4 Ways to Spread Pixie Dust at a Disney Instagram Wall

Disney Instagram Wall Etiquette, Disney Walls of Instagram, Magic for Miles

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If you are, you know how park guests love taking pictures at the various Disney Instagram walls at Disney World.

There’s the purple wall, the bubble gum wall, the toothpaste wall. There are so many walls to take photos in front of!

*Side Note: Why get excited over a wall? Well, they are like instant photo backdrops with no crowds to deal with and often they have good lighting!

Disney Instagram Wall Etiquette, Disney Walls of Instagram, Magic for Miles

A good wall photo makes me pretty happy. It’s almost always a must do item on my Disney parks list.

The best part? There’s no need to secure a Fastpass+ reservation!

While there normally isn’t much fuss at any of the Disney wall locations, there can be lots of guests who want to take pictures.

Disney Instagram Wall Etiquette, Disney Walls of Instagram, Magic for Miles

My Disney Instagram Wall Mistake

Most Disney park guests are courteous of other park goers, but sometimes, even the best of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle.

As a matter of fact, I realized once while taking a pictures at a Disney Instagram wall once that I had cut in front of a whole line of people! Ugh!

What was it like? Well, it was like cutting in front of the guests who have waited three hours for Flight of Passage in Pandora. Basically, the same as signing up to have a couple hundred people hate you for a whole day at Disney World.

Just kidding, it wasn’t that extreme. Still, even though it was a mistake, it wasn’t a cool thing to do. (Don’t worry, I apologized!)

However, I figured, why not learn from my mistake and put together a list of simple reminders when planning to take pictures at an Disney Instagram wall.

All of these Disney instagram wall tips are things I’m sure you’re already following, but a few good reminders never hurt anyone.

Besides, Disney instagram walls etiquette is important to follow when you’re at Disney and want to get a pictures at one of the famed walls and a great way to spread some unexpected pixie dust!

1.Look for a Line at a Disney Instagram Wall

You know how you can be standing in the standby line for a ride at Disney, waiting to board?

How somehow an entire family finds a way to jump the ropes and get way ahead of you in line?

How your 2 hour wait just got even longer?

It’s annoying, to say the least.

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure there isn’t a line before you head right up to the wall. (Don’t be like me! Ha!)

Disney Instagram Wall Etiquette, Disney Walls of Instagram, Magic for Miles
Not an actual ‘Disney Walls’, but a pretty sweet green way nonetheless!

2. Wait Your Turn for a Disney Instagram Wall

Now that you have spotted the line, be sure not to cut.

It’s hard to form a line for something that doesn’t have a specific line starting spot. So, when you see that line be respectful and figure out where the end of it is located.

Trust me, you’ll feel better about yourself and help to make the day magical for yourself and the other guests by following this common courteous.

Disney Instagram Wall Etiquette, Disney Walls of Instagram, Magic for Miles

3. Offer to Take a Photo for a Fellow Guest

Photopass photographers are not normally stationed at the various Disney walls.

Since Disney is always changing, this could definitely change, but for the time being, don’t anticipate a Photopass photographer at any of the walls.

If you want to help a fellow guest out, it would be super sweet if you offered to take their photo. If that guest is with another guest, odds are they are exchanging photos. Therefore, instead you could offer to take a photo of both of them together.

Revolutionary, I know!

Seriously, though, you have no idea how happy I get when I am asked if I want a picture taken of my whole family. I really dislike having to interrupt someone else’s vacation to get a quick shot.

I don’t mind being asked myself, but you just never know if another person is running off to do something and your holding them up.

Therefore, by offering to take a photo for someone else, they might, in turn offer to grab your photo without you even having to ask.

Alternatively, if they don’t offer right away, you don’t have to feel as bad about asking if they can grab a shot of your group after offering to get a shot of their group.

Disney Instagram Wall Etiquette, Disney Walls of Instagram, Magic for Miles

4. Do a Little Prep Work

I am all for getting the perfect shot.

A different angle or smile can make or break the perfect image.

At the same time, I try not to spend twenty minutes taking 500 images. That uses up a lot of valuable park time! Nobody has park time to waste!!

To help prevent this, I like to do a little prep work before taking my shot. If I have time, especially if I am waiting in line, I like to invision how I want my photo to look.

Where I want to stand, my camera settings and even the angle are all different details I could pre-plan before heading up to the instagram wall.

Trust me, a little prep work goes a long way and you can be o n your way again to enjoy the parks.

Plus, less time at a wall means more time on Splash Mountain!!

Disney Instagram Wall Etiquette, Disney Walls of Instagram, Magic for Miles

Conclusion for 4 Spreading Pixie Dust at a Disney Instagram Wall

There ya go! Four simple things you can do to learn from my mistake at a Disney Instagram wall. While most of the time, these mistakes (of cutting in line) happen accidentally, if you increase your awareness around the subject you might be able to avoid it all together. Follow all the above mentioned steps and you can spread a little pixie dust along the way as well!

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Disney Instagram Wall Pixie Dust, IG Walls Disney, Instagram Wall Pixie Dust

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