4 Legit Ways to Get Disney PhotoPass Photos for Free

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Did you know there are some ways to get photos for free from Walt Disney World?

Yes! That’s right! There is a way to get free photos from your Walt Disney World trip. (A few ways actually!)

Plus, bonus points, none of those ways involve taking a screenshot of the photos from the My Disney Experience app.

The screenshot of the photo is going to be a very low-resolution version of your Disney photo. Aside from being the wrong way to get your Disney PhotoPass photos for free, screenshotting your photos is going to give you a crappy version of the photo. There will be very little you can do with a screenshot photo as the quality will be bad and you won’t be able to enlarge it. Plus, it’s going to have a watermark over the image.

That’s not gonna look very nice on your wall!

Trust me, there are better ways!! You can get photos for free!!

I know, free and Disney don’t go together too often, but it’s true. When the opportunity presents itself, it’s worth looking into, that’s for sure! Let’s dive in and learn the 4 legit ways to get Disney PhotoPass Photos for free! 

Have the Disney PhotoPass Photographers Use Your Own Camera

free Disney Photopass photos, free disney downloads, free photos disney, magic for miles

If you’re not familiar with Disney PhotoPass Photographers or the Disney’s Memory Maker, first read this post. Then head back over here!

Alright, welcome back! Now that you are familiar with Disney’s PhotoPass photographers, you know they are stationed all over the parks. They will take your pictures at select locations and at a later date, through the use of the Memory Maker or by individual downloads, you will be able to download the photos. 

In addition to taking your photo with their super fancy DSLR cameras, Disney’s PhotoPass Photographers will also take your picture with your own camera!

That’s right! You can hand over your camera, whether it too is a DSLR or a cell phone camera, and the photographer will use it to take your picture.

Then, once you are home you can do whatever you want with the pictures. Print them, blow them up to 20″ x 30″ canvases, make blankets from Shutterfly.com for all your family members. The sky is literally the limit! 

free Disney Photopass photos, free disney downloads, free photos disney, magic for miles

Disney Visa Cardholders Disney PhotoPass Perk

 One of the BEST perks to being a Disney Visa holder is the free photo opportunity offered at select Walt Disney World parks. 

As a Disney Visa cardholder, you will have the opportunity to attend special character meet-and-greet. Pictures will be taken by a Disney PhotoPass photographer, catching your interactions with Disney characters. Following the photo, your MagicBand will be scanned and the photo will be linked to your My Disney Experience account. Once you are home you will be able to download the photos and share them with everyone. 

Once again, I highly recommend making blankets for your entire family with the free Disney PhotoPass photos. Possibly hats and scarfs too. Even if they live somewhere warm. You know they, just like you, can’t get enough of the free Disney PhotoPass photos, so you need to share the wealth! Blankets and scarfs for EVERYONE!!!

Disney Visa Cardholder Experience

We have been Disney Visa Cardholders for some time now and have really enjoyed the PhotoPass perk, among other perks. The best cardholder meet-and-greet we did was when my son met Kylo Ren, from Star Wars, for the first time. He was just getting into Star Wars at the time, but I think the meet-and-greet took things to a whole new level. He was in awe! Possible, also a little intimidated, but mostly in awe I think!

Come to think of it, before he met Kylo Ren he was a fan of the light side. Now he’s a hardcore dark side fan…

If you’d like to learn more about the Disney Visa card from Chase, check out my referral link here. We don’t have many cards, but we like that we are able to use this card (without any annual fees if you get the basic card!) to help give us a few Disney dollars towards a future trip! Or feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.

Annual Pass with Disney PhotoPass Downloads

While technically this isn’t a money-saving option as you have to buy an annual pass upfront, but some of the Disney World annual passes include Disney PhotoPass downloads. This means along with your annual pass you are able to get free Disney PhotoPass downloads. Woot Woot!

If you’re interested in this option, make sure you select the annual pass that includes downloads to the Disney PhotoPass photographs. Once you have your annual pass, link it to your Disney account and you’re good to go!

Now it’s time to hunt out all of the Disney PhotoPass photographers. 

Max Pass Includes PhotoPass Downloads at Disneyland

If you happen to take a quick trip over to Disneyland, there is an additional way to get free photos at the Happiest Place on Earth!

By purchasing the Max pass you will be able to get unlimited downloads of your PhotoPass photos included in the purchase. 

Even though we only did one park a day when we visited Disneyland, we really enjoyed having the MaxPass. It was so nice to be able to schedule our Fastpasses instead of running from one ride to another. Having the photos included was the cherry on top!

If you do end up purchasing MaxPAss, just be sure to have the photos linked to your account! The easiest thing to do is have the Disney PhotoPass photographers scan the photo link inside of the Disneyland app. 

Conclusion for Getting Disney PhotoPass Photos for Free

There ya go! The 4 ways you are able to snag free Disney PhotoPass photographs.

Now that you know how to get free photos from your Disney trip, it’s time to learn how to get the best photos while in the Disney parks! If you are heading to Disney with kids, you’re going to want to know how to get your kids to smile for photos at the Most Magical Place on Earth! Check out this post here to do so.

Plus, learn about these ‘hidden’ Disney PhotoPass opportunities here and about the awesome props you can include in your Disney photos to give them just a touch more character

Do you have any other ways to get free photos in the Disney parks? Be sure to include the details in the comments below!

free Disney Photopass photos, free disney downloads, free photos disney, magic for miles

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