Magic Kingdom Fireworks Outside the Park & A Firework DIY

Fireworks Outside the Parks and DIY Fireworks

Best Places to View Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Fireworks Outside the Parks

The ultimate best place to catch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is right smack dab in the middle of Main Street, USA. The fireworks in combination with the projections on the castle, just need to be seen close up and in person.

That being said, sometimes we are exhausted after spending all day in the park. We just want to get out, get back to our hotels, or at the very least get away from the crowds! Or, maybe we just didn’t even want to enter the parks on a particular day. Yet, we still want to see some spectacular fireworks.

What in the world (Disney World that is…) can we do?

Well, as luck would have it, there are several options for being able to experience the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the parks. That way, you too can experience some magic and possibly have a little more of a relaxed evening.

Let’s take a look…

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Ah, Disney’s Grand Floridian! The grandest of all the Disney resorts!

Plus, one of the best places to catch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park. You have several options at the Grand Floridian, including grabbing reservations at Narcosse’s and ensuring you have a table where you can view the fireworks. Or, if you want to keep things simple, you could watch from the boat launch area. Grab a treat from Gasparilla Island Grill (or even a late dinner) and you’re all set.

The best part? If you are staying at the Grand Floridian? No crowds to rush past or try and beat to transportation at the end of the night following the Magic Kingdom fireworks. No, instead, you could just head up to your room, and by on your way to sweet, sweet dreams. Plus, if you are staying at the resort you can test out several spots on where to watch the fireworks.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Similar to the Grand Floridian, you can catch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park on the Polynesian’s property. The poly has a boat launch area as well where you can see the show. Or, there is a really nice beach that spreads out and allows for ample viewing areas to catch the fireworks show.

Grab a Dole Whip, and heck, this might be your favorite part of your vacation! I know it would be up there on the list for me.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort is the closest hotel to the Magic Kingdom. If you spent the day at the Magic Kingdom it is easy to access the resort by monorail or even on foot! It’s just that close.

Due to its proximity in location, it makes for a prime viewing spot for the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the parks. Unlike the Grand Floridian and the Contemporary resort, you’re going to need to get up in elevation in order to get the most spectacular view of the fireworks.

The best spot, if you aren’t a Contemporary Resort guest and/or don’t have reservations at the California Grill is the 4th-floor concourse. The 4th-floor concourse offers shops and restaurants, but also a nice fairly open view towards the direction of the Magic Kingdom.

If you’d like a little more relaxed atmosphere for watching the fireworks from the Contemporary resort, be sure to make reservations at the California Grill. You’ll not only enjoy a meal at one of the nicest restaurants on property, but you’ll also have an amazing view of the fireworks that is hard to beat.

One extra spot to view the fireworks, if you happen to be a guest at the Contemporary Resort is on the SkyWay bridge. The bridge connects the main Contemporary Resort building to Bay Lake Tower, a Disney Vacation Club resort.

Wilderness Lodge Ferry Boat Ride

While the Wilderness Lodge resort is tucked a little farther away from that the rest of the Magic Kingdom resort hotels, it is still possible to incorporate it into your Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park viewing plans. This is especially feasible if your home resort is Wilderness Lodge as the way to watch the fireworks is by jumping on a boat over to the resort!

First, head over to the boat launch area for the Wilderness Lodge resort. Then, before the fireworks start, be sure to watch your time and the crowds at the boat launch area. If you can, time things just right so you are boarding a ferry right when the fireworks start. Then, make sure you are looking backward, allowing you to catch glimpses of the fireworks as they explode over Cinderella Castle.

I’m pretty sure this is what sweet dreams are made of…

Ticket and Transportation Center

One of the last suggestions for watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks is from the Ticket and Transportation Center. If you drove to the Magic Kingdom and you have little kids, this tip might be worth its weight in gold. Heading to the Ticket and Transportation Center to view the fireworks allows you to avoid the rush to the ferries and monorail after the show is over. Once you arrive to the Ticket and Transportation Center be sure to stay on the ferry dock in order to watch the show.

This might be one of the best places to catch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the parks. As a matter of fact, you’ll have a great view of the fireworks and be back to your vehicle before most people can walk back down a crowded Main Street, USA.

Plus, as a bonus, if you have a little one who is really sensitive to loud sounds, by distancing yourself from the Magic Kingdom, the sounds won’t be as loud. There will still be some trademark firework booms, but they will be quieter.

How to Create Your Own (Kid Friendly, Flame Free) Fireworks at Home


Plastic Straws with Bendy Necks

Paper Plates

Tempera Paints

Cardstock Paper Black and White

Masking Tape

Large Circular Plate

Small Circular Plate

Step 1

First, when creating your homemade fireworks, gather your straws in a bunch. Make sure the straws are all facing the same direction. Tape around the straws right above the bendy area. Then bench out each of the straws so they are all pointing in different directions. If the taped collection of straws looks similar to a firework you are on the right path!

