4 of the Best, Trendiest Backpacks for Walt Disney World

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There are SO many different Disney bag options out there.

It can be SO difficulty to know which one to get. Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to describe how you might feel when faced with all the different options.

You want something functional. Yet, you also want something cute.

Enter the Disney backpack.

If you are heading to Walt Disney World and planning to spend a lot of time in the parks, a Disney backpack might just save your trip.

Sounds a little dramatic, eh? Seriously though, having the right tool while you are on a Disney vacation can really make or break your trip.

That brings us to the question, which Disney backpack is the best and trendiest Disney backpack?

Best Disney Backpack, Disney Bags, Loungefly Disney bags, magic for miles, walt disney world

Well, wonder no more! You’ve come to the right place! Not only can you take a look at some of the cutest and trendiest Disney inspired backpacks, but will see some that a tried and true. As parents we always want to have functional items to get our jobs done. Often, in doing so, we sacrifice cuteness or being on trend. You won’t have to sacrifice either with the bag suggestions listed below.

Let’s take a look at my top 4 best, trendiest Disney backpack suggestions and then stay tuned for a follow-up post to see my top 12 park essentials. Since, once you get the best and trendiest Disney backpack, you’re going to want to know what to put in it for a perfectly magical day!


With so many bags on the market, why did I land on using a backpack for my Walt Disney World vacations? Honestly, from personal experience and bad luck with almost all other types of bags. Anything that only sits on one shoulder (and is loaded with all your Disney supplies) can cause some tension and sensitivity as the day progresses. I’ve found this out the hard way, but shoving a super cute shoulder bag full of items, only to be in lots of pain later in the day. Being the occupational therapist that I am, I starting doing a little problem solving and assessing the situation.

Best Disney Backpack, Disney Bags, Loungefly Disney bags, magic for miles, walt disney world

Enter, the solution in the form of a Disney backpack. Backpacks come with so many different perks. First, backpacks allow my hands to be free (usually to wrangle in a kid or two). Second, when wearing a backpack, the weight of the bag is evenly distributed over both of my shoulders, which makes for a happy body. The pain that a heavy bag on one shoulder can cause is so real. It can be intense! Trust me, don’t go down that road. It’s a recipe for a poor day at the parks.┬áThird, a lot bags have different pockets for the various park essentials I bring along into the parks. Plus, backpacks have come a long way and are can be SO cute now a days!

Once you decide on your backpack, be sure to do a trial run with all your items tucked inside. If the bag still seems too heavy, see what you can eliminate. Stay tuned, in the near future we are going to do another post with details of the exact things you should place in your park bags. Happy shoulders and a happy back, just like happy feet, are going to make for a much more magical trip!

Best Disney Backpack, Disney Bags, Loungefly Disney bags, magic for miles, walt disney world

1. Loungefly Mini Backpack

Reading through a few of my other posts and you can tell I am a fan of Loungefly. Loungefly offers a huge line of Disney inspired bags. The designs are cute and are very Disney, but I feel can be used other places as well. The Loungefly Mini Backpack is perfect for a solo park trip or if everyone in your party each has their own bag. This is especially true with the mini backpacks. The parks carry a ton of different styles, but if you want to grab a bag before you head to the parks so you can have it ready with your supplies, check Amazon. A few of my favorite Disney-inspired Loungefly bags are as follows:

I personally have the blue Dumbo Loungefly bag. It’s a tricky one to find on Amazon, but keep your eyes peeled, check the Loungefly website directly or be sure to check the parks!

2. JanSport 16″-18″ Backpacks

I used to love cross body bags and one shoulder bags, but in time I started having problems using each item. The most noticeable issue came in graduate school when my arm would go numb from the weight of the bag on my shoulder. Granted, I was carrying 5 huge text books and walking about a mile with the weight of the bag on one arm. I quickly learned my lesson and switched to a backpack. No permanent damage was done, but things could have become dicey.

Ever since making the switch, JanSport has always been one of my go-to’s when it comes to backpacks. Not only do they make great backpacks, they also make great DISNEY backpacks! I always feel like the weight is evenly distributed between my shoulders and, if I don’t over load the bag, tend to end a day without sore muscles! The following JanSport backpacks usually range close to 16″-18″ inches in size (be sure to double check on your specific bag) and feature cute Disney details. Most work well for individuals or for smaller party sizes. If you pack lightly you might not need a Disney backpack larger than a JanSport backpack.

Plus, the best part? JanSport offers a lifetime warranty and will fix any issues that result from normal wear and tear over time. Your Disney JanSport backpack could be the last Disney backpack you ever need to buy! (But there are so many cute ones, that might be a hard resolution to keep!) My favorite from the featured bags below is the Incredibles bag. Which is your favorite?

