10 Cutest Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Accessories

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening in Disneyland is TODAY!

That means we are only a few months away from the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World!

I don’t know if it is the Star Wars crazed boys in my house or what, but I’m getting so excited about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

star wars: galaxy's edge, magic for miles, disneyland star wars, walt disney world star wars

Plus, a whole new land in Walt Disney World means brand new outfits to plan for the parks!

The rides and food and all are obviously going to be sweet, we knew Disney is taking care of that. Yet, the outfits and accessories are going to be up to us. There will no doubt be super unique merchandise available in the parks themselves, but what about your outfits for when you first get there??!

star wars: galaxy's edge, magic for miles, disneyland star wars, walt disney world star wars

We need to be prepared going into the park! It’s essential to support the resistance (or so I’ve heard ;)).

star wars: galaxy's edge, magic for miles, disneyland star wars, walt disney world star wars

Okay, okay, this all might be an excuse to head into Galaxy’s Edge with some new Star Wars accessories.

Yet, regardless of whether it’s an excuse or you need some new items, there are so many cute Star Wars items out there. I put together a list of my favorites in a few categories from Amazon. Limiting down the list to 10 was hard, but here are my favorite top 10 cute Star Wars accessories for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge!

1. T-Shirt

Reading through my post on outfits to Disney, you know that no Disney day would be complete without an appropriately themed shirt. Your visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge should be no different! My favorite color happens to be blue, so it should come as no surprise that my recommended t-shirt is blue.

The boys over here (mostly my husband somehow, probably because he is done growing!) have a small collection of Star Wars t-shirts. Most are of the ‘vintage’ design variety and are some of his favorite t-shirts he owns. The one featured below, however, he doesn’t have. On an unrelated note: Father’s Day is coming up…

If you do decide to purchase this shirt, be careful with the sizing on this shirt. The description says BOYS, but the sizes are definitely sized for adults.


2. Socks

One of the biggest questions I have regarding Walt Disney World is, surprisingly, what shoes should I wear in the parks? I’ve put together an entire list that you can find here specifically answering that question. Head on over to read it, we will be here when you get back!

*Elevator music plays softly in the background*

Ahh! Welcome back! All caught up on the best footwear to be sporting around Walt Disney World? Now you’re probably wondering what to wear between your foot and said shoes. Well, of course, socks! Plus if you are heading to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you’re going to need to have the cutest ever Star Wars socks!

I am a fan of low-rise socks with my shoes. This is especially true at Walt Disney World. The less clothing touching my skin when the temps reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the better!

Amazon has some of the cutest socks around, but my favorite might be these four iconic characters. The sizing is geared towards women, so beware when you purchase these that you aren’t trying to buy for someone with a size 13 men’s shoe size.

3. Star Wars Jedi Order Necklace

Following along over on Instagram, you know that my oldest son has a strong affinity for the ‘Dark Side’. I can’t say I can blame him a ton (and because of him I seem to have an ever growing soft spot for the ‘Dark Side’. I mean Darth joined because he really wanted to save his true love!! Sigh…)

Either way, I thought maybe with a little bit of persuasion, my boys can join the ‘Light Side’. Maybe I could even help things along by sporting this cute Star Wars Jedi Order Necklace?

Maybe they would see the light? Possibly even using the ‘Force’ for good. Such as, I don’t know, cleaning their rooms?…

4. Girl’s Star Wars Dress

Truth: I don’t have any girls.

Truth: This is a girl’s sized dress.

Truth: It won’t fit me or my boys.

Truth: It is super cute and still needed to be included in my list. Someone please purchase this and then tag my in a post of your little one wearing it on Instagram.

5. LParkin Star Wars Key Chain

This confession might get my disowned by the diehard Star Wars fans. Trust me, I’ll be the first to admit I am a work in progress when it comes to my Star Wars love.

Confession: I had never seen the scene from Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, where Lea tells Han Solo that she loves him. He replies with, ‘I know.” Which, I am sure most of you know this already.

I, on the other hand, did not know this! I’ve seen the shirts and such around the Disney parks, but honestly didn’t know where they came from.

Takes to a movie night with my son not too long ago, and my ability to stay AWAKE during the whole movie, I now can say I know (too).

Therefore, these keychains make me smile and happy. I feel like I’m in the Star Wars knowledge club now.

…but, I’ve got a long way to go!

6. Millennium Falcon Manual Cross Body Purse

Han Solo was a smuggler. Yes?

The Millennium Falcon was his shop. Yes?

You, being the new owner of this really sweet purse, can pretend to also be a smuggler! Everyone will think this purse is just an operations manual to the Millennium Falcon. In truth? It’s your purse!

Shut the front door. I KNOW!

You’re still going to have to go through Disney parks security when you wear this purse into the parks, but you can feel pretty sweet about how sneaky you’re ‘pretending’ to be…

7. Loungefly The Force Awakens Star Wars Rebel Convertible Crossbody/Waist Bag

You know how fanny packs were super cool in the 90s? Once that fad was over it was like these aren’t coming back. Not in a million years.

And then they did come back?

Well, it’s a good thing they did because this waist bag (which also converts into a convertible crossbody bag), is the cutest. Not only is is perfectly Star Wars themed, but it’s made by Loungefly.

We all know of my obsession with Loungefly and their amazing Disney bags. The theming is so cute! This waist bag is no exception to the rule.

While, I’ll always recommend a backpack for your main bag at Walt Disney World. This bag and the Millennium Falcon bag listed above are both perfect for smaller park items.


8. Princess Lea Buns or Yoda Ears Headband

It comes as no surprise that Disney parks are loaded with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears. Many of the ears are even Star Wars themed.

However, if you want to enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge prepared (as we all do!), it would probably be best to pick up a pair of Lea buns or Yoda ears before you enter the parks.

Bonus: You’ll have the ears to wear for anytime that calls for a Star Wars celebration.

Like a Tuesday morning. Or a Wednesday afternoon.

9. Loungefly Star Wars Wallet

One of my first posts on this blog featured what I thought was the most amazingly cute bags I had ever seen. It was my first introduction to Loungefly. My gateway Loungefly bag, if you will. That bag, plus it’s cute little wallet (for your Disney Visa and other Disney essentials to be stored), needed to be featured as number 9.

Plus, it fits my rule of bringing a backpack into the parks in order to keep your hands free!

10. Loungefly Star Wars Millennium Falcon Coin Bag

You’re heading to a galaxy far, far away…

But, spoiler alert, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge still takes regular money. Coins and all! You’re going to need a place to stash all those shiny objects. What better place than this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Coin Bag? Going back to item number 6, you know it plays into the whole smuggling theme with the Millennium Falcon.

Plus, it’s a Loungefly and super cute. Probably a necessity for your park day!


There ya go! Some of my favorite Star Wars items to kick off your day at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!! What are you most looking forward to at the new park? If you don’t know any of the details about it yet, be sure to read my post about what we know so far.

It really does sound like it is going to be ‘out of this world’! Can’t Wait!

10 Star Wars Accessories, star wars: galaxy's edge, magic for miles, disneyland star wars, walt disney world star wars

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