Disney Dopey Challenge: 7 Survival Tips You Need

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Let’s talk about things that are simultaneously awe-inspiring and make us scratch our heads. Events that make us wonder if the person completing the task has really thought through what they are about to attempt. While we also sit back in amazement at their accomplishments. 

Specifically, let’s talk about some of these jaw-dropping tasks that fit into the athletic category. Things like climbing Mt. Everest, swimming across the English Channel or climbing up the side of a mountain (with or without a harness). 

All amazing feats that, not only, can be only be completed by a select few individuals, but also tasks that a select few individuals will have a chance to complete. Crazy acts of athletism that truly are awe-inspiring.

Let’s add another crazy athletic accomplishment to the list. Something specific from the world of running. A task that involves running a 5k race, a 10k race, a 13.1 mile half marathon, and a 26.2-mile full marathon. All one right after another on sequential days over the course of one weekend.

Something as crazy as the Dopey Challenge in Walt Disney World!

Run 48.6 Miles in Four Days

Completely crazy, right?

Now, let’s have the above-stated running event take place at the most Magical Place on Earth and make it accessible to the masses. Meaning, let’s bring it to Walt Disney World and make it open to anyone who wants to complete it!

That’s right! You. Me. Your mom. Your dad. Your neighbor. Your second-cousin. EVERYONE has the opportunity to complete this insane athletic feat properly named, the ‘Disney Dopey Challenge’. 

It’s a crazy event, but something you soon won’t forget that you have done.

However, as with all crazy athletic events, especially those spanning over a few days, you want to make sure you’re prepared. Not only in terms of training but also in terms of doing everything else you can to make sure the race is a success. We’re talking along the lines of keeping your feet happy, your body happy and your mind happy! 

How exactly can you do that before the Disney Dopey Challenge? Well, let’s dive in and see 7 essential tips for surviving the Disney Dopey Challenge!

1. Switch Your Running Shoes Before the Disney Dopey Challenge

Be sure to bring multiple pairs of running shoes to the Disney Dopey Challenge!

Why’s that you ask? Well, running makes you sweat. All of YOU sweat. Even your feet. Add in a little dose of humidity, which Florida is well known for, and odds are you’re going to be soaked post-run. Even with shoes made of the lightest weight materials, some of that body soaking sweat is going to stay in your shoes, making them a little soggy.

Running in soggy shoes is not ideal. Shoes that are soggy tend to be a little slippery and don’t fit as great. You can feel like you are sliding out of your feet with every single step you take.

Wear soggy shoes for 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles and it’s might get painful! Plus, you’re basically putting yourself in the fast lane to get blisters.

Avoid the drama (and possibly trauma!) and bring a spare pair of running shoes. Make sure the shoes fit you well and are nicely broken in. You don’t want to set yourself up for trama in a pair of shoes that are dry, but ill-fitting!

RunDisney New Balance Shoes

2. Invest in Quality Running Socks for Your Disney Dopey Challenge

Speaking of sweaty feet…

Do all that you can do to help keep your feet relatively dry during your race! All that sweat and banging around of your feet (and poor toes!) can cause a few blisters to pop up. To help put up your defenses, invest in some quality running socks for your Disney Dopey Challenge.

The best running socks are made of materials that are lightweight that help keep the moisture from your feet. Running socks can range in varying levels of thickness as well. If you know you’d appreciate a little more cushioning, be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for socks.

Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of running socks and also find myself heading back towards the thinner running sock varieties. One of the easiest to find, and one of my favorite varieties, are the Saucony Performance socks. Lightweight and not super expensive either, just two more reasons to love them!

However, when it comes to warmer weather, my all-time favorite running socks are the Drymax Sport Hyper Thin running sock. Also, found on Amazon, the Drymax socks have always kept my feet nice and comfortable, even in the most humid of weather.

3. Stay Hydrated at Disney Before the Disney Dopey Challenge

RunDisney events and the Disney Marathon weekend draw in racers from all over the country. All over the world, actually! It’s amazing to see so many people from so many different walks of life coming to together to complete an event. With everyone coming from so many places, there is bound to be some adjustment for some regarding the Florida climate. It can be a shock to the system!

While the weather in January can be cool it can also be scorching hot. Meaning, even though you start your runDisney event at 5:30 in the morning when it’s a nice crisp 50 degrees outside, by the time you finish the temperature could be in the upper 80s!

Be sure to hydrate! Please, please, please follow this advice! Hydration during a regular park day is necessary, but hydration while you are literally ‘running around’ a Disney park is ESSENTIAL! If you fail to hydrate properly, you will suffer.

