6 Easy Tips on What To Wear To Disney World

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You know how when you’re getting ready for a family photo shoot you’ve got a million thoughts racing through your mind on what to wear?

Mostly because, if you have kids, you aren’t just deciding your own outfit, you’re also working on everyone else’s outfits as well…

Well, when you head to Disney World, odds are you’re going to be taking a lot of photos. You’re probably wondering what to wear to Disney for said photos!

Let’s face it, essentially, you are having a family photo session, every single day.

Plus, even though professional family photos are great (this is coming from a photographer!), the photos you look at the most might be the ones from vacation. As compared to the ones you took at a professional photo session.

That vacation, might be your Disney World vacation!!

That means those outfits might benefit from being thought out. Even if the outfits aren’t planned every single day to a ‘T’, a little pre-planning will go a long way.

What exactly, then, are you going to wear to Disney?

You want everyone looking good, but there are lots of factors to consider.

You want everyone to be comfortable, but also cute.

Plus, Florida is hot. If you want to keep everyone comfortable, like mentioned above, you’re going to want to remember this.

Not that the consistent 90 degree days will let you forget. Yet, if you’re coming from a different state, it can be hard to imagine 90 at times.

Like, when it’s still 50 degrees in Michigan, and June is two days away. 90 is a big jump! Just saying…

Key Tips

With so many other factors that go into a Disney vacation, let’s figure out how to make what to wear to Disney easy!

My key tips?

Simple is best!

Don’t overcomplicate things.

Less is more. Especially in the hot Florida weather.

Shoes should lean more towards comfort rather than fashion. If you have on cute outfits and the shoes are ruining the vibe, just take the photo up close to keep the shoes out of the photo.

Or, bring a cute pair of shoes for a few photos here and there, but keep your comfy shoes on for all of the walking.

As always, anything with Mickey Mouse on it is always a winner!

Easy What to Wear to Disney Tips

To help you narrow things down a little more, here are a few general guidelines for what to wear . Help your family stay comfortable, but also help you create photos you’re going to remember for a lifetime. Let’s look at your Disney family outfit options! (FYI: Some are a little easier to pull off than others. Some require a little more leg work!)

disney outfits, magic for miles

1. Pre-made Classic Matching Disney T-shirts

There are so many opportunities to buy classic Disney t-shirts. T-shirts with Disney icons and landmarks affixed to the front (and back) are sold pretty much everywhere.

You can go to the Disney Store itself or you could waltz into Target and find a few.

It is a lot easier to find kid Disney clothing items in big name stores like Target, but there is often a selection of adult clothing as well. The Disney Store often has clothing for the whole family, but again there will be a bigger selection for children.

As an adult, I’ve had lots of luck finding shirts on Amazon. The family shirts don’t have to be exactly matching. Instead you could pick one character and everyone has a shirt with that character. We are fans of all wearing Mickey Mouse shirts like the ones featured below:

*The first two are adult shirts, the third is a boys t-shirt.

Alternatively, you could go through Etsy to purchase your Disney shirts.

Etsy has tons of wonderful options and many can be customized. Shirts range from those with simple Mickey Mouse ears to those with cute Disney quotes. Your options are endless and you get to support some super awesome small business as well!

2. Matching Color Outfits

When I say matching color, I actually don’t mean that 100%. Not everyone in white or black or whatever color you’re thinking.

Instead, let’s call matching color more of a group color. Decide on one main color for your group and everyone’s clothing items fall into that category color. For example, blue can be your ‘group’ color.

6 ways to rock your disney parks look, disneyparks, disney what to wear, disney outfits, disney family outfits, disney family shirts

The main color is blue and allows you to have some loose guidelines for your outfit. Not everyone has to wear the same shade of blue, and not every shirt needs to be solid. Instead, one person could wear a solid blue shirt, the next a shirt with blue stripes, another with blue polka dots and a final shirt with blue checks.

As a family you will appear coordinated, but it won’t take much effort and odds are you have everything you need in your closet!

3. Coordinating Clothes Outfits

When it comes to coordination clothes, think of an official family photo shoot. You know how everyone just seems to go together. Little bits and pieces match and tie the outfits together?

You don’t have to be as ‘formal’ or as dressed up as when you might go get family photos done, but from a glance people will be able to tell you go together.

6 ways to rock your disney parks look, disneyparks, disney what to wear, disney outfits, disney family outfits, disney family shirts

In order to pull off a coordination look, start with a ‘main’ color. The ‘main’ color will be the foundation for your outfits. Once you have our foundation color, you add in a secondary color. The secondary color provides the accents to everyone’s outfits. Finally, pick a third color to round out the outfits.

