8 of the Best of Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise Picks

Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise Picks

One of the most beloved characters of all time is, without a doubt, Mickey Mouse. Since his creation in 1928 everyone from young to old has found the friendly and welcoming little mouse to be a ‘pal’.

In the year 2018, Mickey Mouse celebrated his 90th birthday. You have to admit, the guy looks pretty darn good for 90 years old. While his initial ‘Steamboat Willie’ look has morphed into the Mickey Mouse of today, he’s definitely an icon for the generations.

While Walt Disney World and fans around the world have been celebrating his birthday for the past year, there are still a few more days to soak up a little ‘Mickey’s 90th’ magic. Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday merchandise can still be found in some stores and is currently, at the time of this post, still plentiful on Amazon.com.

To help continue the party of Mickey Mouse’s birthday, down below you’ll find a list of the best of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday merchandise. Whether you’re in the mood for shirts, mugs, plushes or anything else that is celebrating everyone’s favorite mouse, be sure to check out the list.

Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise: Plushies

It’s Mickey Mouse!!

I bet, without officially knowing, that the most sold plush for the Walt Disney Company comes in the form of Mickey Mouse. At our house alone we have about 7 Mickey Mouse plushies. Probably more. The range from pocket-sized to the same size as my toddler. Guess what? Each and every single one is loved by my kiddos. They are like a flock of plushies. If one goes missing, the kids are on a mad dash to find the missing one.

With the below listed limited edition set, you’ll get 6 different Mickey Mouse plushies. The plushies follow Mickey Mouse through his 90 years of adventures. If your household is anything like mine, odds are you are going to be keeping tabs on all the plushies

Mickey Mouse Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

If you can’t find an opportunity to blast your favorite Disney tunes over the loudspeakers, rest assured you can listen to the tunes whenever you want with these Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones featuring Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. Or, alternatively, if you find yourself taking a flight to Walt Disney World soon, you’ll be all set on the plane to watch your favorite Disney movies.

If listening to Disney music or catching your favorite Disney movie in flight while wearing these headphones doesn’t get you excited for a Disney trip, I don’t know what will!

Tervis Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Tumbler

Some of the best tumblers around come from Tervis and this Mickey Mouse one is no different. The best part about it? It’s stainless steel, insulated, and comes with a lid. The lid is usually a deal-breaker for me when it comes to tumblers. With my kiddos around, if I have a hot beverage without a lid, it’s game over. Someone is most likely going to be wearing it. Usually, it’s me!

Funko Pop Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise

Funko Pop is known for its cute recreation of Disney characters. Their version of two popular ‘Mickey’s’ redone for Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday are no different! Steamboat Willie’s hair is what gets me!

Mickey Mouse Delux Collectible Figurine Collection

If you want just a touch of Mickey Mouse to sprinkle around your house, the Mickey Mouse Delux Collectible Figure Collection is the way to go. Mickey Mouse is petit enough to place in places around your house to add just a little bit of Mickey here and there.

We like to place figurines like this around our house doing random things. For example, we had one holding a toothbrush as though it was brushing his teeth. Not your cup of tea? You can just set them out as a normal person would. Ha!

Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise Blue Ink Pens

If you love Mickey, but need to keep up a ‘non-Mickey-loving’ appearance, keep things simple with a few Mickey Mouse 90th birthday pens! Also, I’m sorry that you can’t wear all the Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise all day long! These pens will give you a nice loophole into showing your love for Mickey Mouse, while still staying professional!

Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Stemless Wine Glasses

I might go against the norm when I say this, but I’m a fan of wine glasses…when they are used for things other than wine! They are perfect for apple cider, water, seltzer. Just about anything that you like to consume in liquid form! If you aren’t a huge wine fan either, don’t worry, these glasses are versatile.

Plus, they also work for wine!

Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise: Notecard Set

The Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Merchandise: Notecard Set is very neat. It might be one of my favorite Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday merchandise options around. The notecard set comes as a box set in a book box and each notecard is a fun Mickey Mouse print. The set looks really cute inside of the book box, but it would be really cool to frame and display a few of the notecards.

There ya go! 8 of the best Mickey Mouse 90th birthday merchandise picks around. With only a few more days to celebrate the ‘big cheese’, be sure to check out these products before the celebration is over and the products are gone!

Do you have any favorite Mickey Mouse merchandise? Be sure to leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram with your favorites.

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