Not saying that to scare you away from a runDisney event, but to educate you on the importance of hydrating. Take it from a runner who has toed the line without enough fluids in her body. Things took a turn for the worst when mile 18 rolled around and the dehydration took a toll on my whole body. Don’t make the same mistake! Drink your fluids in the days leading up to the race and on race day!

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4. Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables Before and After RunDisney Events

Even though it is amazing, running can take a toll on your body. Putting forth that much energy and effort to complete a race can wear a runner down, making him or her susceptible to colds.

You don’t want a few sniffles keeping you out of the running when you are trying to complete all your races. Additionally, you don’t want a cold put a damper on your vacation.

Stay healthy before and post races. Keep that Vitamin C coming!

The best plan of action will be to chow down on some fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to find a few fresh items around Walt Disney World property, but you might need to order some in. Give Amazon’s Prime Now a try for having food delivered to your hotel. Find all the details on Amazon Prime Now here.

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5. Stay Out of the Disney Parks

If you really want to do a good job on all the races for the Disney Dopey Challenge, it might be in your best interest to stay out of the parks.

Wait, what? Stay out of the parks?

Crazy talk, I know.

Yet, just, wait for a second, hear me out! I’m not talking for the duration of your Walt Disney World vacation, but for a majority of the race days. 

Your legs are going to be tired from your early morning race and a super early morning wake up! Hello, 3 am or earlier! You’re going to want to give them a little TLC if you plan to do well in all four of your runDisney events.

If you can, and your Walt Disney World vacation allows for it, be sure to take it easy following each of your runDisney races. Save the Disney park exploration for the days following the races, if possible. Besides, walking is going to be good for your legs! (Seriously, it really will help!)

Alternatively, on at least the 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon race days take it easy. Once the marathon comes and you’re done (congrats, btw!), if you have the energy to walk around the parks, I say go for it!

6. Stay Out of the Parks the Day Before a Race

Along with not going to the parks right after your race, it might be the best plan to avoid the parks the day before the Disney Dopey Challenge. As crazy as it sounds, you can walk up to a 1/2 marathon when moving around the Walt Disney World parks. Logging a half marathon on the day before you are supposed to run a 5k, followed by a 10k, 1/2 marathon and full marathon is probably a little much.

Again, if your vacation will allow it, stay out of the parks and off your feet the day before your big Disney Dopey Challenge starts!

Additionally, remember this when you plan to walk around the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend expo as well. There is so much to see and do at the expo. Be sure to read this post so you can make a game plan and know what to expect at the expo. You just don’t want to spend all day on your feet at the expo

RunDisney Races in the Magic Kingdom

7. Go Back to Sleep After Each Race in the Disney Dopey Challenge

Due to a super early wake-up call for each of the runDisney events in the Disney Dopey Challenge, you’re probably going to miss out on several hours of sleep. Even if you try to hit the sack at an early hour, your body is going to be feeling those missing ‘zzzs’.

In order to help your body recover and make up the missing hours, be sure to head straight back to the resort after your event and jump back into bed. Even if you just catch another hour of sleep, your body is going to thank you by tenfold. Plus, your body might be able to actually function normally!

Getting the extra hour of sleep post-race might be tricky if you are sharing a hotel room with a non-runner or any kiddos. Therefore, express your plans before you head off to your race. Make sure the plan is clear and your ‘roommate(s)’ know what you are anticipating.

If you’re staying on Disney property, non-runners and family members can head to the pool for an hour, grab a bite to eat on properly or just wander the grounds at the Disney resort.

Or, if you’re super fast during your runDisney event, everyone might be sleeping still when you get back!

Plus, do to the early morning starts, you’re going to want to learn how to maximize your sleep before a runDisney event. Be sure to check out the post here to see how to get the best night of sleep possible!

runDisney Start Line Areas for Dopey Challenge

Conclusion for Disney Dopey Challenge: 7 Survival Tips You Need

There ya go!

A few tips for you to conquer the Disney Dopey Challenge all while having a smile on your face. If you’re training for your first Disney Dopey Challenge, or have any tips for those completing their first Disney Dopey Challenge, be sure to leave a comment. We love to know who to cheer on for the runDisney events!

Let us know what you did to make the long RunDisney weekend a success!

Now that you have some tips about the Disney Dopey Challenge under your belt, be sure you check out the following RunDisney posts. Learn what to expect at the RunDisney Finish line and all the details about the RunDisney Start Corrals. Check out those posts here and here.

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