Number One Best Photo Tip for Disney World

Best Photo Tip Disney World, Magic for Miles, Better Photos at Disney

On this blog there are tons of tips for using your camera and getting the best possible photos at Disney World. 

I could go on and on about how to compose your shots to make them unique or why I love using my DSLR and primes lenses when I am capturing my family at the most magical place on earth. 

Above all those practical and technical tips, there is one really simple, but not always easy, photo tip to follow that will change the photos you get from your Walt Disney World trip. 

It’s so simple I almost feel silly writing an entire post on the topic, but it does need to be said.

So, I AM writing a post on it!

Are you ready?

My best photo tip for Disney is….

Leave your camera out!!

Simple isn’t it? I mean ridiculously simple. 

I really mean it when I say that this tip alone can change the type of photos you get from your Disney World trip.

Not only can you capture unique memories and once in a lifetime looks and expressions, but you are also giving yourself the ability to travel back in time and relive your fantastic trips to Disney World.

Best Photo Tip Disney World, Magic for Miles, Better Photos at Disney

Why Should You Leave Your Camera Out at to Get the Best Photos at Disney World?

First, and foremost, leaving your camera out, and having it on your person (this is key), enables you to be ready at a moments notice to capture the magic. 

Let’s say you’ve just entered the park and right ahead of you the Barber Shop Quartet is performing a morning melody. 

You know you don’t have much time because you’re trying to make a Fastpass+ reservation at Splash Mountain in the next five minutes. 

If you’re anything like me (past me, because the current me follows this tip!), you’ve probably got your camera stashed away in your Disney backpack.

In this situation, you know that stopping, digging around in your bag and setting up your camera are all going to take time. The same amount of time you need for rushing over to Splash Mountain.

With your camera on your body, you probably only have the need to change the settings (if using a DSLR or open the app if using your phone) to grab your shot before you can continue on your way to Splash Mountain

Best Photo Tip Disney World, Magic for Miles, Better Photos at Disney

How Leaving Your Camera Out Actually Protects Your Camera

As I mentioned above, before I started leaving my camera out at all times, I would tuck it into our Disney backpack or underneath our stroller for parts of the day. 

It turns out that leaving it in these two places was not ideal for my camera. 

Backpacks get tossed down on seats, on the floor, on tables. You name it, we’ve thrown our backpack down on it.

When we are aware that the camera is tucked inside, we are a little more careful with the bag.

However, have you ever been on vacation, especially to Walt Disney World, where you have gotten a little tired? Where you are trying to wrangle kids and make the times Fastpass+ or a Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) simultaneously? Your goals include moving quickly and keeping your kids close. 

Backpacks and their contents often become forgotten. 

Meaning, that DSLR (that probably cost you a pretty penny), might get tossed, bumped and banged around a few times. Or even your cell phone, if that is your camera of choice, can get beat up a little.

If you’re not careful you could do some serious damage to your camera

Keeping the camera on your body, on the other hand, helps you to protect it. 

Additionally, by having it on your body, you know where your camera is at all times. You are able to keep tabs on it and prevent it from getting too banged up. 

As long as you know it’s on your, say, right hip, you can clear doorways a little wider and make sure it doesn’t bump into anything. Throw on a lens hood so your lens and camera body have a little more added protection. 

Best Photo Tip Disney World, Magic for Miles, Better Photos at Disney

Leaving Your Camera Out Keeps Your Family Happy

Speaking from personal experience, having my camera out at all times has lead to a happier trip for all family members of our party. 

Sound like a stretch? Trust me it’s not. 

Before I started following this simple tip of leaving my camera out, I was constantly tucking it away in a backpack or underneath our stroller

Guess what?

Disney World is one of the photographed places in the entire world. Around every single corner is a photogenic spot, begging to be captured. 

That means if you’ve tucked your camera into your backpack or stashed it under your stroller, you’re going to be stopping to get it out.

A lot. 

So many stops that your significant other is probably going to get pretty grumpy and your kids are going to start refusing pictures. 

Therefore, you’ve got a cranky family and a bunch of pictures documenting a cranky family. 

Leaving the camera out enables you to grab shots as you want, when they occur! No need to stop and root around below your stroller. Also, you’ve got a less cranky bunch of park goers on your hands.

Plus, we all know the best types of shots are candid shots at Disney World. If you have your camera out at all times your family will start to not even realize when you are grabbing photos.


Arguments Against Leaving Your Camera Out at Walt Disney World

Let’s say you’ve been at the Magic Kingdom for 8 hours.

You’ve captured your family running down Main Street, USA. Dumbo the Flying elephant has been front and center for a lot of your shots. Melting Mickey bars have been sufficiently documented and you have at least three Cinderella castle shots. 

At this point, once you feel as though you can look back at the photos and feel you have sufficiently captured your trip, it’s safe to bet you can tuck that camera away. 

Of course, you can also do this if you’re tired of taking pictures. You don’t want documenting your trip to become a chore.

If you’re not tired from the constant shooting, and find yourself longing to grab just ‘one more shot’, then by all means pull that camera back out. 

Best Photo Tip Disney World, Magic for Miles, Better Photos at Disney

When You Shouldn’t Leave Your Camera Out

My one exception to the rule of leaving your camera out involves rides.

If you are hoping on a fast moving, water or a dark ride, it’s best to tuck your camera away. If your camera happens to be waterproof, then by all means go ahead and leave it out on the water rides.

However, on the really dark rides (like Space Mountain) and the really fast rides (hello, Rockin’ Roller Coaster), it’s best to keep your camera safe and tuck it away. 

Be sure to listen to the cast members, following the rules as to whether or not a camera is allowed in certain situations. 

Best Photo Tip Disney World, Magic for Miles, Better Photos at Disney

Conclusion for Best Photo Tip for Disney

Thera ya go! The best photo tip for Disney you will ever receive. Leave your camera out for pictures and the magic is sure to follow!

Now go have fun putting the best photo tip for Disney to good use!!

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Best Photo Tip Disney World, Magic for Miles, Better Photos at Disney

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