6 ways to rock your disney parks look, disneyparks, disney what to wear, disney outfits, disney family outfits, disney family shirts

Did I loose you yet? Hopefully not, but let me spell it out with an example for a 3 person family:

Primary/Main Color: Red

Secondary Color: Black

Third Color Yellow

Person One

Red shirt, black pants, yellow shoes.

Person Two

Black shirt, red skirt, black shoes, yellow earrings and watch.

Person Three

Button up shirt with red and yellow, black pants and red shoes.

Ta Da!

There ya go!

You put all three together and you have a cute, coordinated look for your Disney adventures. This suggestion is going to take a little more leg work as you try to piece together all the different numbers necessary to complete your outfit.

The final look is totally worth it though!

You can even expand on the suggestions above by adding layers and more textures. Textures and layers add a nice dimension to your photos.

Just keep in mind you are at Walt Disney World and it can get HOT in the summer. It might be a good plan to keep the layers to a minimum.

By the way, can you tell who was my inspiration for the three colors I picked?

4. Disney Bounding Outfits

Have you heard of Disney bounding? It’s a really cute way to dress when you are heading to the Disney parks (or not heading there, but want to bring a little Disney magic into your day).

Disney Bounding is where your clothing is inspired by a particular Disney character.

For example, let’s take Elsa. If you are Disney bounding, you would look at Elsa‘s clothing and use her key colors for your outfit. You might wear a light blue dress with a white cardigan and a pair of silver flats. A side braid and a little blue eye shadow might complete the look.

It’s an outfit you could wear anywhere, but if you’re heading to Disney, you are bound to be associated with the Ice Queen herself!

There are so many different directions you can take Disney bounding!

5. Park Inspired Outfits to Wear to Disney

One of my favorite ways to dress when I am at Walt Disney World is inspired by the Disney parks themselves.

For example, when I head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, inspiration comes from all the different trees and animals. Animal prints or lots of greens usually round out our outfits.

At Hollywood Studios, old Hollywood glamour is channeled through our outfits. Although, I do tend to leave the heels at home. Happy feet are the key to a happy trip!

At Epcot you could sport your futuristic clothing or you could pick your favorite country and be inspired by clothing styles from that particular place.

Last, but not least, my favorite park, the Magic Kingdom! Use the different lands of the Magic Kingdom to inspire your outfit. There are so many possibilities!

What would you wear to Disney if your outfit was inspired by a park? Which park would be your inspiration?

6. Accessories (To Complete Your Disney Outfit!)

Suggestion number six on what to wear to Disney is an expansion on the suggestions above. For example, you can pick one of the suggestions above and then, bring on the accessories.

Accessories are what make any outfit truly unique and specifically Disney. The options really are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

6 ways to rock your disney parks look, disneyparks, disney what to wear, disney outfits, disney family outfits, disney family shirts

My favorite accessories are always Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears, but I love adding additional Disney accessories as well. Everyone could have a Disney inspired bag or Disney inspired socks. Or even better than socks, Disney inspired shoes!

what to wear disney, 6 ways to rock your disney parks look, disneyparks, disney what to wear, disney outfits, disney family outfits, disney family shirts


One disclaimer that I have to mention and hinting at a few times above. Regardless of your outfit, be sure to wear comfortable shoes to the parks. There is nothing worse than walking around the Walt Disney World parks all day and developing blisters.

You can walk on average five to six miles a day at the parks, and if you are park hoping you can log as many as 10 to 13 miles! That’s a half marathon! If you don’t have comfortable (and supportive) shoes you are going to pay the price and it might impact the rest of your vacation.

Everyone’s feet are different, but there are a few shoes that I recommend wearing to the parks. Be sure to check out the post here or clicking on the link above. Please, please be sure to try the shoes out and make sure they are broken-in before you head to the parks. 

What to Wear Disney, 6 ways to rock your disney parks look, disneyparks, disney what to wear, disney outfits, disney family outfits, disney family shirts

Conclusion on What to Wear to Disney World

There ya go! A handful of tips for what to wear to Disney World and how to feel comfortable with your outfit choices. Plus, if you follow the tips above, you’re going to look great in all your photographs! Trust us, you will!

Are you feeling inspired for your Walt Disney World outfits?

Be sure to tag @magicalmiles on Instagram if you are inspired for your upcoming trip. Let me know if you have further questions on what to wear to Disney!

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6 ways to rock your disney parks look, disneyparks, disney what to wear, disney outfits, disney family outfits, disney family shirts

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