10 of the Best Photo Spots at the Magic Kingdom

Best photo Spots Magic Kingdom, Best Photos Disney, Magic for Miles

Let’s start this post by pointing out how iconic the Magic Kingdom.

It’s got it all! A giant castle, a sculpture of Walt and Mickey, Main Street, USA. The list goes on and on…

In my opinion it is the heart of Disney World. Without the Magic Kingdom, there would be plenty whimsy and wonder, but things might not feel as magical.

Best photo Spots Magic Kingdom, Best Photos Disney, Magic for Miles

The Magic Kingdom completes Disney World! That beautifulness needs to be documented be capturing the best photo spots at the Magic Kingdom.

If you could spend an entire week at the Magic Kingdom, you’d probably never get bored. If you had to spend the entire time taking pictures at the Magic Kingdom, there’s a good chance you’d never run out of photography opportunities.

Since you most likely don’t plan to spend an entire week straight at the Magic Kingdom, let’s break things down into the best photo spots that can be completed in a single day at the Magic Kingdom.

Without further ado here is the list of 10 Best Photo Spots at the Magic Kingdom.

1. Walking Down Main Street, USA

Nothing says you’ve arrived to Disney World like a stroll down Main Street, USA.

With it’s small town feel, glorious smells and sights and sounds of Disney World, Main Street, USA makes you feel as though you’ve been plopped down in the middle of a Disney movie. You are basically living the dream when you walk down Main Street, USA.

Without a doubt, you’re going to want to capture that dream of you enjoying all that Main Street, USA has to offer!

2. Dumbo Ride (in the Cue or on the Ride)

Even at the age of 4, my son says one of his favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom is the Dumbo ride.

No one can blame him either, it’s one of the first rides that comes to mind when you picture the Magic Kingdom.

Pictures on the ride, near the ride, in the cue of the ride all scream Disney World.

If you can, grab a Fastpass+ for the Dumbo Ride. Fastpass+ is not essential to enjoy this ride, however.

The cue, or play waiting area, can at times be as much fun as the ride itself. Some of the best pictures from Disney trips come out of the play area of the Dumbo Ride!

3. Mad Tea Party Ride

Best photo Spots Magic Kingdom, Best Photos Disney, Magic for Miles

Hi! My name’s Meghan and I really like to spin the Teacups at an insane speed.

My family loves me for this.

Just kidding! They’d prefer if the teacups could not be spun at all. Actually, they’d probably prefer I didn’t drag them on this ride every single time we head to Disney World.

If you’re like my family members and the thought of spinning round and round in circles makes you a little sick, that is totally understandable.

Best photo Spots Magic Kingdom, Best Photos Disney, Magic for Miles

Or, maybe you’re like me and love spinning the teacups round and round. (Hello, fellow vestibular seeking individuals!!!)

Either way, whether on the ride or next to the ride, you need to grab a photo by the Mad Tea Party ride. One of the quintessential Disney rides needs to be included in your daily photos of the Magic Kingdom.

Best photo Spots Magic Kingdom, Best Photos Disney, Magic for Miles

4. Riding on the Walt Disney Railroad

Looking for a relaxing way to tour the Magic Kingdom and get a shot or two that screams Disney World?

Hop on board the Walt Disney Railroad!

Enjoy a trip around the parks and soak up the magic from the comfort of your train seat. Be sure to grab a shot of you and your family enjoying themselves as you circle around the park.

5. Picture in Front of Cinderella Castle

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Magic Kingdom without a picture in front of Cinderella Castle.

Basically, if you don’t take a photo, were you even really ever there?

Don’t stop at just a simple photo of the castle, however. Stay tuned for a post with how to get the coolest shots of Cinderella Castle!

6. Walking Off of Splash Mountain

My love of water rides at Disney World runs deep. From previous posts, you know that I love Kali River Rapids. Some of my favorite photos to capture from Kali River Rapids are when family members are exiting the ride.

Soaked and drenched to the bone!

It might also be common knowledge that my favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom is Splash Mountain.

Nothing is better than capturing your friends or family coming off of Splash Mountain soaking wet!

If no one is brave enough to take the plunge, have your family member stand in front of Splash Mountain to grab a shot. (And that way you can cross your fingers that they are going to get soaked as the water splashes over from the ride!)

Best photo Spots Magic Kingdom, Best Photos Disney, Magic for Miles

7. Riding Prince Charming Carrousel (Get a shot with Cinderella Castle in the Background)

Carrousels are classic rides and can be found rather commonly around the United States. A carrousel at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is super special though and your ride around needs to be documented.

Want to make the shot even more special? Be sure to grab a photo with Cinderella Castle in the background. Learn a little more here on this post of unique tips on getting different angles on Cinderella Castle.

8. Gaston’s Chair Inside of Gaston’s Tavern

No one’s as slick, quick or has a neck as incredibly thick as Gaston’s.

However, everyone can have a chance to sit in a chair like Gaston’s.

Gaston’s chair is located inside of Gaston’s Tavern inside of Fantasyland. Taking a picture in the chair will make you feel dashingly handsome, which perfect hair, amazing teeth and chiseled abs.

No? It doesn’t work that way?

Okay, sitting in the chair will at least it will make you feel pretty cool. At least that’s how I felt. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

9. Holding a Bunch of Disney World Balloons

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I have a love-hate relationship with the Disney World Balloons.

I love the balloons and have always wanted a picture holding a bunch, but have not had that opportunity yet.

Most of the time cast members will let you hold onto the balloons while letting you hold onto them as well for a quick picture.

If not, you’ll probably have the opportunity like I did to at least stand in front of the balloons and grab a quick shot.

Either way the balloons at Disney World help to create a magical shot from your vacation.

10. Picture with the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

Perfectly positioned in front of Cinderella Castle is the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Nothing brings it back home more that it all started with a mouse than seeing the two ‘partners’ side-by-side in front of the picturesque castle backdrop.

Best photo Spots Magic Kingdom, Best Photos Disney, Magic for Miles

Conclusion for 10 Must Do Photos at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

There ya go! 10 easy must do photo spots inside of the Magic Kingdom. Of course there are countless additional photo opportunities, ranging from photos on rides to pictures with characters. However, all of the above listed photos can be completed without Fastpass+ reservations or you don’t necessarily need to stand in line to obtain any of them.

Head over to these posts for more tips on how to improve your Disney taking photo skills. Learn how to capture Cinderella Castle without crowds, Hidden PhotoPass Opportunities, the Best Disney Photo Props, What Rides Not to Bring Your Camera On and More!

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Must Do Photos Magic Kingdom, Magic for Miles, Photos at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World

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