How to Take Family Photos at Disney (And Still Stay in the Moment)

Stay in the Photos at the Moment, Family photographer, Magic for Miles

Are you your family’s photographer?

Yes? If so, you know it can be both a demanding and enjoyable job.

You get to be capture all the moments that make up your family vacation. Yet, you probably also found yourself behind your camera a lot. Especially if you’re heading to a magical and super photogenic place such as Disney World. 

Being your family’s photographer and trying to enjoy your Disney World vacation, can often prove to be more challenging than one would think.

You want to stay in the moment during your family vacation, but you also want to capture every last detail. Time moves so fast and you know that you want to freeze it the best you can.

Those chunky baby legs, rose cheeks and gap-toothed grins only last so long. Plus, capturing them at the most magical place on earth is something so, so special in itself.

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How, then, do you balance the need to capture all these amazing moments with enjoying your Disney World vacation?

As someone who has taken a ton of trips with my kiddos to Walt Disney World, I usually stick to a few basic guidelines.

These guidelines help me to capture my family’s memories while also living in the moment and not get caught up with capturing the most perfect shot. Since I started following the following guidelines I’ve been able to capture moments but also feel fully engaged in my family’s vacation. 

Let’s dive into the guidelines on how to take family photos at Disney, but not letting it take over your vacation. 

Keep Your Camera Out

Keeping your camera out might seem a little counterproductive to staying in the moment since it’s always out there with you. Yet, it is actually the best tip to follow

If you leave your camera out and on you for a majority of your trip, you don’t have to bug other family members about taking it in and out. 

Having to stop all the time to take your camera in and out is a quick recipe for making your family annoyed at you. Trust me, if you want happy pictures keep your camera out so you aren’t bugging your family all the time. 

Make sure you have a comfy strap if you opt to do this! Having a comfortable camera strap makes all the difference! 

Stick to Only a Few Posed Shots

Have a rule of only having a few posed shots during your trip. Prep your family regarding these shots so they know and can expect them.

Even better, try and get these shots done at the start of your trip. At the start of your trip everyone is fresh.

For example, if you need that shot in front of the Cinderella Castle, be sure to get it first.

Speaking of, don’t just stick for any old straight on Cinderella Castle shot. Instead, take a peek at this blog post with details and ideas of how to capture an unique perspective of the castle. (Hint: Make the crowds melt away!)

Have a Checklist of Must Do Candid Shots

Having a list of must do candid shots helps you to know you ARE getting a lot of the photos you want. You’ll be able to look back at the list and see you really are getting lots of unique shots. 

This will help you counteract the ever present thought that you just aren’t getting enough shots during your trip. 

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Just be sure not to be crazy strict with the list to make sure you don’t let it drive your day. 

Treat the list more or less as a general guideline of what you’d like to get and thoughts and ideas for it. 

Don’t Bring Your (Big) Camera Everyday to Disney World

This suggestion probably seems a little backwards.

I mean, isn’t this a list on helping your capture your family at Disney World while staying in the moment?

Yes, yes it is.

If you want to capture photos at Disney World, don’t you need to bring along your camera?

Technically, yes.

However, hear me out.

If you can talk yourself into it, just plan to bring your camera along for a few days of your trip. Those days you can really, really focus on the types of shots you want to get. Then, on the days you don’t plan to go you can just focus on being with your family.

Plus, if something super super cute happens, you can take out your cell phone camera to capture what you are missing! 

Best Photos Disney's Hollywood Studios, Magic for Miles, Photo Spots Hollywood Studios


Truth be told, I usually never follow this rule. I’d rather tuck my camera in a bag and only pull it out in ’emergencies’. Like a rare character meeting that never happens or something like that. Yet, I know how it can feel like there is pressure to take pictures if you have your big camera on you at all times.  

Either way, I thought I’d throw out this option just in case it would work for you! 

Conclusion for Taking Family Photos at Disney (While Still Staying in the Moment)

There ya go!

Some easy to follow tips on how to continuing to take your family photos at Disney, but while also staying in the moment on your vacation. It’s a hard balance, but with a little bit of prep work you can enjoy taking pictures and enjoy your family’s vacation as well! 

Stay in the Photos at the Moment, Family photographer, Magic for Miles

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