Mountain!)

Disney’s PhotoPass Service for Ride Photos

Alternatively, if you don’t want to bring your camera along on any of these rides, but still want pictures, don’t fret!

Many of the rides above (but not all unfortunately) offer a photo through Disney’s PhotoPass service. If you don’t want to purchase Disney’s PhotoPass Service in its entirety though Memory Maker, you can always individually select the photos you want to purchase.

Being able to individually select the photos is super beneficial when it comes to wanting that one specific photo of your significant other screaming his or her head off…

Conclusion Regarding What Rides You Don’t Want to Bring Your Camera on at Disney World

There ya go!

A quick review of all 4 theme parks and rides you don’t want to bring your camera on at Disney World

Now, all the above being said, I know there are people who are brave and take their cameras on every single ride. I, personally, really appreciate the bravery. The bravery allows us to take a look back at all the excitement the ride has to offer. Especially when that bravery is posted somewhere online!

For you personally, now that you know what to expect, it might come down to a risk analysis of whether or not you’re willing to risk damage to your camera or phone on a ride. 

Perhaps you need a new phone? If you ignore the advice of not bringing your camera on these rides at Disney World, perhaps your wish will be granted!

You didn’t get that idea here though…

Disney Don't Bring Camera on Ride, Magic for Miles, Camera at Disney World

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