What to Wear After the Boston Marathon?

Boston Marathon Inspired Sweatshirt

If you’re planning to run the Boston Marathon soon, you’ve most likely put some thought into what you plan to wear for race day. You’ve checked the weather and have figured out what is going to be the best fit for that temperature range. Everything is nailed down and planned out. 

Have you thought about what you plan to wear after the Boston Marathon?

The first thing that comes to mind is most likely the Boston Marathon jacket.

If there was ever a more iconic piece of official race merchandise, it’s the official Boston Marathon race jacket from Adidas. Thinking about what you plan to buy from the marathon expo, the jacket typically tops the list. That is if you didn’t plan to buy it before marathon weekend!

Boston Marathon Jacket

Beyond the great official Boston Marathon race jacket and other sweet race gear, you’re going to want some comfy clothes post-race. These are items that you might wear after you race if you don’t want to buy or wear the official jacket. Or these might be items you throw on when you’re finally back in your hotel room resting and recovering. Or, perhaps items you plan to throw on before you catch your flight out of Boston?

Whatever the case might be, be sure to check out these extra cozy items that are, of course, Boston-themed and/or inspired.

Marathon Inspired Sweatshirt

First up, you know I need to talk about the cozy hooded sweatshirts found in my shop, Magic for Miles. I know I sound like a broken record when I mention how soft and comfortable they are. Yet, I can’t help it. They really are that great!

Boston Marathon Sweatshirt

Cozy Sweatpants

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a pair of cozy sweatpants. 

That is when you are saying, I love you to yourself after you’ve run 26.2 miles. 

I don’t know about you, but after a race, especially a marathon, the thought of putting on a pair of jeans sounds like pure torture. All that bending down to your feet and trying to pull on something so stiff sounds like a huge headache. 

So, why even bother? Skip the jeans. Just dive right into a pair of extra cozy sweatpants after your race, especially a pair that is Boston-themed

Comfy Socks

Whether you plan to throw on a pair of sandals or dry running shoes after your race, it doesn’t have a pair of cute Boston Marathon-inspired socks to complete your ensemble. I’m a fan of these ones from Gone for a Run, featured on Amazon.

Boston Marathon, Blue or Yellow Beanie

Depending on the weather, you may or may not want to throw on a beanie after your race. You can lose so much heat through your head and after a race, your body temp drops a lot. You’ve heated it up after running all those miles!

Any beanie will do, but be sure to check out the marathon expo for some nice Boston Marathon ones. Or, if you’d rather be prepared before you go, grab one of these cute ones from Amazon.

Conclusion to What to Wear After the Boston Marathon

There ya go! A few simple, but on theme suggestions of what to wear following the Boston Marathon! If you’re looking for more Boston Marathon tips, be sure to check here and here

What to Wear After Boston Marathon

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