4 Amazing Camera Lenses You Need to Capture the Magic at Disney

best camera lenses disney world, magic for miles

How exactly do you capture the magic of Disney? With these 4 amazing camera lenses!

If you plan to bring a DSLR to Walt Disney World (like me!), you might be aware that the camera body isn’t as important as the lens that you plan to bring.

As long as you can control the aperture, shutter-speed and ISO to your liking, any high functioning body will do the trick.

best camera lenses disney world, magic for miles

The real question is: What camera lenses should you bring to Disney to capture the magic?

Having the proper type of lens will help you capture the magic in an unique and meaningful way.

You don’t want something that limits your ability to document the day, but something that enhances the memories and preserves all the fine details.

With so many unique things happening in the parks, capturing too much or too little just won’t do your images, or your family, justice.

Instead you need something that allows you to capture things just how they are!

That’s why, whenever I am heading to the parks with my family I put a lot of time and thought into the perfect lens.

The top 4 amazing camera lenses needed to capture the magic at Disney are as follows:

Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 is My Favorite Lens to Capture the Magic at Disney World

best camera lenses disney world, magic for miles

If you’ve heard me refer to my Canon 5d Mark iii as my baby, then I need to you meet my other baby. My Sigma Art 50mm 1.4.

Odds are, 8/10 times, I have my Sigma 50mm 1.4 on my camera.

It is my favorite all purpose lens because it always shows up to get the job done.

best camera lenses disney world, magic for miles

The fact that it stops down to a 1.4 aperture? Icing on the cake.

I used to own a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. While it was a great lens with a nice bokeh, I had issues with it always working properly.

As a matter of fact, the two I had both broke within a year of each other.

After going through the second one I decided it was time for an upgrade. I said hello to the Sigma Art series and haven’t looked back since.

Having the Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 lens on at the parks allows me to capture the little details in a candid way. I can be close to my family, documenting their actions while blurring away the rest of the park and crowds.

I love this lens!

Best Lens to Bring to Disney World, Disney Cameras, Disney Family Photos, Magic for Miles

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 Captures the Magic for Disney Rides

The Sigma Art 35mm is a work of art.


It’s speed and ability to stop down to 1.4 make it a perfect lens for the parks, as it functions well in both light and darkness.

Due to its speed and ability to stop down, I love using the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 when I am on rides.

Take, Dumbo for example. Having the ability to ride with my son and take his picture to capture his joy is basically a dream come true for me.

No, I’m not being sappy.

His face while he is riding on Dumbo is always priceless and something I want to remember forever.

If you have a wide angle lens such as a 35 mm, you’ll be able to be in the action as you capture the action.

The only downside to the 35mm 1.4 lens? There is a little distortion of faces when it comes to portraits.

Mostly, let’s be honest, photos on my trips are of my kiddos. This probably will be the case for you too, if you’re going on a family vacation.

That distortion I was talking about?

Makes the kiddos look even cuter. If that’s even possible.

best camera lenses disney world, magic for miles

Bottom Line: The distortion is probably a non-issue for you! The 35mm is bound to be a lens you enjoy on your trips.


Canon 100mm Macro Lens

A macro lens might seem like an odd choice to bring along to Disney World. I’ll agree, it is a tad odd.

Yet, every single time I bring (and use) the Canon 100mm Macro Lens on my Disney World vacations, I am in love with the results.

Now, yes, I do use it for a few macro shots here and there, because Disney World is full of hidden gems.

However, I mostly use the Canon 100mm Macro lens for portraits! Yes, portraits!

best camera lenses disney world, magic for miles

Having the 100mm on my camera body allows me to grab shots of my family farther away from me while helping to blur out a lot of the background.

Blurring out the background with a wide aperture helps to create the illusion that you are the only one in the entire park.

Some of my favorite trip photos have been taken with my Canon 100mm Macro lens!

Canon 24-70mm 2.8 is the Perfect Walk-Around Lens for Walt Disney World

I would be wrong not to mention a single zoom lens in my list.

For years I should with a Canon 24-105 mm 4.0 lens. While it was a great lens, and I loved the zoom range it offered, it was lacking in the aperture department.

The Canon 24-70 mm 2.8, on the other hand, does a great job in a lot of low light situations.

While the 24-70 mm 2.8 lens isn’t as effective as say the Sigma 35mm 1.4 or the Sigma 50mm 1.4, it does a decent job at Walt Disney World.

Especially when you are outside in the daylight. Ain’t nothing going to bring this big, bad boy down.

With it’s zoom capabilities you are able to capture shots both close up and far away.

That brings me to my second thought about this lense. It is big.

Big, ultimately in this case, also means heavy.

You’re going to have to weigh the pros and cons of bringing an awesome lens like this with you into the parks. Do you want to deal with the added weight?

In the right situations the extra weight won’t matter much at all and you’ll appreciate the ability to zoom in and out with your lens.

Conclusion for 4 Amazing Camera Lenses You Need to Capture the Magic at Disney

There ya go! 4 amazing camera lenses you need to capture the magic at Disney! These lenses have helped us to bring the magic home when we have traveled to Disney World. Between the different lenses we have the flexibility to capture the fun, excitement and all the entertainment that Disney World has to offer.

Yet, a prime lens does such a great job of forcing you to really compose your images before hitting the shutter button.

best camera lenses disney world, magic for miles

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