Disney Detox: The Key to Rejuvenation After Disney

Disney Detox, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

Disney vacations are action packed, there is no way around that! If you plan to come back from a Walt Disney World vacation, especially a Walt Disney World vacation with kids, well rested, you might be in for a world of surprise.

There are definitely ways to ensure you aren’t completely burnt out during your Walt Disney World trip. Taking a midday break or spending an entire day at your resort help to give you a little bit of rest, while ensuring you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything exciting that Disney has to offer.

What happens when you have to go back to reality and rejoin the real world at the end of your Walt Disney World trip? How are you going to do a Disney detox and transition back into normal life? Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite ways to ease back into life after vacation.

Day or Two Off Work

One of the easiest ways to transition back into work is by…not going back to work. Huh? Hear me out for a second. Whether you are flying or driving to Walt Disney World, both transportation methods can leave you exhausted. This is on top of what is most likely a very action packed trip. If you can, when you return home, have the next day off from work. If you use all your vacation time on your trip, you can always come home on a Saturday. This way you can take Sunday to recover and then dive back into work on Monday. If you have the luxury of more vacation time, you can come home on any day that works for you, but be sure to leave one extra day off for recovery at home. 

Pre-Ordered Groceries

There is something about having to get groceries after being gone for a whole vacation. A week of having someone else cook a majority of your meals leaves you spoiled. You arrive home and open your fridge and that jar of minced garlic and packet of soy sauce aren’t going to get you through the week. Yet, you have no energy left to do any grocery shopping.

Disney Detox, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World

As an awesome new alternative, many grocery stores now offer a variety of options for you to obtain your groceries. You are able to order your groceries online and either have them delivered to your home or ready for you to pick up at the grocery store. Both are huge time savers.

You can even spend your flight or the time you are waiting at the airport to compile your grocery list. Then once home setup your pickup or delivery time and you have one less thing to worry about! Bonus: if you can, compile your list and arrange for a pick-up before you leave Walt Disney World. Pick-up your groceries on your way home from the airport and you’ve got food for the week!

Laundry at Resort

I’ve said this before and have also put the disclaimer that this is not the most fun activity to complete, but doing laundry at your resort is a huge time saver for when you come home. If you plan to spend a day at the resort, pool side, doing your laundry isn’t too big of a deal. You just set up your laundry in the washing machine, switch it to the dryer and viola! You have clean laundry. Even if you only make it through a small load at Walt Disney World, that means one less load to complete once you return back home. 

Clear Your Evening Calendar

Once you return home, if you are unable to take a day after your vacation to regroup, try to limit the amount of activities you schedule for the week of your return. If possible, clear the evenings from obligations and activities. This way, you can move through your day-to-day school and work schedules and be able to come home and relax the rest of the evening. You’ll be able to get to bed early and catch up on some potentially lost sleep. 

Disney Detox, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World

Transition into Normal Eating

Disney has a plethora of amazing and fun foods to try while you’re on vacation. Many of these foods are pretty sugar loaded or might lean towards being a little ‘unhealthy’. Its vacation so be sure to treat yourself a little bit, but try to make sure you’re drinking enough water and incorporating some health foods into your daily meals.

Disney Detox, Magic for Miles, Walt Disney World

If you go off the deep end and eat and drink all the fun foods Disney has to offer, be sure to take some time once you’re home to set things straight. The best time to start is on the flight back home. Bring water, fruit and veggies to help get things jump started. The sooner you get back to eating normally, the sooner you’ll feel more like yourself. I’m only speaking from experience here…

There ya go, 5 tips on how to successfully detox from your Disney trip. Walt Disney World vacations are fun and magical, and I obviously fully support them. It’s important to adjust yourself back into the real life and following these tips will help that to be successful. Besides, now that you’re well rested, you can go onto planning your next Disney vacation. 

Rejuvenation After Disney, Walt Disney World, Magic for Miles

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