Disney-Inspired Heart of Tafiti Smoothie


Regardless of the fact that it’s still in the 40s outside. I put mulch down yesterday, so it’s officially spring.

Why am I so excited? Well, winter can drag on forever in Michigan. To be honest, I’m about done with it once we hit the second week in January. The problem? Winter in Michigan can sometimes go until April. I’m not kidding.

One time as a surprise I booked my husband and I a little weekend getaway at the end of April for his birthday.

Super thoughtful and sweet of me, right?

Well, I booked it in Traverse City on the lake. If you’re from Michigan or any northern or midwest town you already see the problem. Traverse City, or any city in northern Michigan, tends to get snow deep into April, sometimes May, on any given year.

A little trip to Traverse City to relax on the beach really meant a little trip to Traverse City to hang out in the hotel and watch the snow come flying down while ice formed on the window. Basically, my romantic gesture turned into us being hunkered down in the hotel room.

Therefore, in the winter, instead of planning trips to the north, we tend to head south. To places like, oh, I don’t know, Walt Disney World. Even if the weather is only in the 60s in Florida, it tends to be warmer than Michigan. Plus, we are in Disney, so we don’t mind a little coolness. It is the most magical place on earth, after all.

Unfortunately, we can’t make it down to Disney every week (considering that’s how often I want to escape the cold). Instead we have to find ways to bring sunshine and warmth back into our home throughout the winter. One of the best ways is to think of creative ways to tie in ‘warm’ Disney movies into different activities.

Hence, how the Disney-Inspired ‘Heart of Tafiti’ smoothie was born.

Out of a deep desire for sunshine and warm, and a love for all things Moana, we drew our inspiration. Moana, and the nod it gives to Polynesia and Hawaii, in general remind me of warmth, sunshine and super healthy foods. Although, we had our share of shaved ice when we visited Hawaii, healthy food was abundant. Fresh fruits and veggies were a staple at all of our meals. I figured it would be fitting to have a Disney-Inspired Moana smoothie that was centered on those very things: fresh fruits and veggies!

Of course it had to include some pineapple and we had to balance it off with a vibrant green to bring out our ‘Heart of Tafiti’.

Without further ado, let me present to you, the ‘Heart of Tafiti’ smoothie, inspired by Disney’s Moana.

Heart of Tafiti Smoothie, Disney's Moana Inspired, Magic for Miles, Fun Friday

Disney-Inspired ‘Heart-of-Tafiti’ Smoothie

Avocado (I used 1/2 of one, but if you want a super creamy smoothie, feel free to use more)

Two Bananas (Frozen Preferred, but if not on hand, add in some ice cubes!)

Spinach (About a Handful)

1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple

1 Tbs. Hemp Hearts

1 Tbs. Chia Seeds

Almond Milk

Blender (We use this one)

Heart of Tafiti Smoothie, Disney's Moana Inspired, Magic for Miles, Fun Friday

1. Step 1

Gather up all your ingredients! If you’ve ever followed a ‘recipe’ on my blog, you know that I am very relaxed when it comes to the amount of ingredients used. I (and you!) can get away with this because we aren’t baking. Most of my recipes aren’t an exact science and can welcome some creative thinking. Walt Disney would support the creativity, I’m sure, so just go with it.

Heart of Tafiti Smoothie, Disney's Moana Inspired, Magic for Miles, Fun Friday

2. Step 2

Throw everything in a blender and use enough almond milk to cover everything up. Blend away!

Heart of Tafiti Smoothie, Disney's Moana Inspired, Magic for Miles, Fun Friday

3. Step 3

Get out that old hula skirt you’ve been saving away, just in case you decide to throw a luau. Bonus points if you can find the coconut bra! Next, throw on a little Moana music, because we all know the sound track is great.

Heart of Tafiti Smoothie, Disney's Moana Inspired, Magic for Miles, Fun Friday

4. Step 4

Grab the smoothie and dance the day away with your new, yummy tropical treat! Enjoy!

Heart of Tafiti Smoothie, Disney's Moana Inspired, Magic for Miles, Fun Friday

There ya go! A Disney-Inspired ‘Heart-of-Tafiti’ smoothie. You don’t have to be in the depths of winter to enjoy this healthy and delicious smoothie, it’s delicious year round. So, make way! Aue, aue… you know the way!

heart of tafiti smoothie, disney-inspired moana smoothie, magic for miles, disney at home

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