These 3 Disney World Bathrooms Are A Dream

Disney World Bathrooms, Best Bathrooms at Disney, Magic for Miles

Let’s talk about Disney World bathrooms. 

Every park guest at some point typically uses on the numerous bathrooms offered by Disney World. Most get the job done and aren’t worth more than the in-and-out visit a bathroom requires. 

Other Disney World bathrooms, really are works of art dreamed up by Disney imagineers. Three bathrooms in particular stand out and need to have some light shed on their mastery. 

1. Rapunzel Tangled Bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom

Disney World Bathrooms, Best Bathrooms at Disney, Magic for Miles

First, let’s start with saying, that yes, Rapunzel does indeed deserve more than a simple restroom as her tribute in the Magic Kingdom

Rapunzel needs a ride!

However, Rapunzel does not have a ride at this time. No, she unfortunately does not. 

What she does have is a simple amazing bathroom though. 

One of the best (if not THE best) themed bathrooms in all of Disney World, the Tangled bathroom imagineers took these potties to a whole nother level. 

Disney World Bathrooms, Best Bathrooms at Disney, Magic for Miles

Outside the Tangled Bathrooms

First, let’s start with outside the Tangled bathrooms. 

One of the reasons the Tangled bathrooms are so popular is due to the ample seating outside of the restrooms themselves. Benches and spots to sit makeup the entrance to the bathrooms. 

Plus, hidden alongside the benches are various phone charging stations which are cutely tucked into pretend stumps. 

As if the benches and phone chargers weren’t enough, these bathrooms have a little ‘Easter egg’. 

Hidden Pascals!!

You know, Rapunzel’s little chameleon friend, Pascal? Well, he can be found at various spots outside of the Rapunzel bathrooms.

As someone who LOVES to find hidden Mickeys, I love this little gem at the bathrooms. 

Disney World Bathrooms, Best Bathrooms at Disney, Magic for Miles

Inside the Rapunzel Bathrooms

Before you even get inside of the Rapunzel bathrooms, you’ll see the beautiful paintings out the outside of the bathrooms. The paintings continue into the inside of the bathrooms and are completed by none other than Rapunzel herself. The colors are bold and wonderful!

The bright colors and whimsical nature of the paintings basically beg to be photographed!

Probably a little more ‘PC’ to do this outside the bathroom vs. inside though. Just saying!

Next time your in Fantasyland and find yourself heading over to the Haunted Mansion, be sure to make a pit stop and hit up these ‘Tangled Toilets’.

3. Toy Story Bathrooms in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney World Bathrooms, Best Bathrooms at Disney, Magic for Miles

Located in the heart of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land is packed with tons of cute little details.

Toy Story Land is relatively new in terms of ‘lands’ at Disney World. Odds are, even if you’ve been a handful of times, you still have more to explore at this new land. 

Like the bathrooms!!!

Once again the imagineers put a lot of thought into the bathrooms located inside of Toy Story Land. 

As with most of Toy Story Land, the restrooms are styled to look like they are part of Andy’s toys. They really nailed the nail on the head with this land and the restrooms are no exception. 

Disney World Bathrooms, Best Bathrooms at Disney, Magic for Miles

Outside the Toy Story Land Bathrooms

Outside the restrooms there are giant blocks spelling ‘girls’ and ‘boys, and above the bathroom is the word ‘restroom’ spelled out in Scrabble letters. 

You’ll notice a few spots where people can take a seat while waiting for other guests to head to the bathrooms.

The seats also make a perfect spot to rest if you are taking a break or waiting for a guest to come off of Alien Swirling Saucers. (Wondering if your kiddo would like the Alien Swirling Saucers? Check out this post with takeaways from my 4 year old!)

Inside the Toy Story Land Bathrooms

If you’ve followed along here with me for a while (or on Instagram @magicformiles), you probably guessed I like bright bold colors. 

Do you too like bright bold colors? Then these Disney World bathrooms are the perfect bathrooms for you! Especially in the inside where color is the theme!

Be sure to step inside the Toy Story Land bathrooms next time you are in the area and you’ll for sure see what I mean. 

3. Arendelle Bathrooms in Epcot

Finally, let’s meet our last bathroom pick. Last but not least, are the Elsa and Anna, or Arendelle, bathrooms located at the Norway pavilion at Epcot

These Disney World bathrooms are tucked between the Frozen Ever After ride and Princess Anna’s and Queen Elsa’s meet-and-greet. 

Naturally, the Arendelle Disney World bathrooms are perfectly themed for the royal pair. 

The styling is true to the Norwegian roots of the two sisters and the pavilion they are featured in. As you enter you really do feel like you are taking a quick trip across the ocean. 

Pro Tip

Unfortunately, these aren’t the easiest bathrooms to get to as they are often crowded from people leaving the Frozen Ever After ride or finishing a princess meet-and-greet. Be sure to visit these bathrooms early in the morning to be able to take in all the details. 

Never thought you’d want to rope drop a bathroom, eh?*

*Okay, truthfully, I probably wouldn’t recommend rope dropping a bathroom, but just note that they can get a little crowded as the line for Frozen Ever After picks up. (Which it pretty much always does!)

Still can’t get enough of Elsa and Anna? Visit this post to cure your Frozen Fever!!

Conclusion for the 3 Best Themed Disney World Bathrooms

There ya go! The three best, in my opinion, themed Disney World bathrooms. The art work and attention to detail is amazing. Design like that showcased in these restrooms is sure to attract a crowd, often making these bathrooms a little busy.  I mean, everyone wants to check out how sweet they are!

However, the best themed Disney World bathrooms and LEAST crowded Disney World bathrooms, don’t seem to go hand in hand. If you have the time to spare, don’t mind the wait, or the wait isn’t too long, take a look at these bathrooms. They are an attraction in themselves!

Does anyone have a favorite themed bathroom in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? They are the only park we left off of the list. 

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Disney World Bathrooms, Best Bathrooms at Disney, Magic for Miles

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