Step 2

Next, add a sizeable amount of paint to a paper plate. A squirt that results in about a pancake amount of paint would be perfect. You are going to want to have enough to cover the diameter reached by the straws. A squirt of paint is going to stretch, so make sure not to put too much paint on your paper plate.

DIY Straw Fireworks

Step 3

Once your paint is ready on the paper plate, set it aside.

Get your white or black cardstock paper set. If you want your fireworks to look as though they are being painted on a nighttime sky, use the black cardstock paper as your canvas. If you are planning to paint with darker color paints, then use the white cardstock as your background.

Whichever color you don’t use will be turned into your silhouette. That silhouette if you, if you want, can be Mickey Mouse if you want! Hence the call for two plates of different sizes.

Step 4

Now it is time to have fun!

Dip your straws into your paint and then stamp onto your background cardstock. Continue stamping and moving your straws in different directions until you form a variety of fireworks. If you want, you can mix paint here to create different colors and textures. To get really fancy, add in a little glitter glue in streaks after all your paint has been stamped.

DIY Straw FireworksDIY Straw Fireworks

Step 5

First, set aside your firework creation and let it dry. Next, take your cardstock and create your silhouette.

If you want a Mickey Mouse silhouette, trace the outline of the larger plate on your cardstock. Make sure to make this circle near the bottom of the plate. Then follow it up with two smaller circles on top of the larger circle. Flip your cardstock back over and cut out your Mickey Mouse!

Magic Kingdom Inspired Firework Project Magic Kingdom Inspired Firework Project

Then, once your paint is dry, glue on your Mickey Mouse head! Ta-da! You have your own Magic Kingdom firework scene with a Mickey Mouse head silhouette. A very easy way to bring the magic home!

How Can Creating Straw Fireworks Help Develop Skills

Fine Motor Skills

The fine motor skills in this project start with encouraging your little one to tape the straws together. By gathering up the straws and keeping them in a bunch, you are focusing on finger dexterity and manipulation. It might be a rather challenging task, so offer help that let’s your child be successful, but also as independent as possible.

Once the tape is on, fine motor skills are once again worked on by having your child grasp the straws and stamp them down. Grasping the straws will hopefully help to encourage a tripod grasp or a grasp similar to using a pencil. Which is great in building up that skill necessary handwriting skill!

Sensory Skills

Ah, sensory skills! My favorite skill to work on.

When there is paint around and there is a chance that paint might get all over your little one’s hands, you know sensory skills are being worked on. I’ve found that a lot of times kids avoid painting because they know this is a possibility.

If you find your child is hesitant to paint because possibly getting messy, be sure to show them how they can hold the straws without getting paint on their hand. Sometimes, by seeing that getting messy isn’t a for sure thing, your kiddo might be more willing to participate in the activity!

Spatial Awareness

With this particular craft, it helps to spread out your ‘fireworks’. The spreading out of the fireworks results in a more full ‘sky’, if you will. Therefore, your child can work on spatial awareness and recognizing that if all the fireworks are placed in one spot they won’t look as festive.

If you want to make sure the fireworks are spread out, draw little dots on the paper, and have your child aim for those dots. Tell them if the straw hits those dots the fireworks will ‘explode’!

Motor Planning

From a basic level, motor planning is involved in this task when kiddos have to order their actions. First, they have to dip the straws into the paint and then stamp them onto the paper. Beyond that, if you wanted you could write numbers on the paper and have your child practicing dipping in the paint and then stamping them onto the paper in the correct number order.

Fireworks Outside the Parks and DIY Fireworks

Alternative Ways to Bring Firework Magic Home

Don’t feel like making a mess with paint but want to bring some type of firework magic home? You’re in luck! Below I’ve listed a couple of alternative ways to bring home the fun.

Uncle Milton Firework Launcher

If you’ve ever seen a firework launcher toy, you know they are pretty neat. They are easy to use (just pull the trigger) and they project an image of a firework onto a wall.

This particular firework/light show launcher features Disney fireworks. You are able to view your favorite characters along with festive light displays. All without a mess!

Find the product here on Amazon. Alternatively, you can click on the image below.

Starry Night Light Projector for Kids

If you want something even more contained, consider purchasing this Starry Night Light Projector. It’s a night light that can also act as a Bluetooth speaker. Even cooler? The starry night/firework display inside of the globe will change according to the beat of the music.

Okay, this might be advertised for kids, but it is pretty awesome and I think it would be perfect for adults as well as kids! You can find it here on Amazon as well.

Conclusion to Magic Kingdom Fireworks Outside of the Parks

There ya go!

The best spots on Walt Disney World property to catch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the parks, plus a simple DIY for creating firework magic at home. Leave a comment if you have any questions on how to access any of the locations or on the craft!

In the meantime, if you’re looking to create even more magic at home, consider making a delicious Peter Pan float or creating Ducky and Bunny from Toy Story 4. The posts can be found right here and right here.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Craft

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