3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Disney Backpacks

If you are traveling with your family, and having one central bag is a better fit for your group, I recommend a bag with multiple pockets or sections. Having lots of different areas keeps your park going items more orderly. Additionally, to help keep you organized, you can designate the different pockets for different members of your family, if you want to get fancy.

Seriously, though, this might be a game changer for your trip!

Everyone will (in theory) know exactly where their items are located. No more spending precious park time messing around in a bag and coming up empty-handed! The most important step of using a multi-section bag? Putting things back in the same place you got them. I can’t tell you what a headache saver it is to be able to know exactly where something is inside of the park bag. For example, if you always keep your sunscreen in the main, front pocket, you won’t have to dump your entire bag out when you need a sunscreen touch-up. Your sunburn-free shoulder and back rejoice!

My favorite large family bag is made by Petunia Pickle Bottom. Petunia Pickle Bottom is notorious for making really cute bags and backpacks. Plus, a lot are diaper bags or mimic some of the awesome features of diaper bags. This means LOTS of pockets, possibly a lined section or two and, potentially, an insulated section. Be sure to check the details of any bag if you have a heart set on one of these features. Petunia Pickle Bottom Disney backpacks can’t be beat. Click on the images below to see a few of my favorites on Amazon:

4. Loungefly Backpack (Approx 17″/18″)

In addition to their really cute line of Loungefly Mini Backpacks, Loungefly also makes a great line of backpacks approximately 17″ to 18″ in size. These bags are perfect if you, like me, love Loungefly, but need to bring a greater number of items into the parks than will fit into the small Loungefly Mini Backpacks. Because kids y’all. The small Disney backpacks just don’t cut it for me when I need to bring along items for my entire family. That is when I welcome these regular sized Loungefly backpacks!

Alternatively, these work great if you are trying to limit the number of bags you bring into the parks. The Loungefly Disney backpack can make it possible to only bring one backpack into the parks. Plus, in true Loungefly style, the designs are so cute and so perfectly Disney. I had to limit myself when picking my favorites to post below. My favorite might be the Toy Story Loungefly backpack, but the Star Wars one is really cute too.


5. Kids Disney Backpacks (Bonus Suggestions!)

My son goes back and forth on whether he wants to carry a bag or not every time we are at the Disney parks. He loves the different characters that are on the bags, but, like us adults, often gets sick of carrying anything around. Since, as the grown-ups in the group, we don’t have the luxury of pawning off our bags while we are in the parks, and most likely will be carrying our son’s bag as well, I like to think ahead when I can.

Therefore, for my son, I like to bring along a light bag, usually one with a character on it. This way, my son can bring along something to the parks, but if he gets sick of holding it, it’s not much extra weight on my back. A few of our favorite Disney kids bags are as follows below. Also, note that I included (yet another) Loungefly mini backpack below because they do work well for kids, especially tweens or older kids.

Most kids bags are smaller in size, making it easy to throw over your shoulder. Or the really small ones, like the drawstring bags above are very easily collapsed. Therefore, you could throw them into your larger bag and you have one less item to keep track of! Plus, if your kids are anything like my son, about ten minutes after he gives you his bag and you pack it away, he will want it back. With a bag small in size this becomes a little less of a pain. Slightly. Hey, every little thing helps!

That’s All!

The above bags are a few of my favorite options and styles, but you need to find the perfect fit for you. Find something that is comfortable and you won’t be sick of within an hour of entering the parks. If you are heading to Florida in the warmer months, make sure you bring along a bag that is breathable. The Florida summer heat is nothing to laugh about and you’re going to want to make sure you aren’t creating a mini sauna between your backpack and your back. You will find out rather quickly if you are!

Best Disney Backpack, Disney Bags, Loungefly Disney bags, magic for miles, walt disney world

If you don’t live in a humid place (first of all, lucky!), try trialing your backpack in the bathroom. I’m not joking. Have some take a hot shower without the ceiling fan on. Then head into the bathroom with the bag and whatever outfit you plan to wear in the parks.

Maybe leave the bag on as you do your hair or makeup. (Multitasking at its finest!)

If you find yourself turning into a sweaty mess, you might need to pick a different bag. Mesh fabrics are going to help the most with making sure things are breathable. Be sure to throw a few items in your bag to you can have an idea of the weight as well when you are practicing.

Best Disney Backpack, Disney Bags, Loungefly Disney bags, magic for miles, walt disney world

Conclusion for the Best, Trendiest Disney Backpacks

Side note, I’d like to mention that none of the above companies have sponsored me to write this post. I just genuinely love Disney backpacks and wanted to share the best, trendiest Disney backpacks and the market. If there is a best and trendiest Disney backpack out there that I missed, be sure to let me know!

Now that you have picked out the perfect bag, be sure to stay tuned! There will be a follow-up post on the best Disney bag supplies to put inside of your park bag! Be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow along through the social media links listed below so you don’t miss a thing!

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