Disney Refillable Mug: Everything You Need to Know

Disney Resort Mug
Basically, a Disney refillable mug is one of the best souvenirs you can buy on the property for its value. Especially if you plan to buy any soft drinks while staying at a Disney resort.
A Disney refillable mug is a mug that holds both hot or cold items within it’s insulated walls. They are sold at Walt Disney World Resorts, often found in the quick service dining area. Mugs are available for unlimited self-serve beverages for the entire length of a guest’s trip when purchased as a part of the dining plan.

What Type of Beverages are Included?

Disney refillable mugs can be filled with soft drinks, ice tea, hot tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. The soft drinks, or pop, are Coca-Cola products. If you aren’t a huge soft drinks fan, know you can also get Minute-Maid lemonade and Powerade most of the time The drink selection varies from resort to resort. Some resorts even have a soft drink dispenser that includes such as Vitamin waters.
I know you’re probably wondering why you would ever need a mug of hot chocolate, tea or coffee in the middle of the sunshine state, but trust me, there can be some chilly Florida days! You’re going to appreciate a nice warm beverage and you explore your Disney World Resort.

How Does a Disney Refillable Mug Work?

With the use of RFID technology, Disney has fashioned a mug that allows you to get as many refills as you’d like if you’re within the ‘valid’ window of your mug. The RFID chip is located in the bottom of your Disney refillable mug and is activated when you purchase your mug.

First, find the area where you can purchase or refill beverages at your Walt Disney World resort. The area is typically located at the quick service dining area and has the spot where you can refill your mugs. Often there are refill stations at pool bars as well, but not at every single resort. Whatever resort you are staying at, find a spot where you can refill your beverages.
Once you’ve found the drink station, you will be prompted to place your mug on a platform underneath your desired beverage/drink. You will NOT be able to dispense the desired drink until your mug is in place. The RFID chip is read on the bottom of the cup, allowing the computer system to acknowledge that it is an active mug.
If your mug is not active, the drink dispensing machine will let out a ‘noise’ to let you know. If your mug isn’t positioned properly on the RFID reader the dispenser will also let you know. Once everything is ‘just right’, you’ll be able to dispense your drink!
Don’t fret though, it’s not that tricky to get your mug lined up on the platform.
Disney Resort Mug

How Do You Get a Disney Refillable Mug? Where Can You Pick-up a Disney Refillable Mug?

Disney Refillable Mugs can be purchased a-la-carte at the various Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Or, if you’re on the dining plan, you will be able to pick one up at no extra charge as it’s included in the plan. Mugs can be purchased and picked up at the quick service locations at all Walt Disney World Resorts.

How Does Disney Know When Your Refillable Mug Expires?

If you’re already wondering how Disney knows how to ‘shut-off’ your Disney refillable mug, let’s just say it is magic.
The magic created by a RFID Chip in the bottom of your cup.
Once your trip is over, the RFID chip in the bottom of the mug is deactivated and you will no longer be able to enjoy endless ‘free’ beverages.
Therefore, your plan to bring your mug back for all your future trips for free refills isn’t going to work. Besides, Disney World often changes out the mug design and you’re probably going to want to get one of the different designs.
Unfortunately, aside from using your mug to fill it up with water, your mug cannot be used for ‘free drinks’ inside of the parks. Mugs and their ‘refillable-ness’ (for soft drinks) are only valid at the Walt Disney World resort drink stations. Most of the resorts will have refill stations at their quick-service restaurants. Additionally, as mentioned above, there might be a refill station at or near a pool bar.
If you plan to take a resort day, as mentioned in this post found here, you’ll definitely want to purchase a mug. Especially if you plan to drink lots of beverages. The costs add up and the mug pays for itself quickly!

Disney Resort Mugv

Should I Use My Mug in the Parks?

You now know that your mug cannot be used for free refills inside of the Walt Disney World parks. However, the mugs are great for filling up with water. The only problem is, you most likely won’t want to be carrying your mug around with you all day. This especially might be the case when you plan to go on various rides. If you have a stroller you can store your mug in the cupholders.
However, and not saying this would happen, but there is a chance your mug could get swiped, accidentally or on purpose. Whether by another guest or a kid who sees a cute object, the mug could possibly not be there once you make it back to your stroller. Or, it is possible that the mug falls off of the stroller you are using. There are often lots of items to juggle when pushing a stroller through Walt Disney World, it is hard to keep track of all of them. Accidentally, the Disney Resort Mug could get bumped. Just throwing out these thoughts so you can use caution when storing your mug.
One additional thing to remember is the Disney refillable mugs are not leakproof. Meaning, if you wanted to store the mug in your park bag when you go on the rides, it’s not a smart idea to throw it into your bag. Water, or whatever else you have inside, is going to leak out. And, even though you’re at the most magical place on earth, a soggy park bag is less than magical.

What’s a Good Way to Hold My Mug within the Parks?

Let’s say you’ve weight all the downsides and upsides of bringing your mug into the parks and have decided to go for it. How are you going to bring the mug around the parks?
If you don’t have a stroller and don’t want to throw your mug into your backpack and have it leak everywhere, try these alternatives. First, you can purchase a Disney park bag with pockets on the sides. You will be able to slip your Disney refillable mug right into the pocket.
Or, if you wanted, you could purchase a large clip, such as a stroller clip, to fasten the mug to your bag or stroller. If the mug is full, water might still leak out as the mug swings from your stroller or bag. The best plan will be to use the large clip with the mug when your mug is empty!
Check out this great clip offered on Amazon.com by clicking on the picture below!

Can You Use a Refillable Mug at Other Disney Resorts?

You CAN!!
You can indeed use your Disney refillable mug at resorts other than the one you purchased it from.
Your Disney refillable mug will work at the various Walt Disney World resort drink refill stations. As mentioned previously, most refill stations are located in the quick service dining areas of the resorts.
Be sure to ask a cast member if you can’t find the refill station and they can direct you.

Disney Resort Mug

How Do I Clean My Mug Between Beverages?

Often by the drink refill station, there is a little rinsing sink for you to be able to clean out your mug. There is no soap and water located by these little sinks. Therefore, if you have stubborn coffee stains in your mug, it’s going to take a little more than just a rinse to get your mug clean. Just give your mug a cleaning in your resort room before heading down to the refill station.
If you’re at a Disney Vacation Club resort you could bring along some dish soap to help get the job done. The resort will supply a little bottle of soap, but it might not hurt to have a backup bottle for some extra cleaning.
For a quick wipe down, try using one of these Microfiber rags. You’re still going to have to clean out your mug with soap and water at some point, but it works in a pinch to get some of the grime out of your mug. Just be sure to keep the rag in a clean place.

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